Frozen Planets & Arctic Crime – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 20

Well we have had a fair amount of snow and icy weather where I am in the last few days, which nicely links to the latest icy episodes of The Readers (here and here) and also links into todays giveaway. I have become a little obsessed with the arctic in the last few months, I think it has been building subconciously for a while though, and have been dropping MASSIVE hints here and there that for my 30th my family should really consider sending me there for a while on a cruise (yes if you are reading this family I am now being really blatant). Well, I thought I would share the hoy with two books which have added to this desire furthermore…


Most people in the UK (I am not sure where else this has been on worldwide, sorry for my ignorance) have been gripped by the BBC’s ‘Frozen Planet’ which has been studying animals in the arctic and antarctic, there is now an accompanying book filled with stunning pictures. I also read and thoroughly enjoyed ‘White Heat’ the debut novel by MJ McGrath (who joins me and Gavin on the Readers this week) who lived out in the arctic with Inuit tribes and decided to set a crime novel out there. So I am pairing them up for a frosty special. All you need to do to be one of two readers in with a chance of winning this is tell me the best book you have read set in the arctic or antarctic and why you loved it so? You have until 11am on 24th of December. Good luck.


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13 responses to “Frozen Planets & Arctic Crime – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 20

  1. The best book I’ve read (although, in truth, maybe the only books I’ve read) set in the arctic is Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. I am fascinated by their sunless winters and this books captured the spookiness of that perfectly. A recommended read.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and Merry Christmas!


  2. Make that another one for Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. The sense of loneliness and isolation is utterly gripping. I found that far more scary than [REDACTED FOR FEAR OF SPOILERS].

    I will wish you a Merry Christmas, despite your feelings expressed on The Readers 😉

  3. Not a single book, but I recommend Dana Stabenow’s Kate Shugak series of mysteries set in Alaska. Starts with A Cold Day for murder and continues through this year’s Though Not Dead, the 18th in the series.

  4. Louise

    I have read a few books set in the Arctic. I love the ice, coldness and loneliness that is portrayed within books set in these places, plus it’s a great setting for murder. Titles I have read include… The Voyage of the Narwhal, The Brief History of the Dead, The Ice Child, Ordinary Wolves. I think parts of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials was set in the Arctic too.

  5. Ruthiella

    I like the dichotomy of the book titles! Alas, I have to join the crowd with my book selection. The only book I have ever read set in the Artic was Dark Matter, which I read earlier this year. I thought about it just the other day when I was walking down a long empty hallway and could hear the echos of my heels which really did sound like someone was following me. Spooky.

  6. Emma

    I enjoyed Dark Matter too. And Northern Lights!
    I have been wanting the Frozen Planet book for a while-fingers crossed!

  7. Bet

    My favorite book set in the Antarctic is a non-fiction one: The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition by Caroline Alexander. The photos (taken by the ship’s photographer) are stunning!

    One of my favorite novels, set (mostly) in the Arctic is Voyage of the Narwhal by Andrea Barrett.

  8. Ice Station Zebra is the one that pops into my head. Read it ages ago.

  9. gaskella

    I read the late great Dame Beryl’s ‘The Birthday Boys’ this year. Her version of Scott’s expedition to the South Pole was stunning.

  10. Loretta

    My favorite novel set in the arctic was “The Golden Compass”, the first book of Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy. This is a fantasy with mystery, kidnapped children, a parallel universe and a cold brittle world lit by the the Northern Lights. A fun read.

  11. Janet D

    JRR Tolkien’s The Father Christmas Letters is the only book I can think of that gets near this brief. My children and I loved it.
    Merry Christmas

  12. Shiver by Nikki Gemmell was great – eerie and a little bit off centre, like I think living in the Antarctic would be like.

  13. Oh no! More books to put on my ever-growing list!

    I have Dark Matter to read and will have to put White Heat on the list too…

    Am currently reading Anne Cleeves Shetland Quartet, also very good.

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