David Nicholls – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 16

Thank you all so much for your thoughts on ‘happy-sad’ books, do keep them coming as I would love lots of recommendations. One book which I almost classified as such was ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls (which, random fact alert, is the most popular review post on Savidge Reads there has been) which I loved but doesn’t really quite fit into the happy-sad genre I have in my head, but then again it is my head.

So anyway, today I thought it would be nice to not only give two of you a copy of ‘One Day’ but all of David Nicholls novels…


All you need to do is tell mw which book to film adaptation had been your favourite that you have seen this year and why? It doesnt have to be a film out this year like ‘One Day’ it could be a golden oldy. That simple. You have until 11am GMT December the 19th. Good luck.


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9 responses to “David Nicholls – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 16

  1. The Help!!the book just came alive on the screen.

  2. Jamie

    Tinker, Tailor…. Nothing will ever replace Le Carre’s prose but they captured the feel and the edginess.

  3. My, so many presents! I haven’t read the other two books written by Nicholls and I’m wondering if they can be better than “One Day”, which was perfect,IMHO 🙂
    I’ve also seen The Help which moved, but I guess I can’t choose that, since I skipped reading the book, although I am an addict when it comes to reading then going to the movies to check if someone’s imagination has been better than mine. Still, even if I loved BBC’s latest “Jane Eyre”, I spent the summer reading Murakami and after reading Norwegian Wood, I watched the movie, and it was AMAZING! The way the two characters were portrayed is beyond words. There’s something about Japanese books and movies that is totally unique! Needless to say I watched it once more, and I would probably do it again soon, as I haven’t reached the 6th screening just like in the case of “The English Patient” 🙂

  4. I’m going to be boring and say Pride and Prejudice – the Colin Firth version (what else?).

  5. Femke

    I really loved the last Harry Potter movie. I was afraid it would be like the last Lord of the Rings movie, which had a lot of those large battle scenes. But I really liked it and look forward to watching it again on DVD.

  6. Sue

    TInker Tailor Soldier Spy. Just loved it. It captured the book and the TV mini series and also the period. Although I wish they had let Kathy Burke do the ‘all my lovely boys’ speech that Beryl Reid did so well on TV.

  7. CY

    Revolutionary Road, hands down. Considering that it is a book so pumped with emotions, I really did not expect the film to be able to accurately capture all of Richard Yates’ goodness. But it did, and I attribute half of that success to the amazing Kate Winslet & Leonardo Di Caprio (should have known, judging from how awesome Titanic was).

  8. Jenni

    True grit by the Coen brothers. (it premiered in Finland in February so I hope it counts). It captured the spirit of the book much better than the 1969 version with John Wayne. And Hailee Stainfeld gave a splendid performance.

    I haven’t seen Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy yet, and it probably will be a strong contender. But I really like the TV-series, so it will be hard for the film to surpass it. And Alec Guinness as George Smiley was just perfect in my opinion. Sue’s comment raises my expectations, though. Looking forward to it.

  9. Katharina

    “We need to talk about Kevin” with the outstanding Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly. It is so different from the book (clearly – as this was written in epistolary form) but equally brilliant and chilling. Saw it at the European premiere in the crappy Curzon Mayfair, worst cinema I’ve been in for years, which unfortunately killed some of the enjoyment of the film.

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