My Life in Books…

Today you can find me as one of the guests on Simon of Stuck in a Book’s wonderful series ‘My Life in Books’ which I was delighted to be asked to go on.

I am really looking forward to seeing who I was paired up with, as before it goes live you have no idea (well I didn’t), and seeing what they made of my choices.

Do let me know what you thought.


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8 responses to “My Life in Books…

  1. Thanks so much for linking, and for participating, Simon! I was really pleased that you said yes 🙂

    • Thank you for asking Simon, I was thrilled to be on with Eva, though looking back at my first paragraph my grammar etc is shocking, must not do things when rushing is the moral of that story.

  2. I left a reply at SIAB but, since you ask,I’ll comment here as well. I liked your choices – and I think you are very lucky to have had a grandfather who wrote stories (with illustrations) especially for you, and to have had an uncle who learned Sherlock Holmes stories off by heart so he could recite them to you while striding through the countryside. That’s better than reading a book while walking and bumping into things!

    • Thanks very much Chris. The books my Grandad (who everyone called Bongy because I did) are a very special thing for me and it was nice to get them out there again with My Life in Books. Both he and my great uncle were utter legends, I was very very lucky, they are sadly missed.

  3. Louise

    That was very thought provoking, and has actually made me analyze my reading a bit. I think maybe my reading is shallow? Hmmmm off to think… 😉

  4. Ruthiella

    I love it when SIAB does “My Life in Books” and it is especially interesting when I “know” the blogger and in this case, it was especially sweet because I follow Eva’s blog too. I would not have guessed that your guilty pleasure was Batman! On the flip side, it was really neat to hear Simon T’s favorite 5 on The Readers.

    • I thought that Batman might surprise people, but it didn’t throw off Eva from blinking guessing who I was, I wouldn’t have guessed and now I know it was Eva it seemed so clear!

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