Reading Resolutions 2012

It is normal fare for me to make myself a long list of Reading Resolutions as I did last year and the year before. I have always liked to give myself a list of goals and pointers with reading, this year I have decided to do quite the opposite and throw caution to the wind. It’s not that I have decided not to have any resolutions, more that I am going to have a few guidelines to my reading, though they will be rather broad and somewhat flexible.

Reading By Whim (No Reading Rules)

This is the most important of my ‘rough resolutions’ as this year I am going to read by whim and whim alone. I think that this will have an interesting ripple effect on my reading in the year throughout.  This doesn’t mean I will stop reading new books, because after having some time out over Christmas last year (which sounds odd as it seems a mere week ago, because it was) I have come to the conclusion I am just more of a contemporary reader who likes to pop to the Victorian period or 1930s on occasion. It simply means if I want to read a book out next week, three years ago, an advance for six months time or any classics as I see fit I will. The same will apply with genre. The rule here really is no rules, read what I fancy – though I have a feeling older books (I mean books published in the last two or three decades) might come to the fore, that said the day I decided all this and picked up random books they were all books coming out in January 2012. I am debating what all this means for book group.

Discover The Real Savidge Reader

By the end of 2012, if we survive the Mayan apocalypse, through reading by whim (Green Carnation 2012 entries excluded) I should see what sort of reader I am, because frankly I am not sure. Yes, I know this evolves as we read through our lives but I am sometimes envious of those readers who after trying some new things know which authors and books to go straight to if they are having a reading funk. I still struggle with this, the findings of a whim reading year could be interesting and shed light on this.

No Gauntlet Throwing

Oh challenges and read-a-longs how tempting you are but how I must say no more often or join you with caution. I am not saying there will be no read-a- longs whatsoever (in fact I will be mentioning one tomorrow I am joining in with) just not so many and I don’t think I will start any this year myself. I can officially say I won’t be reading any prize longlists this year, well apart from a certain green prize of course, I might read some of the titles if they take my fancy but no ‘I will do them all’ from me this year. Just… not… happening (I will still guess what will make the lists and be on the forums though).

More Library Loans

One of the joys of 2011 was some of the wonderful reading I got via the library, they need continued support and so they will have even more of mine in 2012.

Those are my reading resolutions which of course will have an effect on the blog. Not a detrimental one, I think it will be all for the better and I have some planned changes (though I simply cannot face the idea of a facelift here) to the blog coming which I just want to finish mulling over in the next day or so. It’s not going anywhere, it just needs to reflect my new reading state of mind. I am very excited about it and the reading year that 2012 will be. What reading plans, aims or resolutions have you made?

Note: you can hear me and Gavin waffling on about ‘Reading Resolutions’ and books of 2012 on this week’s episode of The Readers just so you know.


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29 responses to “Reading Resolutions 2012

  1. I ve done no challenges this year simon ,I read 132 last year and aim to do same this year or more I read on a whim as is hence no challenges just stop me choose books I want when I want ,all the best stu

    • I havent worked out how many books I have read yet because I don’t include the Green Carnation books in my list but I am guessing that I ended up reading about 180+ books! I am only aiming to read 100 if that this year. No pressure just enjoyment and challenges that fit my whims lol.

  2. gaskella

    My only resolution is to read more from my TBR (same as always), but I will join in readalongs when I can and my book group of course. Longer challenges are out! I fully support whim reading – and the variety that comes from it.

  3. My main resolution is the same as your first, to read on a whim. Last year I put new books before anything else and now my TBR pile is leaning dangerously. I also received a massive stack of books for Christmas and I don’t want those to go unread while I fawn over the latest releases.

  4. Femke

    My main resolution for my reading this year is to try to be a fearless reader. There are some authors whose books I buy, but then am reluctant to pick those up. Most of the times because I feel the books may be too hard to read, or I fear the subject matter is too intense. However, when I do pick those books up, I really love them! So this year I want to stop being stupid and read those books, already!

    • I think, if on a whim, I will be more fearless this year too. I will do this via the library as while I want to support indie book shops there arent many in Manchester sadly, some corking second hand book shops though.

  5. I want to read whimsically, too, I think. I’m much happier with my choices when i let one book lead to the next… And even more so when they’re things that come from deep in the TBR dimension…

    • Yep, letting books and authors lead me from one to another book (and recommendations from friends of course) is a more natural way. Though I am sure some publicists might sway me on the way.

  6. My only resolution is to start on the TBR pile! It’s not actually a pile but several, a couple of shelves-full and 2 fruit packing boxes – some are books I’ve bought, some are competition wins, some from Bookcrossing but mainly (the fruit boxes) they’re crime novels I picked up through Freecycle and have been clogging the spare room for 18 months or more. Time for an organised reading plan, I think.

    • Mine is seven boxes full of books and several bags, its not good. I am planning on a big cull again in the next week or so, which will make me feel better.I have resisted Freecycle, I am not even going to dare to google it!

  7. David

    I never normally make reading resolutions for myself, though every year I intend to read more ‘old’ stuff along with the new releases, and almost always fail, which is a shame as I used to do that and discovered some of my favourite authors that way. Maybe this year I’ll try to do that more (I have an R F Delderfield just begging to be read!).
    But this year I have made one resolution, as I think I mentioned in my comment on your Sarah Hall post before Christmas, and that is to read more short stories. I often buy story collections but when picking what to read next I always go for a novel and as a result I have dozens of collections sitting unread. I don’t know why since I’ve read many collections that I love. I think maybe my approach to them has been all wrong, trying to gulp them down one after the other, when I should be measuring them out more. So at the moment I’m trying to read one story a day (currently I have DW Wilson’s “Once You Break a Knuckle” on the go) as a complement to my main novel reading. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep that up – life, work, these things so often get in the way – but my resolution is to try and always have a collection on the go and to get through at least one a month.

    • I know Gavin of Gav Reads (and my The Readers partner in crime) is making an effort to read much more short stories. I had no intention of doing that myself yet I have ended up doing so. How random is that am on my second collection!

      Older books is a good resolution too!

  8. novelinsights

    What excellent reading resolutions. I too will be reading whimsically (a non resolution resolution!). I do like your library loans one too – 2011 has definitely been a year of library loans for me due to my small living space. My only real resolution was make more time for me (and hence reading should increase). We shall see how that pans out at the end of 2012. I’ll be interested to find out who the real Savidge Reads Reader is!!

  9. cath

    Like last year I will have a poetry project. Like last year I will read the collected poems of a Dutch author with his biography alongside for the necessary context. There will also be some real classics in my reading, meaning from the early beginnings of literature. Last year it was Beowulf in a superb translation by Seamus Heaney, now I have started Gilgamesh. I don’t set goals like how many though. And there is Twentieth Century reading. For this I have chosen another Dutch author (journalist/historian) Geert Mak who describes in In Europe how in 1999 he travels Europe to find it’s state of affairs at the turning of the millenium. The first chapter of his book is 1900-1914 from the perspective of Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin and Vienna. After reading the chapter I will select a novel which reflects that time in space. And the time left will be spent at reading at whim.
    Looking forward to read more about what treasures come your way.

  10. Nice list. Very ambitious. My resolution is to write more poetry and take more time for myself. I’ma voracious reader and am doing a PhD on poetry so I have the whole read more books thing under control 😀

  11. Borrowing more from the local library is something we all need to be doing. We’ll miss them when they’re gone.

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  13. Alex

    I did the whole reading by whim last year, it really is the best way to read, my plan if i have one is to continue.

    I agree with Graham I fear if we do not use our libraries we will lose them, so plan to use mine more, which will include relocating my card.

  14. Eva

    Sounds like fun! I spent last year avoiding challenges & most review commitments to get back in touch with my readerly roots, and it was marvelous.

  15. These are really great reading goals Simon. Reading by whim is one I always find difficult to stick to, for some reason I do much better with lists of some type! I can’t wait to see what you decide in terms of what reader you are. All the best!

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