The Guardian Are Joining In With Discovering Daphne (Sort Of)…

When I say ‘sort of’, I actually mean by complete fluke. However, I do like to think that there might of been some serious fate in the fingers of Sam Jordison when he pulled Daphne’s ‘Don’t Look Now’ out of the Guardian’s reading group sorting hat. Who would have thought it hey? Maybe Daphne was doing something spooky and special (like her books) and making it happen… or maybe it’s just coincidence.

Either way, Sam and Guardian readers start discussing this wonderful collection of short stories tomorrow, and we will be joining in as and when we can midst other Daphne or Daphne-related reading, as well as doing our own discussion on the 23rd of October too. Who knew there would be so much Daphne du Maurier delight going around?

Well that’s enough enthusing for now, can you tell there might be some excitement in the air? I will leave you with a video of Sam’s fateful fingers and that fateful moment…

…Could you see Daphne floating around anywhere there, making it all happen? You can find out more, and join in with, the Guardian Reading Group here.


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3 responses to “The Guardian Are Joining In With Discovering Daphne (Sort Of)…

  1. thats great simon ,all the best stu

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