And The Man Booker Winner 2011 is…

Today is of course Man Booker announcement day, by the end of this evening we will know just who has won one of the biggest book prizes in the UK. I have almost read the whole shortlist now. I admit I really struggled with Julian Barnes (loved ‘Arthur and George’ this seems to be aimed at a certain market, which isn’t me) which is everyone’s favourite and whilst I like Esi Edugyan as soon as I put it down I find I want to read something else (bet this goes and wins now). I haven’t reviewed all the books so far but I will (I am beyond behind with reviews apols), speaking of which here is the short list if you have been on mars for the last few months (or simply not interested – there is a review coming later if the latter is the case)…

So who do I want to win? To be honest it’s a real toss up between ‘The Sisters Brothers’ by Patrick de Witt and ‘Jamrach’s Menagerie’ by Carol Birch…

I have I placed a little bet on one. After meeting Carol Birch last week (along with Jane Harris for Bookmarked – see photo below) and spending a lovely evening with her because she is just so lovely (as was Jane) and the fact that I think the journey she sends us on is so vivid and wonderful during ‘Jamrach’s Menagerie’, along with the fact (as I told her) that she has converted me to books based on boats which I never thought would happen, that is my favourite. I will have everything crossed. Oh and you can hear me interview Carol here on ‘The Readers’ website.

Carol Birch, Jane Harris, Adam Lowe and Me

What about you? Oh by the way, before I ask more, I know lots of you read this blog from outside of the UK, is the Man Booker as big a deal worldwide, do let me know. It is something I have pondered a few times. So who do you want to win the Man Booker 2011?


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4 responses to “And The Man Booker Winner 2011 is…

  1. Erm, I think the winner isn’t announced until next Tuesday! Anyway, I have a sneeking suspicion that Carol Birch will win it, something I say without having read the book I’ve just seen lots of very favourable comments from a wide range of sources. Of the three I’ve read Half Blood Blues was my favourite, in fact I published my review of it today.

  2. Kate, Sydney

    Hi Simon – if you are passionate about books and reading – then yes, the Man Booker is indeed a big deal. The Booker lists don’t make headline news here in Australia (unless Tim Winton is short listed) but it will be big news in the literary supplements in the weekend papers and news of the winner will be somewhere in the daily papers tomorrow (obviously not today as the papers are already out!). My own online book group – which has members all over Australia – has been waiting…. waiting… and now we know the winner. We have members who, like many who read your blog, try to read the entire short or long list – as long as they can get the books. Personally – I will always read the winning book, if I haven’t read it beforehand.

    • Hmmm I think actually there is a better place for book tips and it’s another prize, no not The Green Carnation, the Galaxy National Book Awards their shortlists were wonderfully eclectic.

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