What Were You Doing On World Book Night?

Sorry for a belated World Book Night post, I meant to post last night but I was rather shattered after the wonderful event that Waterstones Deansgate, in the heart of Manchester, put on last night. It was a night of book readings and book swapping… And quite a lot of booze!


This was all good with me as I needed some Dutch courage before I got up as the sixth person to read, naturally I was reading from Daphne Du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’ which I was giving some copies of away. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous. I’m glad I did it though.


I also ended up getting my hands on a book myself. I loved Roald Dahl as a child but interestingly I have never read his adult novels or short stories, and now I will.


So what did you get up to?


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28 responses to “What Were You Doing On World Book Night?

  1. kimbofo

    Sounds like you had a great night!

    Me? I sat in front of the TV exhausted after many intense hours editing a policy briefing for an international research body. I’m doing the same today. 🙂

  2. It was my birthday, so I was eating cake. Lots and lots of cake. Some would say too much cake; an irresponsible amount, even…

    I’ve not read much adult Roald Dahl either – but if you can find it, you must read ‘The Landlady’ – it’s this tiny short horror/crime story and is utterly, utterly terrifying. I first read it when I was, like, 13 and remember being just freaked out. As if somebody who wrote my favourite children’s books shouldn’t be capable of writing something so horrific. Of course, now I’m older and I’ve gotten over myself (a bit), I realise it makes perfect sense for Dahl to write horrific adult fiction – his kids stuff is pretty darn phantasmagoric as it is!


  3. Did you convert many people to ‘Rebecca’? I think it is a pretty fab book too. Which passage did you read?

  4. Linda Wilkins

    Funny you should ask that question. I live in an area of New Jersey where there are no independent book shops. What I do have are 3 large Barnes & Noble stores all within a quick driving distance from my house. I checked the website, and one of them was having a World Book Night event….so off I went. The event was planned for 7:00 pm, but by 7:30 I could see that nothing was happening. In fact the store was so quiet and there were only about 7 or 8 customers that I finally had to ask the clerk. She had no idea what I was talking about! I took a flyer off the counter and showed her the event announcement (yes, it was printed on the events flyer for the month) and her response was, “they never told us about that”. Quite a disappointment. I did manage to purchase a couple of the books for the summer book club, so the evening was not a total loss.

  5. I hand out in the day and went to a book swap in the evening myself ,all the best stu

  6. I went to the event at my local Waterstones, and came away with a WBN copy of Touching the Void, and a proof of David Vann’s new novel, which I’m pleased about. Must apply to be a giver next year – it sounds like you had a great time, Simon!

  7. It was fantastic! I handed out books all over town with my mom and sis. I was so thrilled to be a part of it all. Glad your night was such a success.

  8. Ruthiella

    After work, I went to a local independant record/music store which was giving away 30 copies of Patti Smith’s Just Kids and I snagged the LAST ONE! I was with a friend and we went of in search of another location, a used book store, that allegedly was giving away the other books on the list, but alas that experience was akin to Linda’s. No one knew what we were talking about, despite the fact they too had the flyer posted in their window!

  9. I went into Birmingham city centre after having given away 6 books at work – and gave books to random strangers – I got a bit nervous. as some time people thought we were a bit weird. I asked people to pose for photos with the books for my blog entry and many actually didn’t mind. I now have 3 left to give away over on my blog. It was fun though, met some lovely people.

    • I need to go and catch up with your blog and see the post on this. I know Kim did something similar last year and people similarily thought she was upto something.

  10. I bet you did a great job with the reading!
    I don’t think World Book Night really caught on here in Arizona. I didn’t personally participate because I didn’t care for any of the books on offer to give away. If hope that there are better choices next year!

  11. Jo

    I gaVe some out at work, and friends for my inaugural book club in May. Got a few more to go, leaving them on a train when I go to Winchester on Saturday to Newbooks Magazine Readers Day and my parents are taking some on a cruise in a couple of weeks.

  12. Kate G

    Gave out my 20 copies of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks while I worked the overnight shift on a maternity floor. Alas, they were not all nonreaders, but I felt I couldn’t be rude to people from work. Most were very grateful for a free book and no one had read it. They asked if it was a new book club starting, but I reassured all that I am happy to discuss it with any and all after they read it.

  13. Missed the free books, and the free wine, but wasn’t it all good fun!? Bravo 🙂

  14. Glad to hear it went well. If you’ve never read Dahl’s “grown up” stuff before you’re in for a treat. Some of the best short stories ever! I haven’t quite read all his stuff but I think I’m 95% there.

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