Armistead Maupin – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 23

So as Christmas gets scarily closer (seriously two days away and I have done absolutely no Christmas shopping, oops) I thought in the last few days I would do some rather large giveaways. It is my pleasure in the penultimate Savidge Reads Advent Calendar to give away one of my very favourite series of books… the Tales of the City series, which one of you could win the whole eight novels so far.




I utterly adore this series and have for years. I think it’s the mixture of such familiar characters (who you really get to know and love) living together in such an unfamiliar city and decade; though of course the last two are much more current. These are a real treat for any reader, I am certainly looking forward to revisitng them next year as some Maupin madness will be occuring I do believe. So what do you have to do in order to win such a collection of joy?  Simply tell me you favourite book that really makes you feel like you have lived in a city you have never visited and why you loved the book so much. You have until 1300 GMT on December the 24th, yes tomorrow, good luck!


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11 responses to “Armistead Maupin – The Savidge Reads Advent Calendar Day 23

  1. Oh, I have been eyeing up these books for years. I’d love to win them! I thought The Romantics by Pankaj Mishra really brought Pondicherry to life for me, even though I’ve never been to India. He really brought the Himalayas alive too, but they’re not so cityish.

  2. Miis read, brought small town england alive for this american.I pick one up every once in a while &i am back in school with Miss read,

  3. David

    I always suspected I’d enjoy the Tales in the City books but for some reason have never tried them. I loved the first TV miniseries enormously, though wasn’t particularly keen on the second one (I don’t know if there were more after that?).
    Glad to see someone mentioning Mishra’s ‘The Romantics’ – I adored that book.
    Hmm… a book that has made me feel like I know a city I’ve never visited? Two spring instantly to mind – Sujit Saraf’s ‘The Peacock Throne’ made me feel like I knew every street and alleyway of Old Delhi better than any guidebook ever could and is a story as teeming with life and colour as I’m sure that city is; and Ahdaf Soueif’s ‘In the Eye of the Sun’ did much the same for Cairo, and is one of my all-time favourite books, though I’m reluctant to read it again just because it was so traumatic – one of those books where you’d swear you were living on the characters’ shoulders, savouring every joyous moment and suffering every pain right alongside them; you close the book (it having consumed your life for the past few days) feeling emotionally drained and slightly confused about what is real and what was only part of the novel.

  4. I don’t enter the competition, but I just wanted to say that I revisit the series myself these days, went as far as book eight and am already eagerly awaiting the new TOC coming next year, the one focusing on Mrs. Madrigal.

    Happy holidays.

  5. Ruthiella

    I already own the first six, so take me out of the running. However, who ever does win them will be very lucky indeed. These books are so much fun to read. When I read “The Quiet American” by Graham Green, I wanted to visit Saigon, even though I knew that the Saigon depicted in the book no longer existed. Greene made for me every sight and sound of the city memorable and seductive, even the opium dens. It is a fantastic book, sad and melancholy in a good way.

  6. Sue

    I loved these when I read them years ago – seriously funny. I went to Paris for the first time last year but I felt I knew it from the Simone de Beauvoir autobigraphies.

  7. Sharkell

    Your competitions really are such fun! I have to go back to a classic for this one. I think Harper Lee really brought Maycomb, Alabama alive in To Kill A Mockingbird, which I read for the first time earlier this year. It will be one of those rare books that I will re-read. Merry Christmas, and thanks for a fun Advent season.

  8. My first choice would definitely be tales of the city. It has such a great sense of place.

    My second choice is Wuthering Heights. I always feel like I’ve visited the moors after reading that!

  9. Under the Tuscan sun – just love it.

  10. Mary Ann in Autumn got some great reviews in Aussie newspapers, sounds great. I would say that Cynthia Harrod-Eagles’ Morland Dynasty has made me feel like I’ve been to York many times.

  11. Alli Dhoble

    Read the first in this series and have been dying to read the rest!! (Almost as much as the Complete Novels of Nancy Mitford, hehe). Would LOVE to win this giveaway. Oh my gosh.

    Let’s see here…To be honest, Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (which I just bought in a to die for hardback box set form) has made me add Stockholm, Sweden to my list of places that I would like to visit. All three novels take place in and around Stockholm. The names of the streets, the descriptions of the homes and of the countryside, the high speed chases on the highways…I just have this mental picture of what Sweden’s major city and surrounding areas look like and it’s so vivid to me! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you! 🙂
    – Alli

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