Savidge Reads 3.0: The Same But Different

So I am back and feeling rather refreshed and revitalized. It has been longer than I thought it would be weirdly, and yet much sooner than I imagined (making sense, no I’m not) but I am indeed back and though, initially, you might not think that much has changed aesthetically initially the mentality behind the blog is back on form. I did have a few days where I thought ‘oh I don’t miss this blogging malarkey’ but soon enough the urge came back, I just needed some time to assess and decide how Savidge Reads will develop. Fear not there is no navel gazing lurking here today, honest.

What changes have I implemented? Well apart from the header (thank you Gav), which you may notice actually changes when you click on a different page or refresh – go on have a go you know you want to – and a new ‘about’ page which is much more me; not a lot… yet. While I have been off I have been brainstorming away for some new features which will be launched over the next week or so. You can expect pages like ‘Forty Books Before I’m Forty’, ‘The Savidge Reads Hall of Fame’, ‘Books of the Past’, and some other features I am still finalizing in my head. So hopefully lots of lovely stuff to come!

The Book Brainstorming Base...

The Book Brainstorming Base...

Projects and pages on Savidge Reads aren’t the only bookish things that I have been doing though. I have been doing lots of reading, and I mean lots, and have some reviews in the wings for you of some wonderful books, and some books that gave me insight into my reading habits more. I have also been working with Gavin on The Readers and our exciting Summer Book Club which I will be filling you all in on in a day or two, even if you have seen the selection already (how can I be behind with my own news?). I have been working on The Green Carnation Prize 2012 and sorting out judges, possible sponsors and a new site. Locally I have also been in talks with Waterstones about some new ‘in conversations with…’ and other events, we had the first Manchester Book Club meeting (more on this soon) and I have been in touch with Manchester Literature Festival and will be catching up with them next week. I also have a new project, something a bit bookish yet risque, in the pipeline online too. Phew!

Meet Tolstoy, no really...

Meet Tolstoy, no really...

I have also managed to do non-bookish stuff too. My favourite twin cousins (and the only ones I have) have both had chicken pox and so I have been doing some babysitting – this equals lots of playing, outside with the paddling pool in the heat wave, and general naughtiness, which was just me entertaining them frankly. I’ve had some day trips out here and there, which will be on the blog soon. I’ve made some new friends (including a certain feline one as you can see who may star here more often) and ‘being sociable’ which equates to lunching, charity shop hunting and gossiping. The weekend before Easter was one of the best I have had in ages, swiftly followed by an utterly rubbish Easter weekend itself (swings and roundabouts, nothing bites you on the bum like disappointment), and I am not just on about the lack of chocolate eggs. I have caught up with lots of random, and possibly low-brow, TV as well as about six weeks worth of The Archers, so its highs and lows. But up or down, books have been with me all along the way, which weirdly means all of you have too.

I have missed blogging yet a break was definitely needed to get me back on track, both with books themselves and the world outside them (I know, it really exists and everything). I have the drive and energy back, which is what a holiday from anything is designed to do isn’t it? So it’s been a successful self imposed retreat. I know what direction, or more honestly lack of, I want my reading to have and it’s a lovely feeling. Most importantly I have remembered… Reading first, blogging second! But no definite rules for the future, I binned my ‘guidelines’ page as I now have none, just like my reading, my blogging will be ‘on a whim’ as and when, you might get a barrage, you might get a trickle, who knows, keeps me on my toes and a bit of excitement in the air – I don’t know about you. Anyway you know me; I could waffle on for hours, so how about I wrap up for now…

So that was/is me in a nutshell over the last two weeks. Have you missed me? (You don’t have to answer that! In fact don’t.) I’ve missed you! Right, tell me what you have all been up to? And, of course, what you have been reading? I feel I have caught up with some of you on twitter but not all of you, so bring me up to speed please…


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49 responses to “Savidge Reads 3.0: The Same But Different

  1. Welcome back! Like the new look… You will have double the amount of page views for this page because people are going to be refreshing a lot!

    Looking forward to your new ideas and upcoming posts!

    • Hahaha Gavin said that about the amount of hits, that wasn’t why I did it, I just wanted it to be fun and a bit more ‘me’. Unimpressed with myself for taking so long to get a crack on the comments which I should have done much sooner.

  2. gaskella

    Welcome Back! Missed you. I’m liking the colour changing bar lots. It sounds like you’ve re-found your va-va-voom and it’s in fine fettle. See turning 30 wasn’t as bad as you thought. 🙂

    • Do you know what? I had a ropey first week in my 30’s but a few weeks on I am really enjoying being 30, mind you now I have said that I might just have tempted fate.

      Now playing comment and blog catch up today haha.

  3. Mimannee

    I have missed you. I have been looking at other blogs, but they’re just not the same, thanks for not staying away too long!

    • I had a very surreal moment where in the same day, when I wrote this post actually, I went from really wanting to blog again and to really not wanting too and swaying, now I am back in the swing… if a little review lite, whoops.

  4. I’m new to your blog so can’t compare to previous but I like it! And you were right – I did want to refresh to see the change in the header – I did it twice! On my reading front just finished Andrew Miller’s ‘Pure’ – loved it!

    • Welcome to the blog and thank you for commenting, always nice to hear from new visitors. Hope you keep coming back.

      Pure is one of The Readers Summer book Club choices so do let me know if you would like to be on that discussion panel!!

  5. Ooh, looking forward to the new Savidge Reads and especially the Summer Book Club! You’ve been busy!

  6. Of course you were missed and …oooh, version 3.0 is turning nasty, I hear! Savidge Savages ‘Em?

  7. Louise Trolle

    It was a great coffee break surprise today to find your post 🙂
    I’ve been reading short stories, Mothers and Sons
    by Colm Tóibín (bleak! and a bit too unresolved for me, but some of them were good) and The Man With Two Left Feet and Other Stories
    by P.G. Wodehouse.

    • Awww that was a lovely comment Louise thank you so much, nice to be a coffee break surprise. I must read Mothers and Sons, Gran read it and found some of it rather shocking.

      I have still not read Wodehouse, shame on me.

  8. Simon – no matter what you do or write or say or blog you are always a delight x

  9. Yay! Hello, welcome back. Prepare yourself for a stats boost: I’m about to hit the ‘refresh’ button a whole bunch of times. Also, very much looking forward to ‘The Savidge Reads Hall of Fame’: are you going to have some very strict criteria for what gets in?

    What have I been up to? Ummm… mostly reading stuff that I’m too scared/unconfident/lazy to review. I’ve also discovered ‘Sundial Press’, which is this really great publishing house who rescue and re-print books that have been out of print for ages, but which they reckon are secret masterpieces. Love the idea of saving the nearly-lost. You should check out ‘Unclay’ by T.F.Powys. Imagine Thomas Hardy meets China Mieville (… I kid you not), and you’ll have some idea of how bonkers the book is.


    • The Savideg Reads ‘Hall of Fame’ should start next week or the week after dependent when a review goes up that matches it. How vague am I?

      Lovely to hear what you have been upto, I will be catching up on your blog later.

  10. I am new to your blog and enjoying it very much. I am a Penguin book collector from Tasmania and I also read lots of non Penguin things as well. The front room of my house has turned into a personal Penguin museum and it is wonderful fun. Meeting wonderful people on these blogs. Hope you’ll have a peek and any comments/suggestions welcome. I also share my front room, esp when heater is on in our soon to be chilly winter, with two cats and three dogs. All the best, like the sound of your energy. Pam

  11. Yay – you’re back! I let out a tiny squeak when I saw this post – I’ve missed your blog over the last few weeks.
    Love the colour change header – clicked on that a few times to make it switch…
    I have just finished Watership Down and I want to read it again already – lovely book.

    • Oh I have to admit me and Watership Down have a history. I was made to read it by the local vicar after my first step dad died when I was ten and I loathed it, because of the religious stuff and possibly my head space at the time hahaha.

  12. Welcome back! I only discovered you recently, but I missed you – I enjoy reading your posts,and you are much more organised than me… I start with a plan, then go off at a tangent whenever something takes my fancy. By the way the colour change header is very impressive – I wish I could do clever things with computers.

  13. Janet D

    Thank goodness you are back and there’s another reliable,funny, interesting and occasionally mad blog worth reading out there!!!!
    Here’s to future blogs in your company.

  14. I’ve really missed your posts! Glad to see you’re back and look forward to new posts.

  15. cath

    Good to see you are back, looking forward to all that comes and reading The Spy Who Came in from the Cold … finally.

  16. Welcome back! Sounds like you put your blogging break to good use and I can’t wait for your new reviews and to read about your day trips. And I love the new colour-changing header!

  17. Jo

    Welcome back, although I had been twittering with you in your absence.

    Always enjoy your take on like and books, so whatever you post and whenever you post it, I am sure it will be good.

  18. Welcome back! You have been missed in my blog feed, I look forward to reading your posts again 🙂

  19. Sharkell

    So glad you are back. I’m very excited about all of the wonderful things you have planned for us. In your absence I have read The Snow Child and All Quiet on the Western Front. Both absolutely fantastic!

  20. Great, another blogger profiled your The Readers podcast which I listened to and the ‘Should we read Amazing Books’ which I found myself totally on your wavelength and wondering why Gavin wasn’t getting it – and it was a great discussion, one that would be interesting in a group, because its so subjective and open to multiple interpretation.
    I like your new philosophy, even though I’m not familiar with how it was in the past. Sounds like you have more freedom – sometimes its necessary to give it back to ourselves.

    I was interested in your comment about understanding the reasons why you didn’t like certain books and reading on in order to know that, I find it interesting to write about books I didn’t find amazing both to understand why not but also to try and present the book in a way that doesn’t prevent someone else from reading the review and picking it up – all the while remaining truthful.

    Bonne continuation, looking forward to the podcasts and reviews.

    • Thank you Claire, lovely to hear you liked The Readers, I think the fact me and Gavin are quite opposing on somethings and on such a wavelength in others is actually what makes the show so good, though you may note sometimes that we get a bit cross with each other 😉

      • Ah yes, that English humour and soft cynicism, it took me years to be able to cotton on to that subtle form, and listening to your banter makes me miss my time there.

        I agree, you like different genres and have some different viewpoints and that makes it all the more interesting and challenges us to form an opinion at the same time. I do enjoy the laughter too, it feels like a live audience, laughing along with you as I do 🙂

  21. Good to see you back, I was a little worried sorry to hear about the pox but it sounds like you had fun!

  22. My god that is a gorgeous cat. He looks so pet-able. Welcome back.

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