Three Generations of Readers

I know that you lot seem to like the posts which feature my Gran, my Mum and my little sister and how generationally the ‘we blooming love reading’ gene has been passed on. Well if that is the case then this week on The Readers we have all three of them in conversation with me in some kind of ‘Savidge Readers Special.’ That’s right… three generations of readers; how often do you get to hear that and at such differing points in their reading lives?

First in our trio of interviews we have my Gran, or Dorothy as you might want to call her, a self starting reader who left her studies in order to work. How did she get hooked on reading by herself? How important was it to read to her children? Why does she read about the countries she visits before she goes? What are her thoughts on a Kindle? What books would she recommend? Who does she re-read in her seventies and why?

Then we have my Mum, Louise, an avid book worm as a child and now a teacher of English Literature to secondary school children from 11-16 year olds. Was the influence of her mother part of her love of reading? What is great about exciting children into reading? Why don’t children read a whole book at school and does it matter? What are her thoughts on the Kindle and the future of the book? Which authors does she love and recommend in her forties?

Third and finally we have my sister, Miriam, who at 13 is in the middle of that young adult to adult transition of reading. Which books did she love as a child? What books and authors is she testing in the adult fiction market? Is reading cool at school?  Who does she turn to for her recommendations?

I thought that this might just be up all of your streets. So if you want to have a listen, and please do, then you can go here on the website or by downloading it via iTunes. Let me know what you think after you have!

Thanks again for the birthday wishes over the weekend. Lovely of you all!


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6 responses to “Three Generations of Readers

  1. Ahhh this is so sweet. I am quite jealous of your bookish family. Mine don’t read at all (no bedtime stories for me, sob sob). It must be lovely to have this sort of connection with your nearest and dearest. And happy belated birthday to you! Hope you had a fantastic day x

  2. I’m always impressed by such families and wonder what it’s like to be able to talk about books or recommend book to each other… must be blissful as a child if you like reading. Sadly, growing up with my parents and two older siblings, I’m the only one who likes to read (and study). In fact, even my friends didn’t like reading…

  3. Wow, that is one special conversation and what a precious gift to have this common interest, thank you for the privilege of inviting us in.

    It is a wonderful thing to be supported in one’s passionate endeavour, whether it is reading or something else, but three generations with the same inclination, that really is special. I really enjoy learning what each generation reads and how it changes through time.

  4. I also used to be a solitary reader, and can only imagine what it would have been like to share that passion with your family. Judging from this, it must be quite wonderful…

  5. Ruthiella

    I listened to it yesterday and it was fabulous. You are lucky not only because you come from a family of readers, but because your gran, mum and sister are so generous with their time and willing to share with the blogosphere.

  6. Sharon

    The interviews with your family of readers was lovely, Simon, and I thought you asked interesting questions. Also, thanks for your persistence in mentioning du Maurier. Most of her books are finally available in new printings in the U.S.

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