Oh, Bake Off – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 5

I have been thinking something along the lines of ‘oh, bake off’ for the last three days since the possibly now over-mentioned virus hit my computer on Friday first thing in the morning. You see not only have I officially lost everything that I had on my machine until then, it has also taken me until now, well within the last 20 minutes, to get all the software and everything uploaded and updated (over 900 updates, seriously??) to the point where the computer works. Enough of that, you want to know what is tucked away as today’s treat don’t you, and the emphasis on today’s give away (don’t forget there is a give away of some books here, and another here which I have belatedly posted) is ‘treat’ as we are going cake and bake tastic!!

One of the highlights of my year has been discovering the joys of The Great British Bake Off on the telly. Who would have known watching some amateur chefs cooking in a marquee with Mel and Sue and being judged by supreme bakers Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (who I would like to become my personal chef please) would have become a favourite weekly moment for a while? Well it did and so I wanted to share this joy in some small way.

So along with the lovely BBC Books I am giving three of you the chance to win a copy of ‘The Great British Bake Off: How To Bake: The Perfect Victoria Sponge and Other Baking Secrets’ as a treat (my aunty is very jealous). Sadly this can only go UK wide but if you have someone who can pass it on, or a P.O. Box, then do still enter oh and don’t forget the previous two international book give aways. Anyway, all you have to do is tell me what your favourite cake is and why? You have until 11am GMT on December the 8th – Good luck!


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15 responses to “Oh, Bake Off – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 5

  1. gaskella

    Always a simple VIctoria sponge, with cream and seedless raspberry jam in the middle, but coffee and walnut is a close second.

  2. Jo

    Decisions Decisions. I think at the moment it is Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake, having made it for my birthday and failed to get a picture as it was eaten too quickly I am making another (ordered by my boss!) which I will photograph.

  3. I like irish tea loaf my mum made it and I make it from time to time a lovely moist fruit cake ,all the best stu

  4. Louise

    I LOVE cake! My favourite, carrot and orange cake with a buttercream frosting topped with chopped walnuts…I also love a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling 😉

  5. My favourite would be chocolate sponge with chocolatey fudge icing. I need it like a hole in the head but…… Entering with a UK friend who will post it on if I am fortunate enough to win.

  6. Emma


    My favourite would be a big slice of carrot cake. Closely followed by banana and walnut loaf.

  7. I’m resisting cake at the moment and am 18lbs lighter as a consequence! But in my dreams it is a giant slice of coffee and walnut which was my mum’s speciality, and one I have never quite managed to replicate.

  8. Janet D

    Today I would say carrot cake but another day it might be date and walnut,chocolate torte or victoria sandwich or maybe plum bread or …..better stop there.I like cake!

  9. Steel Reader

    I have actually applied for the Great British Bake-Off this year, so I suppose I’d better have a good answer! My favourite cake is Guiness chocolate cake (and I’m going to be highly controversial here and state that I prefer the Green and Black’s recipe over Nigella’s – sacrilege I know). There’s just something about stout and chocolate! Would love to win this book, maybe it would help my chances hehe!

  10. My favourite cake is a toss up between carrot cake with loads of cream-cheese frosting AND Victoria sponge with lots of yummy jam and cream. But, to be honest, I’ll eat any cake. I love cake! Nom nom. 😉

  11. novelinsights

    My favourite cake is Lemon Drizzle cake, closely followed by Carrot Cake. I’m a big fan of all things fruity, that’s why!

  12. Oh bother I already have a copy of this! Today I baked the quick chocolate fudge cake from this book and the apricot and marzipan loaf and they are b oth delicious!

  13. Is it physically possible to have only one favourite kind of cake? Certainly not for a sweet-tooth like me, but I will admit that I was rather taken by one I baked about a month ago, which was a Butternut Squash cake, simply because it was obscenely moist and sweet. Although I will eat whatever cake you put in front of me.

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