The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Begins… #Day One

Isn’t it funny how some great ideas, without that sounding too grand, can come to you at the most random of moments? As I was hunting for two advent calendars for a pair of three year olds – not two for me just to clarify – I was suddenly hit by a wave of inspiration. I had an idea for a festive delight, which just so you all know as I don’t like Christmas at all is rather rare, that I could do to say thank you to all of you who pop by and visit the blog, be you lurkers, commenter’s or possibly just my family and friends who feel obligated to drop by.

So today is the launch of the ‘Savidge Reads Advent Calendar’ and each day in the run up to Christmas I will be giving away some book based booty. These may tie into the reviews that pop up in the lead up to Christmas, they may simply be a book I want for Christmas but am giving to you instead, you might find some advance copies of books for 2012 when you pop by, copies of some of my favourite reads this year or sets of books by authors I love, the joy will be the surprises as they come.

The first of which is one copy of ‘The Penguin Complete Novels of Nancy Mitford’ which I think would make the perfect read over the festive period and I am indeed looking forward to curling up with myself.

Now because this is such a monster of a book I can only give this away to UK readers as shipping costs would be a nightmare for the publishers who have so kindly offered to give one of you lucky lot a copy. However if you know someone in the UK who might ship it on then do enter. How do you enter? Good point. Simply pop a comment below saying why you would like it, you have until 1100 GMT tomorrow the 2nd of December.  

So enjoy, there will be some international giveaways coming as I want to be able to thank you all for your support in what hasn’t been my favourite year to date but you have all added a lot of cheer to through the blog and your comments. Anyway enough of those sentimental shenanigans… back to being a Scrooge again (seriously I really don’t like Christmas). I wonder what will be appearing tomorrow…



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24 responses to “The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Begins… #Day One

  1. I would LOVE to win this, I’ve heard so much about Nancy Mitford.

  2. Sue

    How marvellous! I have listened to the uabridged audio books of the Love in a cold climate stories and adored them. I would love to read them and the rest of the novels. Having read a couple of the Mitford biog and autobiographies none of the sisters (other than Deborah) come across as being particularly ‘nice’ people by modern standards. It therefore intrigues me that Nancy – who comes across as particularly unpleasant, could write such wonderful novels.

  3. What a wonderful idea! I’ve wanted to read all of Nancy Mitford’s works for years but haven’t ever been lucky enough to find such a lovely collection as this!

  4. Alli Dhoble

    OMG. OMG. OMG. I have been DYING for a copy of this beautiful, gorgeous, LOVELY book, but alas, Amazon US does not sell it! =( I live in Philadelphia but if there is absolutely ANY WAY POSSIBLE that I could Paypal you the cost of the shipping I would be SO willing to do so!

    This exact book has been at the top of my wish list for literally a year now, and the best I’ve been able to find online is a used copy (ugh) for 50+ USD.

    Of course if there is no way this is possible, I will understand…but this post just got me SO excited that I had to comment, even though (being a frequent reader of your blog without a blog of my own) I’ve never commented before.

    I love Nancy Mitford and to have a Collection of all her works and be able to read EVERYTHING written by her would be fabulous.

    OK. Freak out over. 🙂

    – Alli

    • Hahaha Alli your freak out made me laugh, its so good to hear someone who is so excited about a book, especially one which is all Nancy’s.

      However as the publishers are kindly sending these books I don’t think it will be possible. That said do keep your eyes peeled for ANOTHER Nancy giveaway I will be doing on the blog!

  5. Mimannee

    Hi Simon,
    I have your blog on my favourites list and read it every week. My book group read ‘Love in a cold climate’ this year and I loved it and would love to read more, as would the group. We try to do a quiz each time we meet and this would make an awesome suprise prize. We usually manage a bar of chocolate or a drink! Actually, if anyone on here fancies helping me out with a few literary gems I can throw into our Christmas quiz, that would be amazing.
    I feel like a right cheapskate as this is the first time I’ve commented and it’s for a prize. Please forgive me, I will endeavour to comment more from now on and not just when I want something!

    • Don’t be daft and feel a cheapskate Mimannee. I lurk on lots of blogs, I think lots and lots of people lurk about reading this blog and thats all fine with me (you can hear me Kim of Reading Matters and Gav of Gav Reads discussing this very thing on The Readers podcast – shameless plug). Thank you for commenting though, its nice when people pop and say hi, especially now I am so much better at saying hi back.

  6. Richard

    This is a must read for those of us who want to know what it really is that makes you a self confessed ‘Mitford maniac’.


  7. I must admit that despite having read a lot ABOUT the Mitfords and being a regular visitor to Debo’s old house at Chatsworth, I’ve never actually read anything BY any of them. Perhaps winning this collection would be a good place to start and amend my ways.

  8. I’ve literally just finished reading “Love in a Cold Climate” for the first time, and I’m intrigued to know more about the ramshackle and eccentric family she describes… My copy was a charity shop find, from 1949 (but a battered 4th edition, so not really worth anything). The previous owner had tucked a yellowing clipping of a review of ‘Pigeon Pie’ by Angus Wilson inside the cover… I feel this might be pointing me onwards to my next Mitford. I could stick to scouring the charity shops, and find them in whatever order they might turn up – or you could send me the whole shebang in one big green volume…? Cheeky-Christmas-Blagging-Hellos from Roy.

  9. No giveaway entry for me as I’m in Canada, but wanted to say that I love the idea and am interested to see what you do with it. Seems you’re feeling more festive than usual this year, hopefully it lasts 🙂

  10. What a great and very festive idea! I am in the US so not eligible for this book, but will keep my eyes open for your international giveaways. Thanks!

  11. What an absolutely gorgeous looking book! It looks all delicious and inviting.

    I’d love to be entered as I know how much you have enjoyed Nancy Mitfords books and, based on your review, I bought Debo Devonshires autobiography recently (still have to read). I haven’t read any Mitford yet but know I must, and soon!

    Thanks for spoiling us with the giveaway, Simon – how generous 🙂

  12. I want this because I want it!!! Is that a good enough reason?! You know I love Nancy and I would love to have all her books in one volume to read and compare and enjoy forever more!

    Sending lots of hugs to you Simon, hope you are doing well

  13. Aren’t you lovely! Don’t put my name in, as I already have all the constituent books (I will doubtless be entering my name in other draws!) but you’re such a nice lad to do this all month. (P.s. I love Christmas, and not just because of my faith – I also love the kitsch, and mince pies, the tree, carols, crackers – everything!)

  14. Thanks for offering this book – it would be impossible for me to get here and I am entering with a UK address.

    I have read just one of the Mitford books – loved the style!

  15. Stephanie

    Your Advent calendar of books is an inspired idea Simon. Congratulations for thinking of it. I’m looking forward to the next twenty three days as your daily book is revealed. I can’t believe you don’t at least like mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas dinner, carols, Christmas trees and decorations, the smell of Christmas lilies (I’ll concede you probably don’t know about these as they are a fragrant part of an Antipodean Christmas, seeing friends and relatives ….. You don’t seem much of a Scrooge to me.

  16. Emma

    Just thought I would post to say that I think this is a fabulous idea and to say thanks for organising it all Simon.

    Hope whoever wins the book is chuffed-it looks huge!

  17. Janet D

    I have recently found your blog thanks to dovegreyreader and think your advent calendar idea is great; as is your The Reader book chatter which I am listening to “back numbers” of while giving my tortoises their daily bath before hibernation. Please add me to your list for Nancy Mitfords book as I have only read one of her stories so far and her life seems so fascinating.Thank you.

  18. Ali

    I love Nancy Mitford, I have read some (though not all) of her novels and several works of non fiction about her and her family. Mitford books are the kind I could happily read again and again. This looks like such a beautiful book, a must I imagine for Mitford fans to add to their book collection. I know I would adore to have it.

  19. that is a chunky book ,all the best stu

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