The Readers; Double the Delight & We Want To Hear From You…

I am dubious about writing too much about all the other book based projects that I do on the side of Savidge Reads. For example if I go on about the Bookmarked Literary Salon that I was doing (its taking a sabbatical for a while) in Manchester I worry it comes across like self promotion rather than me telling you about a bookish project that I love . The Green Carnation Prize is another project I have been quieter about on here this year for the same reason. Plus with Bookmarked there is the fact that as Savidge Reads is read all over the world, which thrills me but I find very odd (hello to you all), not many of you can physically come so is it really of any interest? I had the same worry with The Readers, the podcast I have started with the lovely Gavin of Gav Reads, though with the joys of it being on the internet (and iTunes) the likelihood of you being able to listen in and join in is much greater, and that is what we want.

We have popped up two episodes this week; one is a Manchester Literature Festival Special and includes some behind the scenes nattering as well as interviews after I was whizzing round the festival to report back on events starring (and where possible interviewing them afterwards) the likes of Colm Toibin, Alan Hollinghurst, Sarah Dunant, Patricia Duncker, Catherine O’Flynn, Kishwar Desai , KO Dahl and many more. The second is a ‘Sherlock Holmes Special’ and sees Gavin and I nattering away about Holmes, interviewing Anthony Horowitz on his novel ‘The House of Silk’ which sees Sherlock return.

Holmes and Watson... Or is it Gav & I planning Episode 8 of The Readers?

So what for the episodes going forward? Well we will still be covering book news, doing an author interview here and there; reading a book together and discussing all thing books based which we can banter about. We really want you involved though, and not just to listen to us nattering on, we want you to help us shape and be part of the podcast. How? Well…

We really want to hear from all of you who either read this blog, and Gavin’s of course, or who listen in. We would like to know what we are doing right, what we could do better and more importantly we would like you to join in with all the fun. We have already got a few bloggers in on the act, some who have sent us recordings of their top five books which we will be including in the future and one who is joining us as a special co-host for an episode, and we would love more of you to do the same whether you have a blog or not – yes publishers you too. The show is called ‘The Readers’ after all and that is what we want it to be all about, all readers! Do you fancy it?

If you want to record a voice memo with any suggestions for topics of discussion, or you top five books, then do feel free to email it (because it costs nothing ha)  to or if you simply want to leave us some thoughts and/or tips do so on the website or in the comments below.   

P.S Do you want to hear about these bookish projects that I do on the side of the blog? I don’t want Savidge Reads to become a place of promoting anything other than my love of books, and I don’t want you thinking I am some shameless self promoter either. Just so you know! Thoughts welcomed…


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12 responses to “The Readers; Double the Delight & We Want To Hear From You…

  1. Yes ,love reading about your projects &your health updates.

  2. Ruthiella

    Yes, yes, yes! Simon, I hate to break it to you, but your bookish bits on the side actually promote your love of books too. I expect you will find that most of your followers like browsing for books, talking about books, reading book and author reviews, hearing about book events and awards and occasionally, actually reading books. Keep up the good work!

    • Ha thanks Ruthiella. I know they promote books, indeed it’s the love of books and spreading the love I take on any project. I just don’t want anyone thinking its promoting me if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t want people thinking that.

  3. Kate, Sydney

    I’m happy to read all of it – if you’re enthusiastic about a book or an author, I love to read it!! I’ve been introduced to many new books thanks to you and I don’t mind if its from a literary festival, Green Carnation or Literary Salon update, or even your personal news – I like all the updates. Thank you. I must get onto the podcasts and then I will feel even closer……(physically I mean, not emotionally – I’m not being creepy!).

    • Hahaha you’re in Sydney so it wouldn’t be creepy if you were in Manchester I might be scared hahaha. Joking.

      Seriously though aren’t blogs and podcasts amazing for meeting new people all over the world and having a little chat. Like now, from Manchester to Sydney in seconds.

  4. Stephanie

    I enjoy reading of the wide variety of bookish based activiites you immerse yourself in. Please do not regard it as indulgent as it very informative for your blog readers scattered far and wide.

  5. Simon, you run run an excellent, highly appreciated weblog about books and about other things in your (and our) lives. Yet despite this you seem to be lacking in self-confidence about what you are doing at the moment which is a real shame. Please don’t change anything (except stop worrying about us!).


    • I wouldnt say I am lacking in self confidence, I do feel like I have lost my way a bit with the blog, maybe because I have so much other stuff going on. I was talking to Gav about it just now as we were having a long natter after recording the latest episode of The Readers. Something about the blog isnt reflecting me at the moment and I am not sure what.

      It’s not all of you I am worrying about so much (maybe a little)… it’s me. Not in a woe is me or naval gazing way, just in a ponderous way.

  6. hope it is going well stu,good luck with it in the future

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