The Readers Summer Book Club 2012

One of the projects I have been working on while away from the blogosphere for some time is The Readers Summer Book Club. I am really rather excited about this particular book based project because it is one that myself and the lovely Gavin have designed to be able to include all of you, no matter where in the world you are.

I try not to mention The Readers too much on here. I worry you will either think it’s using the blog for self promotion or come across as being a bit smug. My intention is never to be either of those things, if I bang on and on about something it is no doubt simply because I am bloody excited about it… so there! Anyway, as I say only too often on the show, ‘moving swiftly on…’

Recording the readers over the last six months has become one of my favourite parts of every week. Whilst I have only met Gavin in the flesh once, briefly, through endless hours of recording he has become a true friend. Recording a show takes roughly 2 – 3 hours and lots of editing afterwards (though if you are a subscriber and got an early version of Mondays episode you will notice there was an editing slip up and me saying ‘I couldn’t be a****d to say goodbye’ – how rude, many apologies). I can guarantee in that two hours of recording I will laugh the most I do at any point during the week, with the exception of Sarah Millican’s TV show maybe, for as well as the bookish banter that makes the show there is at least one hour of gossip and general madness that we cut but which adds to my week. So a little bit of thanks and a shout out to Gavin there, he’s ace, erm shall I get back on track and stop with the schmaltz?

Back to The Readers Summer Book Club 2012 though. A few episodes ago we were waffling on about Richard and Judy’s Book Club and the TV Book Club. We like both, don’t get us wrong, but when we were talking about it I was thinking ‘why don’t we do a book club?’ After all we have listeners all over the world, thanks to the joy of the internet, and what an interesting way of bringing a real mix of people together as we could have some of them on Skype with us to discuss the books and send in mp3 reviews etc. So the idea was born, the publishers contacted for submissions, and blow me down we got 146 suggested titles! Now, a good few weeks later, we have the final eight…

I am a little in love with this selection of books, if I say so myself. I think they show exactly where myself and Gavin’s taste for books merge and also reflects the fact that not everyone wants a throwaway read on their holiday. Reactions have been interesting both on GoodReads and on blogs like Curiosity Killed The Bookworm, Dog Ear Discs and Alex in Leeds, and part of what we wanted was to get people talking about the list, we are all about book based banter after all, but we didn’t make them calculatedly or to particularly surprise anyone (apparently I said this, but don’t remember doing so) because we haven’t read any of them. In fact scrap that, we have now both read ‘Pure’ as we are interviewing Andrew Miller tonight as he is a very busy man, but we hadn’t read any books on the list before we announced it, we may have dipped in but it was all done on what we fancied reading and might test us both a little (the fact I chose Ernest Cline, for example), I would say, and not as a plug, that if you want to hear why we chose them have a listen to the latest episode and you will see.

So how can you get involved (and I really would love you all to)? Well, the way the show will work is that Gavin and I will interview the author for the first part of the show, asking any questions you have sent in (thanks for those of you who have sent in some for Andrew Miller later, keep them coming) the second part requires three guests who will join Gavin and I on Skype to talk about the book like a real book group, only recorded for 30 minutes. We need volunteers for this bit!!! We would also love mp3 reviews, or written ones we can pop on The Readers website which you can email to me or  and discussion points too. So get involved!!!

For more info you can visit The Readers website, where you can listen to the special Readers Summer Book Club show (dates for each shows ‘airing’ will be up next week, we may swap some around due to international release dates). But while you are here, before you whizz over there, what do you think of the list? Have you read any? Keen to? Oh, and please spread the word, lets get lots of people joining in!!


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36 responses to “The Readers Summer Book Club 2012

  1. Thanks for the mention – Pure arrived today and quite excited about it now.

  2. Great selection of book group titles!! I have read Redemption in Indigo and enjoyed it 🙂 I do have The Last Werewolf, Pure, and Ready Player One on my bookcase to read…so I may even have to join in! Half Blood Blues also holds appeal for me…! A great diverse selection though 🙂 Great job!

  3. gaskella

    I’ve read Pure and have Last Werewolf and Half-blood blues on the shelf. It looks a great selection, and several of the others sound attractive too. Hope it goes well – I’ll be listening/reading along when I can.

  4. Wonderful idea! I would love to join in – need to check and see how easy it is to get these titles outside the UK. Will publicise and listen in at the very least.

    • We have tried, as much as possible, to choose books that are available worldwide. I can only think of two that might not be, in fact one is but in a few weeks so only one. Let us know if you want to be on the discussion panels.

  5. Alex in Leeds

    Welcome back, 3.0. I’m looking forward to hearing the responses to the novels selected, I hope you understand that this summer I am just a bit like a kid in a candy shop – it’s the first summer of free, not-carry-on-luggage reading in nine years. I think my favourite from the list is Ready Player One, I wouldn’t have come across that without you and Gav nudging me towards it, thank you both. 🙂

  6. What a great selection of books… They are all on my wishlist, so when I buy them all, I can tell my husband it is you two who made me do it. 🙂

  7. First let me say I’m so glad you’re back 🙂 You were sorely missed while you were gone!
    I’m very excited about the The Summer Book Club, the list of books you’ve chosen and happy to see that I have only read two of the titles. Yeah!
    I will spread the word while I continue to sing the praises of you, Gav and The Readers. See, I can do schmaltz too 🙂

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  9. I think it sounds great. Like Tracy, I’ve read two of them, but the other six I’d never heard of! So I’m looking forward to going places that I might not otherwise have gone thanks to the Summer Book Club!

  10. mcresswell

    Packing for Mars is excellent — and if you haven’t read any of her previous books, Stiff/Bonk/Six Feet Over, I highly recommend them. The Last Werewolf I started and gave up — I’ve loved Glen Duncan for a long time, and although I quite enjoyed what I read of The Last Werewolf, it had none of the fierceness of some of his earlier books, so I just felt a bit disappointed. If it had been a standalone book, I might have felt different, maybe.

    Pure I saw in Waterstones a few days ago, and am now desperate to read just because of it’s brilliant back cover description!

    • I have read some of her previous novels Matt so am really excited about reading this and being able to ask her all about them as well, thrilled I am. Oh and if you would like to be on any of the discussion panels let us know.

  11. Great list and very interesting discusssion, both the one you had and the potential of those to come.

  12. Louise Trolle

    I have The Last Werewolf and Ready Player One on my TBR pile, so I’ll read along at least with these two.

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  15. I’ve been away for a week, otherwise I would have leapt at the chance to take part! I’d love to volunteer as a guest – you did threaten to make me read something out of my comfort zone, didn’t you?!

  16. good luck ,nice selection but I may join in on pure as I ve got it ,all the best stu

  17. I’ve just finished The Last Werewolf and am keen to rea Bleakly Hall. I’ll check out the others and see if I can get my act together and join in the fun!

  18. queenofthepark

    Loved being part of the Summer Book Club last year. All these titles are new for me, and have already downloaded The Last Werewolf from my local library onto my e reader. Am feeling fairly adventurous about that one. Good to be nudged from the comfort zone.

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