Black Books…

I am probably the last person to the Black Books party, however I did turn down anyone who invited me to try and join it. I didn’t think that a comedy set in a bookshop run by an alcoholic would be my thing. How wrong was I? I am completely converted. (I must admit that anything with Tamsin Grieg in it will almost certainly be brilliant, The Archers, Green Wing I could go on. She is brilliant in this as Fran.) I thought in case anyone else has missed it or resisted it I would share my favourite scene so far, well the least rude one, with you all. Bear with it, I howled with laughter.

Who else is a convert, any favourite scenes? Any other bookish situation comedies out there I am missing? I have The Book Group and need to dig it out again.


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33 responses to “Black Books…

  1. Oh – you are late – but I envy you watching them all afresh. It’s so wonderful. You HAVE to see this clip. It’s hilarious and so close to the truth.

  2. I adore this sitcom! Tamsin G is wonderful – I saw her as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, and she was absolutely hilarious.

  3. I only discover “Black Books” this past autumn but I was an instant convert!

  4. lizzysiddal

    The one in which Manny becomes a detective …. or the one in which Bernard and Manny guzzle the wrong bottle of plonk …. or …… This series is simply brilliant

    • I should have popped a post up about this sooner I think Lizzy, as I had no idea how the whole book loving world loves it and you all would have convinced me to give it a whirl sooner too.

  5. Laura Caldwell

    Just checked this show out via hulu (in US). Love it! Thanks!

  6. I love this show — have it all on DVD and watched each episode 6 trillion times!!!! Anything with Dylan Moran in it is ace.
    Next time you go to Bloomsbury you’ll have to visit the real Black Books. See my post from 2006:

    My favourite episode is when they drink the wrong bottle of plonk – I love all its sly literary references!

  7. Amy C

    Yes, I just discovered Black Books recently on Netflix (here in the U.S.) and am enjoying it! So funny.

  8. Manny: “What are you eating?”
    Bernard: “Some sort of delicious biscuit.”
    Manny: “That’s a coaster.”

    Manny: “There was a little man. In his hair.”
    Bernard : “Well the little man in my hair is getting very angry.”


    I could go on and on. Love that show!

  9. Louise Trolle

    I have the dvd box set – you have to get it so see the fantastic Black Books with puppets epsiode!!
    I really love the episode where Bernard doesn’t want to do his taxes 🙂
    And the episodes where Manny starts working in the new bookshop next door.
    It’s one of the few series that I’ve seen a lot of times.

  10. Amazon have the DVD boxset for £7.97 what a bargain!

  11. Kim

    i think i’ve seen the entire series three of four times by now – the first series is my favorite, especially the first episode (you know, the Jesus-guys and his jacket and his shouting.. priceless). hilarious. probably my favorite comedy.

  12. Annabel (gaskella)

    I’m off to buy the DVD set to remind myself how good it was.

  13. My favourite episode is where Manny and Bernard write a children’s book!

  14. classic series I loved it and now seen dvd is so cheap I ll get that at some point ,all the best stu

  15. “I didn’t think that a comedy set in a bookshop run by an alcoholic would be my thing.” Simon, this is everyone’s thing. Haha.

    Welcome to the wonder that is Black Books fandom, you’ll never look back.

    The student on the phone is the star of that Paramedic programme on Channel 4 now.

    They just don’t make comedy like they did in the late 90s early 00s. Black Books, Spaced, The Book Group, Green Wing…

    • Honestly, I really didnt think it would be my thing Alice. Loads of people said it would be and I just thought ‘ you so don’t know me’ seems I was wrong. I also think when everyone is going on about a book/show/album I tend to avoid it a little as I think hype can be a bad thing on occasion. Plus sometimes its good to be fashionably late.

      I love Green Wing so much it almost hurts!

  16. Melissa Nowinski

    So not fair…..The U.K. already has Sherlock and Doctor Who. Why are all my favorite programs from England?

  17. I watched a couple of episodes of this years ago but then just watched from beginning to end about a week or two ago actually. Loved it! I was so sad that there were only 16 episodes. My favorite is when they get a mafioso-type guy to narrate audiobooks. Hearing him utter the words “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

  18. Black Books is probably my favourite series ever. I went to see an episode being filmed and a lot of lines from the show have become shorthand between me and my closest friends. I have been known to crack up at the merest hint of a line similar to one from the show. Welcome to the party!

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