Boxing Day Books (The Savidge Reads Advent Winners)

Hello one and all, I do hope you have a lovely Christmas Day? Thank you for your festive wishes. Mine was very nice; I had goose for the first time and found it rather delicious. I have also been playing card games (mainly spite and malice, which my thirteen year old sister has been teaching me), scrabble, drinking rather a lot and worn my party hat all day long. Oh and I had presents, no books but I got a really funky set of psychedelic proper chef knives for my new pad (I am moving at the end of Jan, oh the books are going to have to be sorted), lots of Jelly Belly – too many is never enough and my favourite present so far has been three pairs of Mr Men lounge pants (Messy, Tickle and Bump) so there was one present with a literary twist. I have been reading but not as much as I would have expected, that is normally left for today, Boxing Day, my favourite Christmas Day.

There is something about Boxing Day that I have always found rather joyous, and not just the left-over’s from Christmas dinner which normally end up in a sandwich (though my Mum is currently off making pastry for a pie this year) and the endless supply of crisps and chocolates that we all buy for Xmas day and then don’t eat because we are too full. I love the fact it’s a delightfully lazy day, well at Savidge Christmas’s it is, we generally spend most of the day lounging around reading before a big TV fest in evening (Miranda Hart going trekking with Bear Grylls will be my Christmas TV highlight) so I am looking forward to that, I have already recorded an episode of The Readers so I feel I can now slob – that was my hard work of the day, now it’s time for my good deed of the day. It’s time for present giving…

Boxing Day can be another day of presents as the family you didn’t see might pop round, we won’t be seeing any other family members so today I have plucked all the Savidge Reads Advent Calendar winners from a random number generator and here are the winners…

Day 1; The Complete Nancy Mitford – Reading With Tea
Day 2; Burned by Thomas Enger – Harriet and Ellen B
Day 3; Smutt by Alan Bennett & Half Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan – Steel Reader and Gaskella
Day 4; Godless Boys by Naomi Wood & Snowdrops by A.D. Miller – Louise and Dog Ear
Day 5; The Great British Bake Off Book – Dovegreyreader and Janet D and Novel Insights
Day 6; Jennifer Egan books – TBA
Day 7; The Proof of Love by Catherine Hall – Rhonda Reads and Simon Saunders and Belinda
Day 8; Shes Leaving Home by Joan Bakewell  – Gaskella and Mystica
Day 9; Sophie Hannah’s series – Emma
Day 10; In Other Worlds by Margaret Atwood & China Mieville books – Louise and Ragamuffinreader
Day 11; Sue Johnston autobiography – Sue and Simon T and Ann P
Day 12; Wait for Me by Deborah Devonshire – Janet D and Dominic
Day 13; Selected Agatha Raisin books – Kirsten and Victoria
Day 14; The Beautiful Indifference by Sarah Hall – Janet D and Ann P
Day 15; When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman – Femke and Ruthiella and Alex and Joanne In Canada
Day 16; all David Nicholls novels – Sue
Day 17; Patricia Duncker novels – Gaskella
Day 18; A Tiny Bit Marvellous by Dawn French – Ann P and Gabrielle Kimm
Day 19; all the Yrsa Siguardardottir novels – Kimbofo
Day 20; Frozen Planet & White Heat by MJ McGrath – Emma and Mystica
Day 21; A Novel Bookstore by Laurence Cosse & The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey – Nose in a Book and Novel Katie
Day 22; The Hunger Trace by Edward Hogan – Jenni and Ann P and Femke
Day 23; Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City series  – David
Day 24; Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles series – Harriet

Merry Christmas to both those of you who won (and some of you won a few times) and those who didn’t. If you did email me with the book/s you have won in the subject and your address and I will make sure these are sent out in the first week of January. Right, I am off to go and pick at some stuffing before curling up with my book. Hope you are all having a wonderful time, what did you get for Xmas?

Oh and a MASSIVE thank you to the publishers who got involved: Penguin, Faber and Faber, Profile Books, Hodder, Picador, Atlantic, Serpents Tail, Ebury, Corsair, Constable and Robinson, Portobello, Little Brown, Virago, John Murray, Headline, Bloomsbury, Europa Editions, Mantle, Macmillan, Simon and Schuster & Transworld


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20 responses to “Boxing Day Books (The Savidge Reads Advent Winners)

  1. Ann

    I stopped by your blog today. I remember cooking a goose one year. There was so much grease that it spilled on the floor followed by the goose and then me after I slipped on it.

  2. Yay! Thank you, Simon. Thanks for running the advent giveaways.

  3. Oh I am SO excited to have won The Bake Off book!!! Thank you Simon, and Happy Boxing Day to you from me who has been lamenting the absence of a bottle of advocaat ALL Christmas since you put that picture of a snowball up on Christmas Eve:-)

  4. Louise

    Yay!!! I’ve won twice, and the ones I reeeeeaalllly wanted 🙂 I never win books, and I never get books for Christmas either…this is the best Christmas ever! 😉 Thanks for the giveway, enjoy a lazy Boxing Day, I’ll be watching Bear Grylls too.

  5. kimbofo

    Oh wow, Simon, am chuffed to bits to win those books. I’ve had a fab day — spent the morning sleeping and then lazing around the house, then went for a walk along the river in the afternoon that turned into a pub crawl — and to come home and find I’ve got all those Icelandic crime novels to enjoy at a later date has really ended things on a high. Thanks so much 🙂 Hope you have had a fab Boxing Day!

  6. thanks for the Proof of Love .how should i get you my mailing info.Happy Boxing day!!

  7. So excited! I only entered once or twice, and won something I really wanted. Actually squealed when I saw my “name”. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Woohoo! I can’t believe I won the Agatha Raisins! I was just saying the other day about how you had convinced me to try them. 🙂 So excited!

    I know what you mean about Boxing Day. For us it’s also the day when my dad makes his famous tiramisu cake and we all sit around the TV, watch children’s films (Happy Feet!) and eat until we burst. Bliss.

  9. Susan in TX

    Happy Boxing Day to you! We are in “slob” mode around here as well – reorganizing bookshelves to fit those Christmas goodies on. 🙂

  10. Jenni

    I ‘m dead chuffed to have won The Hunger Trace, it sounds so interesting. Thank you so much, Simon!

  11. Thanks so much for Proof of Love &the follow!!

  12. Emma

    Yay! That has really cheered me up to see my name next to two wins for books I really fancied reading! Thank you so much!

  13. gaskella

    Oh blimey – I am chuffed to win, but I did rather too well !!! Could you re-distribute the Joan Bakewell book to someone else. Thank you so much for hosting this great giveaway season. Glad you had a great Crimbo too. Thank you.

  14. David

    Wow! I only entered two of your Advent calendar competitions (I’m a regular reader of your blog, Simon, but not a regular comment-leaver) so what a thrill it is to see I’ve won the set of EIGHT (!) Armistead Maupin books. Thank-you so much!

  15. I love the fact that I won twice over!!! Thank you.

  16. I ended up not entering any, because I have all the books I wanted, but how lovely of you to organise all of this – especially the Bake-Off book, which is wonderful!

    I got lots of Mr. Men socks for Christmas! I do love the Mr. Men hugely, so I was delighted too.

  17. Congrats to the winners! I guess I’ve been quite naughty this year 🙂

  18. For (or on) Christmas day I got a number of things including1Q84 and a (professional) date with Morgana herself in January

  19. Oh fab! I won! Thank you so much Simon.

  20. Just wanted to say that I got my Sophie Hannah books this morning – it was very nice to open such a big box of books!

    Really looking forward to getting stuck in.

    Thanks again for organising the giveaways.

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