Disrupted Savidge Service…

Apologies as there may be a slightly more sporadic than unusual service to Savidge Reads as I seem to have broken my computer (yet again, really I need a new one) and so all my reviews and discussion posts I had planned are inaccessible. This is hopefully temporary, I’m awaiting some magic to happen.

In the interim it might be a case of mini picture posts or random smaller ‘book based banter’ kinds of posts, basically the ones I can do on my phone without going crazy! Do bear with me, normal service should resume shortly.

Shameless moment alert! If any computer company owners want to sponsor a bookish blogger with a lovely new laptop, in return for immense gratitude, do let me know. Ha! I am half joking!


Filed under Random Savidgeness

6 responses to “Disrupted Savidge Service…

  1. The Beard

    Laptop. Cupcake. Dongle

    Cupcake beats Dongle
    Laptop beats cupcake
    Dongle beats Laptop

    Cupcake wins
    Good luck next time

  2. good luck with sponsorship 😉

  3. I can only sympathise – my laptop has keys which don’t always work and the lid bit broke and is held on with glue and masking tape… it no longer shuts, and I can only access the internet if the lid is wedged at exactly the right angle!

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