Is Anyone, or Has Anyone, Been Watching ‘The Slap’?

I thought I would ask as I have and yet I haven’t seen much discussion about it and I think its quite a good adaptation. I am not saying it’s perfect, but then what adaptation is, but it’s got some great characters playing some really dislikeable characters really well. What say all of you?

I’ve realised that I never wrote about the actual book of ‘The Slap’ by Christos Tsiolkas as it was a longlist contender for The Green Carnation Prize last year, I have always felt funny about writing about long or short listed books if I have read them after they have been submitted. I am wondering why it hasn’t made one of the main channels here (its on BBC Four) as the book has been huge, maybe it’s the subject matter. Any readers in Australia can tell me how its gone there, big success? What about in the rest of the world?

I could almost be tempted to pick it up again after watching the show, but that would mean I would be reading it for the fourth time in just over a year which might be overkill. I did read ‘Loaded’ this year and am quite keen to read ‘Dead Europe’ any thoughts on those?

So have you enjoyed ‘The Slap’ on the telly? What did you think of the book? What about his other books? What other adaptations have you enjoyed of late, which ones have you really not? Just thought would throw all that out there.


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10 responses to “Is Anyone, or Has Anyone, Been Watching ‘The Slap’?

  1. ana

    Yes indeed. It’s been a big hit here with viewers. The ratings have been outstanding, assisted by the repeats that are run on a second ABC channel and on the IView service, which enables you to see it whenever you like on your laptop, I Pad etc. And it has certainly been watched.

    I must say I have enjoyed the TV version even more than the original. The acting and production values are superb. This show has everyone talking and so they should!!

    • That’s good to know its been a hot somewhere Ana. I am trying to gage its success here and I don’t think it’s been the hit I would have imagined it would have been.

      That said there’s been no advertising here. The only reason I knew it was on was from the new covers the book has got here and seeing that in book shops. Strange.

  2. ana

    By here, I mean Australia!!! I know where i am at the moment, but it won’t be evident to anyone else. It’s been a long Sunday!!

  3. kimbofo

    I think it is a brilliant adaptation, Simon. I have been watching it on iPlayer and am all caught up now — am itching to see the next episode. The production values are very high, the acting is superb and the casting absolutely spot-on. All round it’s a very classy affair. I liken it to a kitchen sink version of The Sopranos (and The Sopranas was the best TV in history. Period.) Plus, it’s one of those shows you don’t need to have read the book to understand — it can stand alone.

    • Yes, I completely get what you mean about not having to read the book. I have been watching it with my aunty but she has given up as though she (well, we both) finds the acting superb and visually stunning to watch they are just awful characters. I can live with that (evil me) personally, I do wonder though if anyone who hadn’t read the book would watch this and want to read it, theres no redeeming qualities in the characters are there, ha. Mind you in that sense it has stayed very, very close to the book.

      I wonder if this will be a standalone or if because of the success we might just see a series two?

  4. I second what Ana said. Im in Australia too and it’s getting great reception. Most people I know are watching it and they are all talking about it with each other. I am actually enjoying it a lot more than the book, which I found really depressing and at times somewhat boring as well sadly. The small changes that have been made for the tv adaptation worked really well.

    I think what has everyone talking is just how accurately it reflects Australian life. If you want to know what its like to live in Australia, watch The Slap. Not to say that we are all horrible self-centred violent hippies who have affairs with children and also not to generalise about everyone’s lives. They’ve just got the middle class lifestyle so accurate, the way people speak and behave etc. I think people find it depressing because we all know how accurate it is and we don’t like to see it. Just a theory

    • Hahaha. I wonder what tv show there is which shows us Brits in our most realistic light. Glad it’s been a big hit in Oz, just a shame it’s not on a terrestrial channel here and getting even more viewers.

  5. I have and enjoy it much more than I did the book ,I may go back at some point and reread the book ,all the best stu

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