Before You Go To Sleep, The TV Book Club Returns Tonight

Just a quick post to remind you book lovers that The TV Book Club is back tonight on More4, I think it is also repeated on Channel 4 tomorrow (I could be wrong but it will be on 4od either way which is normally how I catch up with it). The list is quite an exciting one I think, there are only a few in the mix that I am not that bothered about , I won’t say which, and I have already read a few of them too. The book that starts the series off tonight is one such book, its ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ By S.J Watson and I really enjoyed it when I read it last year, and who came to the first Bookmarked Salon.

The lovely people at the TV Book Club have sent me the whole list, so you might even get to hear a Savidge Reads mention on the show as they have asked me if I will review some of them, though this we have agreed will be based on whim reading and which ones I fancy. I have just finished ‘The Somnambulist’ by Essie Fox, which is one of the choices and was rather good in a sensational way, as she will be a guest host on The Readers Episode 19 (a Victoriana special) which we are recording tomorrow night. If you have any questions for her please feel free to leave some below and I will ask her on your behalf.

Here is the list of titles in full…

Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson
The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt
The Somnambulist by Essie Fox
Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes
The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles
Girl Reading by Katie Ward
The Report by Jessica Francis Kane
The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson
Half the Human Race by Anthony Quinn
You Deserve Nothing by Alexander Maksik

Have you read any of them? I have heard Caroline Quentin is joining as a host this series (why so many comedians?) which I am thrilled about as she reminds me of my Mum (who is young and very funny, when she wants to be, so that’s meant in a nice way to both parties) interestingly and I just have a feeling she will be a great judge of a good book – yet I am not sure why. I did suggest to Cactus Productions that Gav and I would make good hosts, they didn’t comment…


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14 responses to “Before You Go To Sleep, The TV Book Club Returns Tonight

  1. I’ve read Rules of Civility and really enjoyed it; I think it will make an excellent discussion book.

  2. Bet

    I’ve read The Report, which was enjoyable, but which I did not think was anything special as a novel. However, the historical foundation for the book will make for some good discussion.

  3. How many scientists have they invited as hosts?

  4. EllenB

    I just read The Rules of Civility. Very good and I think you will really enjoy it. It came out in the USA about a year ago.
    Also, have you read or heard about The Art of Fielding? It’s on many American Best Books of 2011 lists and is a wonderful work. Is it out yet in the UK? It would be a good piece for the Green Carnation nominations that is if it is new in 2012 int eh UK.

    • Well that’s two recommendations for The Rules of Civility, so I will read that sooner rather than later.

      The Art of Fielding is getting a lot of press here because its part of the Waterstones 11, which celebrates debut novelists. I didn’t know he was LGBT, interesting. That might mean I have to read it this year, th premise doesn’t really do it for me at the moment.

  5. Lucky you being sent the whole list! I’ve just finished ‘Into the Darkest Corner’ – I thought it was ok but I am bemused by all the 5 star reviews it has been getting. Loads of things annoyed me about it and I’m looking forward to writing my (3 star) review this week. Currently reading ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ – again, it is ok so far and it’s building up to an exciting ending so I’m hopeful it’ll live up to the hype.

    • Interestingly that is one of the books which I am most looking forward to. I have heard so, so many good things about it. I will report back on how I get on.

      I liked Before I Go To Sleep a lot, really gripped me.

  6. I’ve not read any, but I will look into them – see if there are any I fancy.

    I was considering reading Before I Go To Sleep, but memory loss is a big fear of mine, one I’m not ready to face just yet. How did you enjoy it?

    • I thought Before I Go To Sleep was great. I also half read ‘Turn of Mind’ by Alice LaPlante which was proving very interesting, all about alzheimers and a murder story too, but I ‘forgot it’ on a bus – ugh.

  7. Ann P

    I’m about half way through Half of the Human Race and enjoying it very much.

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