Putting A Voice To The Face/Blog/Prize…

They normally say that its nice to put a face to the name, or a face to the voice or some such thing (pick that silly sentence apart at will, I am very tired) and as part of the Green Carnation Longlist ‘shenanigans’ going on today, and if you haven’t seen the list please do they are all cracking reads and ones I want to get everyone takling about, I did an interview with the lovely Gavin Pugh of Gav Reads all about the longlist. So after some coaxing I thought that I would share it with all of you, so if you want to have a listen then do pop here.

I don’t sound as silly as I felt at gone 11pm after a day of longlisting, I sound a bit tired and say ‘erm’ a lot though, apols. It has made me wonder if there is room for a British Book Podcast by some bloggers… but that is another project and post altogether and today is about the wonderful books on the Green Carnation Prize Longlist. Let me know your thoughts on the list, the interview… and even the idea of podcasts! Oh and do spread the longlist around, the prize needs all the love and support it can get, it’s only year two after all.


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10 responses to “Putting A Voice To The Face/Blog/Prize…

  1. I mostly love that you’re someone else who uses the word ‘apols’…!
    (can’t listen as am at work…)

  2. Louise

    Simon, you really do have a lovely voice! I could quite happily listen to you for a few hours…you should definitely do podcasts, you’d sound great on radio too 🙂

  3. Ooh, I like the sound of your thoughts about British book podcasts – I’m sure you have more than enough on your plate right now but if you ever do, then I’d be interested! 🙂

  4. Now I might be able to help you with that podcast 😉

  5. Susan in TX

    Oh, thank you for the link. I love to be able to add to the composite of imagining those of you who are so far away. Your voice reminded me of Tom Hollander – such a nice radio voice.

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