The International Readers Awards, The Readers Summer Book Club and Good Reads

A post with links, book suggestion asks and new ways to communicate today… but all with a bookish twist. You may remember a while back Gavin and myself, who you might know make the podcast The Readers, started the International Readers Award? Well, we have decided to extend the submission/voting period. You can go here to find out more. Do vote as I would love to hear what you loved reading last year and why. It might also help with suggestions for another exciting Readers venture…

I know I said that I wasn’t going to start any challenges or read-a-longs this year but rules are for breaking and in this case it is something quite exciting. This May will see the start of ‘The Readers Summer Book Club’ the basic idea is that we will decide on eight titles, which will be announced in April 2012, for you all to read from mid-May to mid-July 2012 to coincide with these there will be special blogs with reviews, and the ability of discussion in the comments and podcasts with interviews with the authors and discussion of the books with some special guests. The idea is to get a really interactive worldwide book club and lots of book based banter. We would REALLY like your suggestions be you a listener, lurker, blogger or publicist either in comments here on my blog or on the site. The full details are here, get suggesting.

Finally myself and the Readers are now on Good Reads (how has it taken this long?) which I am just getting to grips with. You can find me here and The Readers here so get adding.

So that’s lots of friend request begging and book suggestion seeking from me today. Thank you.



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4 responses to “The International Readers Awards, The Readers Summer Book Club and Good Reads

  1. Hi Simon – do these books have to be published recently? You know me, I have plenty of old-book suggestions! (and I live in hope that my five favourite books will one day appear on The Readers 😉 )

  2. look forward to your choices ,all the best stu

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