Books on the Nightstand & The Readers (and Some Questions About Book Podcasts)

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know that I have a favourite podcast called Books on the Nightstand. When Gavin and I started making ‘The Readers’ we knew that we wanted to have the chatty nature that the wonderful Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness have, like you have popped round to some friends houses for a cup of tea and lots of book based banter,  without becoming a copy of their show. Slowly but surely I have become ‘twitter acquaintances’ with Ann and Michael, emails can often fly across the ocean, and they are as lovely off the podcast as they sound on it, as you may have seen Michael even got Hillary Jordan to sign her new novel ‘When She Woke’ for me and sent it to me from America (as its not out in the UK till next year) just because he knew I was a big fan. This is all leading somewhere honest…

After we recorded the first few episodes of ‘The Readers’ we were both really nervous when we knew Ann and Michael were going to listen to it. Would they like it? Would they think we were trying to copy them? Well the answers were yes and no. They really like it and whilst we have *hopefully* got a lovely banter we have got two very different shows yet this week the two meet, sort of, as Ann and Michael have kindly each done their Top Five Books in a lovely chatty style and I have come away with some more books to add to/take from Mount TBR, which you should too. You can listen to it here. Do, its great.

They also left a lovely message at the end which made me and Gavin grin a lot, oh if you want a laugh listen to the first few seconds of the podcast to get my ‘personality’ – poor Gav what he has to work with. Anyway, we are hoping this won’t be the last Books on the Nightstand and The Readers collaboration; we are plotting away in the background so hopefully something will flourish. We are joining forces with another blogger in the form of Kim of Reading Matters who is joining us as our first guest host for next weeks show, should be fun.

Don’t forget we want your involvement, if you want to send us an mp3 recording of your Top 5 Books (email and we will pop them up) then please do or even if you fancy being a co-host in the future sometime we would love to know… or any other feedback can be left in comments here or comments on The Readers website. Oh and I would love to hear what your favourite bookish podcasts are, I am working on a directory of sorts, so which ones do you listen to regularly?


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10 responses to “Books on the Nightstand & The Readers (and Some Questions About Book Podcasts)

  1. The book podcast I listen to most of all is the ABC Radio National Book SHow which I download on iTunes. Its Australian, but it covers everything and is absolutely fascinating. I don’t have time much to listen to podcasts though its almost the only one I listen to. Sometimes I listed the BBC world book club and I always enjoy that when I get the chance

    • I listen to that one too. I like the fact it’s daily. Though I do think as its daily that’s partly why sometimes I am non plussed by an episode. They have the odd one where I think ‘really, are people bothered about that’ but some of those shows make really pleasant surprises.

  2. Louise

    I love your podcast Simon, it’s easy on the ears, it flows well and it’s not stuffy and boring. You have a lovely voice (as does Gavin) and it’s just, well easy to listen to. I really like the mix of books you talk about and it’s great that you have a bit of banter and laughter too 😉

    • I am so glad you’re enjoying it Louise. I think we are slowly but surely getting in our stride but also more and more comfortable with ourselves and letting the laughter and our personalities out more. I’m really enjoying it and am also dead pleased you think it’s eclectic.

  3. I’ll just add in a quick note to say that I’m really enjoying The Readers and look forward to more. Keep up the good work.

  4. novelinsights

    I’m really enjoying The Readers podcasts and it is nice to see them developing week after week and you guys settling into your styles!

  5. Im thought I d comment on this mustn’t have done ,love the podcast ,gave you the five stars ,my other favourites are books on night stand and book show ,if I was mkore confident I d do one for translation but not sure how my voicve would sounds ,hope it goes from strength to strength ,all the best stu

    • Thanks so much for your review Stu. You will have had double the delight possibly this week as Books on the Nightstand were on The Readers and then The Readers were on Books on the Nightstand. I was so excited, I had a bit of a fan boy day yesterday.

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