A Daphne Discovery in the Library

In the madness of gearing up for Bookmarked I completely forgot to post about a little Daphne find I discovered at the library. No it’s not a rare book sadly, it was actually in the DVD section…


This BBC adaptation of Daphne’s later life and the possible affairs she had looks like a wonderful serialised melodrama with lovely frocks and might give an insight into more of her life… Though of course some of it might have been sensationalised. I snapped it up.

This will also nicely add to the book, well autobiography, of Daphne’s called ‘Growing Pains – The Shaping of a Writer’ which I’m just about to finish and only covers her life until the mid twenties. Some cosy nights ahead indeed.


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6 responses to “A Daphne Discovery in the Library

  1. Penny Thornton

    I very much enjoyed this drama about Daphne Du Maurier when it was shown on TV. Good cast especially Janet McTeer as Gertie Lawrence.

    • Well I’m glad you did as I came away feeling rather dissatisfied if I am honest, hence why I haven’t written about it. I didn’t think any of the characters were developed enough and were all a little loathsome. I think it would have been a much better mini series

  2. Oh yes, this is great! Hope you’ve got the tv adaption of Rebecca and the Hitchcock film too!

  3. oh great find I ve a few of her film adaptations missed this when it was on tv hope they show it again at some point ,all the best stu

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