Beautiful Beaches, Boats, Beards and Giants; A Return Trip to Liverpool & The Wirral

A few weeks ago I had the joy of visiting Liverpool for the first time, not long before my thirtieth birthday in fact. Well I have been spending rather a lot more time in Liverpool and the Wirral over the last few weeks, most weekends actually, and the more I get to know the city and its surrounding areas the more brilliant I think that it is. So I thought I would share some pictures of you of where I have been spending a lot of time and who with.

Have I ever told you that I really, really love the sea (odd considering that I don’t like books set on the sea isn’t it)? I think it reminds me of my childhood in Newcastle, where I met the lovely Polly of Novel Insights no less, where many a weekend was sent making sandcastles. Well drive a mere thirty minutes from Liverpool and look what greets you…

That’s actually Wales you can see in the distance, the home of Gav, though alas not as near as it looks. This wonderful secret expanse of beach is just near Thurstaston and, me being me, I almost felt like I could be on the private beach that runs behind Manderlay in ‘Rebecca’. It is really hidden and there wasn’t a person in sight…

Then it started to get very broody and the air very chilly…

Before the rain poured down and The Beard (who is the reason I am spending so much time in the Wirral and Liverpool) and I decided it was time for shelter…

Before we went off to West Kirby in the hunt for some rock pools, as this was my favourite thing ever to do of a weekend when I was a kid. West Kirby has one of the most bizarre yet beautiful things on its beach; a Marine Lake. This means when the tide goes out the lake stays and you can do a beautiful walk between lake and beach which has a very surreal effect, almost like walking on water.

We found some rock pools and did some crab hunting; I wanted to walk off to the island in the distance but wasn’t allowed.

I had visions of ‘Five on a Treasure Island’ and everything, I will upon it next time. Though after finding a beetle in my salad whilst having Scampi in a fish and chip restaurant I am not sure how hurriedly we will be returning there. It was all too soon time to go home as dusk fell and yet it was nautical all over again the next day as we ended up on the Ferry across the Mersey (if you don’t hum the song after that I will be amazed), yes that is right, The Beard got me on a boat heading to Liverpool as we were in search of giants…

If you think I am joking, I’m not. Last weekend saw two giants walking through the city streets of the city in a cultural homage to the Titanic anniversary. You can find out more here. We thought we might have missed them, and then we knew we had because there was smoke everywhere from the opposite side of the river and the giants went sailing off in the opposite direction.

I have to admit I wasn’t that fussed, The Beard had suggested we go to the city centre to see them and I thought there would be crowds. It seems I was right as when we approached the opposite site of the river we were greeted by something which we thought only royalty would witness. Look at all the crowds! Who knew Savidge Reads had such a following in Liverpool… oh no it was for the giants wasn’t it?

Out of nowhere horns blasted and music started, causing The Beard to re-enact a scene from Daphne Du Maurier’s ‘The Birds’ which made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I think some of the other passengers thought I was having some sort of episode.

So what was the cause of the horns and the music? Well within seconds the giants sailed past us, and not in the distance, literally right past us.

How jammy were we? So that was last weekend, who knows what the Wirral might hold for me this weekend… which starts today as The Beard, Polly of Novel Insights and myself are all having dinner tonight, and involves me helping sell cheese (I love cheese, I will eat it all) with The Beard in Lancaster. Any tips for Lancaster things to do or bookshops? I really must find more second hand and independent bookstores in and around Liverpool really next mustn’t I?

Hope you enjoyed this picture post; I like to feel I can take you all away with me now and again. Are you fans of posts like this or would you rather I stuck to books? What have you got planned for the forthcoming weekend? Lancaster recommendations also welcome.


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27 responses to “Beautiful Beaches, Boats, Beards and Giants; A Return Trip to Liverpool & The Wirral

  1. Lovely post Simon:) And didn’t you know beetles are full of vitamins???

  2. chazzard

    I lived in Liverpool for a couple of years, and loved it.
    I admire your optimism; a weekend in Merseyside, grey and miserable, and you STILL have your sunglasses ready to go at a moment’s notice. You have a lot to learn… 🙂

  3. Orla

    Great post, great photos! Very jealous!

  4. Simon, as a believer in ‘variety is the spice of life’, I love when you post about travel as well as books!
    I’m glad you had such a wonderful journey 🙂

  5. What a fun post, Simon, very ‘you’ 🙂 I love the beach and the track to it – especially when you made the connection with Rebecca.

    Have I ever told you that I’m actually from Merseyside? My first seven years were spent in a town called Parr. I’ve rather lost the accent…

    • I am hoping it being very ‘me’ is a good thing Simon? Hee hee.

      I had no idea you were from the Mersey. Mind you I had no idea my family roots lie there either and I have learnt they do indeed

  6. What a fun time! The beach and the sea are so gloomily gorgeous. I like posts that reveal something about the blogger other than their book tastes so keep them coming!

  7. Janet D

    Glad to “see” you are happy with life and I for one am happy to read your any of your quirky blogs if you promise to keep erring on the book side and keep writing!!

    • I have been having a lovely few weeks but fear not I won’t forget about the books, mind you my review posts never get the comments that my non bookish posts. I always find it bonkers, lovely, but bonkers.

  8. some great photos ,all the best stu

  9. Due to your addition in the brackets I feel I will have that song in my head all day! Despite the rain it looks very beautiful, and the walk across the lake reminds me of the path that goes to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, which I love. There’s something magical about being able to walk where the water often is, even if it can be scary if you’re trying to run back as the tide comes in. Wonderful photos!

    • I love St Michaels Mount too! I haven’t been for years but that’s just what I was thinking of (ok and Five Go To Kirrin Island) and why I was so desperate to try and get there. Alas I was held back haha.

  10. great post! well done. thanks much for sharing your all your loves with us (books, sea, and otherwise). for some reason i especially liked the bit about the beetle. i’m so happy you are enjoying life and sharing it with all of us.

  11. Great hearing about your trips to the Wirral and Liverpool – I’m spending most weekends up there visiting my partner – in fact, I was jogging along that West Kirby sea/lake path thing only two weekends ago – it is, indeed, very strange and very cool. I’m enjoying exploring Liverpool – the very good pubs being my favourite thing so far, and Henry Bohn’s bookshop. As a Welsh boy myself, I love that view from the Wirral across to Wales – stunning. Jim

  12. I’ve been to Liverpool, once as a kid, but not the surrounding area. I loved the photos, even if it was a bit damp at times! 🙂 Time I made it over the Welsh border into Liverpool, maybe!

  13. Absolutely like these posts!

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