Sophie Hannah – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 9

Some giveaways will have nothing to do with the main blog post of the day, if there is one, in the giveaway-a-thon leading up to Christmas which is The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar. Today is one such surprise as I am giving away not one Sophie Hannah book, but all of them so far. Yes a whole series, and be prepared as I am giving away a few more series over the next few weeks.

Those of you who visit Savidge Reads regularly will know that I love this series, though I am rather worryingly almost up to date and have only one more outstanding though I have heard the seventh in this series ‘A Kind of Cruel’ is out next year, a book too look forward to. So as I love them, I would like to pass them on and that means there are six of these books that one of you could end up having the joy of reading…



All you have to do is simply state which is your favourite crime series and why in the comments below. It’s that easy. You have until 11am on the 13th of December to enter (I will be drawing the first few winners tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for who has won what in the next 24 hours) so good luck!


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17 responses to “Sophie Hannah – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 9

  1. elisabeth george,even though some were better then others i still loook foward to each book.

  2. Sue

    I am a committed Dorothy L Sayers fan – Lord Peter Wimsey cannot be beaten! As well as fabulous plots and well drawn characters there is an extra level of philosophical or intellectual writing that fascinates me- particularly the Harriet Vane books which I read and re-read constantly.

    A more modern series would be the Rebus books which I loved and hope the inconclusive ending of the last one means there will be more.

  3. Ruthiella

    Oh, I can participate in this one! My favorite crime series is Lynley/Havers mysteries by Elizabeth George. There are two main draws for me. One: George always provides a large cast of characters who all have something to hide. I like learning about their dirty laundry, so to speak. P.D. James does this as well. Two: I generally enjoy the continuity of the detective’s story lines through out the books, especially that of Barbara Havers.

  4. Liz

    I just read the first of Alexander McCall Smith’s Isabel Dalhousie series and found the plot thread of applied ethics versus first reactions to be entertaining and thought provoking.

  5. I don’t know if they count as crime fiction I love Philip Kerr’s Berlin Noir series. Second to that are Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley books

  6. Jenni

    Oh, it’s so difficult to choose just one series! Maybe Rebus. Simply because the high quality of the entire series. Ian Rankin made a tough decision to discontinue the series when it was at its best. He could have made a lot of money writing a new Rebus book every year until eternity, but thankfully he chose not to.

    Rankin has depicted both the hero and his city in a lovable way while showing their scruffiness as well. Got to love it.

  7. Jennifer Jones

    Wow, what a an amazing giveaway. My favorite (and I’m not saying this because this is the prize, I promise!) is anything by Sophie Hannah for mystery, crime, thriller. My sister-in-law introduced me to this wonderful author with ‘The Wrong Mother’. I am hooked on this author and hungry for more of her work. As a mother, this may sound terrible, but she really strikes a chord and I believe her writing. But to prove that I am not trying to gain preference I will say my second favorite is Tana French with ‘Dublin Murder Squad’. Her writing is so involved and when I sit down with any of her books I feel the need to dedicate my full time and attention just to be fair to the time and effort she poured into her work.

  8. Loretta

    The author of my favorite series is Kate Atkinson. Her detective stories about the former police detective, Jackson Brodie, are so smart and fun. I like them because they are understated but there is still mystery and wry humor.

  9. P D James Adam Dalgleish

  10. My all time favourite crime/mystery writer is classic Agatha Christie, and I particularly like her Tommy and Tuppence novles. I love how Christie writes about them as they age, and the different eras in England. Their relationship is very realistic (unlike the situations they find themselves in!), and their complementing personalities enable them to solve crimes.

    Recently, I have also enjoyed Kate Atkinson, her characterisation is really effective.

  11. What a generous giveaway! I haven’t read her before. My favorite series is Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme series because I love reading the forensic details.

  12. Janet D

    Would love Sophie’s books but can not make a decision as to which author to choose as it depends who I am reading at the time and what fits my mood. I heard Sophie talk at a local Book Day and enjoyed her earliest books but have not yet caught up with her recent work.

  13. Layla

    My favourite has to be Sherlock Holmes – the original and best fictional detective. I like a lot of crime fiction but Holmes is the best – he’s flawed but not the now-commonplace alcoholic police officer. They’re well written and always include his deductions of commonplace things (like the fact that Watson has decided not to invest in a certain enterprise) as well as the crime at hand. He is brilliant, and does it for the love of solving the mystery, not money, and his relationship with Watson is really well written and moving at times.

  14. Emma

    My all time favourite crime novelist would have to be Agatha Christie – especially her Miss Marple books, but also Tommy and Tuppence.

    Recently I found myself slightly hooked on Elly Griffiths’ (small so far) series of books set on the North Norfolk coast where I grew up. Atmospheric and brilliantly addictive!

  15. Oh, so many good ones to choose from! I’ll agree with Emma, though: My favorite is Agatha Christie. Sophie Hannah comes in at a very close second.
    Amazing giveaway, by the way. Thanks for your blog and podcast–love them both.

  16. ana

    As a 12 year old my fav was Agatha Christie. Later I loved PD James and then Ian Rankin. But for a real treat and a vicarious travel experience, nothing beats Donna Leon in Venice!

  17. Stephanie

    It’s hard to name a favourite when there are so many good series. I’ll plump for the Aurelio Zen series by Michael Dibdin as the books take you all over Italy and are involved in different industries. I also enjoy the sparse setting of Arnaldur Indridason’s books and then for sheer writing skill and imaginative plots – there’s Kate Atkinson with Insp Brodie.

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