Reading With Authors 2011, An Update

So there is some good news and some not so about ‘Reading With Authors 2011’ this morning. Unfortunately myself and the lovely Natasha Solomons haven’t managed to catch up, and through the magic of the internet also have you, in her summer house to discuss ‘Moon Tiger’ by Penelope Lively yet. It is coming I promise I am just not quite sure when, I have hidden aside some of her favourite biscuits for when we do though. I will be putting my thoughts on ‘Moon Tiger’, to say I loved it would be an understatement – where oh where has Penelope Lively been all my life, up later today so if you have read it (and I think a few of you were) we can natter about it twice in the next week or so. So what is the good news?

Well I think I mentioned in the first post on ‘Reading With Authors 2011’ that there were two more authors who were planning on joining us for cake/biscuits, coffee/tea and conversation over the next few weeks, I can now reveal who they are. First up we will be joining Jane Harris somewhere delightful to discuss John Burnside’s ‘A Summer of Drowning’ (I have always wanted to try John Burnside) and then at the end of the ‘Reading With Authors 2011’ we will be discussing ‘At Swim, Two Boys’ with SJ Watson. I am thrilled both authors are joining us. So now the ‘Reading With Authors 2011’ schedule looks like this…

  • Sunday 7th of August: The Man Who Fell To Earth by Walter Tevis with Belinda Bauer
  • Sunday 14th of August: Pigeon English by Steven Kelman with Naomi Wood
  • Sunday 21st of August: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susan with Paul Magrs
  • TBC: Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively with Natasha Solomons
  • Sunday 4th of September: Ruby’s Spoon by Anna Lawrence Pietroni with Beatrice Colin
  • Sunday 11th of September: A Summer of Drowning by John Burnside with Jane Harris
  • Sunday 18th of September: Even The Dogs by Jon McGregor with Isabel Ashdown
  • Sunday 25th of September: At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O’Neill with SJ Watson

Hope you will be joining me later to talk about ‘Moon Tiger’ and hopefully see you at some of the future meeting of minds too come.


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2 responses to “Reading With Authors 2011, An Update

  1. Looking forward tIf you want ao `reading with authors`. Some great books there…
    If you want another author at any time I’d be happy to join in!
    Ruth (Ruth Dugdall)

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