Manchester Literary Festival 2011

Today is the opening of Manchester Literary Festival and I am rather excited about it. When I was in London I did the Jewish Book Festival as well as Wimbledon Book Festival, but that was it. Weirdly the bigger festivals (no offence to the above two) seem to happen outside of London. I’ve always found that odd, and odd they always happen at the same time of year! How can readers get to all of them?


Anyway I am going to be reporting on the Manchester Book Festival for the blog and also for ‘The Readers’ (a podcast me and Gav Reads launched today) so I am very excited. Tonight’s opening event looks to be a real treat as Colm Toibin and Alan Hollinghurst are in conversation with each other, I can’t wait to see how that plays out. I will be reporting back in due course, I have my trusty notepad at the ready…


I’m planning on seeing as much of the event as possible including Michael Frayn, Emma Jane Unsworth, John Niven, Tahmima Anam, Dipika Rai, Kishwar Desai, Thomas Enger, K O Dahl, Yrsa Siguardottir, MJ Hyland, Patricia Duncker, David Lodge, Catherine O’Flynn, Anthony Horrowitz and Jeffrey Eugenides. Oh, and have a team at the Literary Quiz. Phew. The next few weeks are going to be great.

Let me know if you have any insights on the authors above, or would like any questions put to them, or if indeed you will be there. Would love to say hello to you all!


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12 responses to “Manchester Literary Festival 2011

  1. Sponsored by HSBC, I notice. Good to see the banks doing something positive for a change. Oops! David slips into lazy stereotyping of the banking sector. Maybe HSBC stands for “Helping Support Bookish Conversations”?

  2. This has totally creeped up on me! I hope I can make it to something decent. Bravo on the podcast by the way. I’m going to have a listen – my favourite part of the day is walking home from work with Mariella in my ear…

  3. ana

    Oh to be in Manchester!! But I know you’ll be giving us all the goss and that will be the next best thing. ENJOY!

    • I have been a bit poor on the feedback! I will do something honest. If you pop today’s post there is a link to the podcast we made at Manch Lit Fest – maybe that will do for now?

  4. I didn’t even know there was a Manchester literary festival. These literary festivals need to advertise more outside their location as I would be interested in attending them if I knew about them in advance. It sounds as though Manchester has a great line-up – enjoy!

    • Interesting point about advertising further afield. Maybe in the Guardian or something? I would hazard a guess though that it costs a bundle and these festivals have minimal funding. Plus paying that much for no guarantee of massive rewards, I’m not sure how many people would travel especially on week days.

  5. have fun like Jackie I just found out this was on I ll look at there website and sign up so will know what is on next year ,all the best stu

  6. My, that’s a good line-up!
    Please ask MJ Hyland whether she regards herself as English, Australian or Irish. It would solve a lot of arguments!

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