This Could Be Where It All Started…

Today I visited a bookshop in Southport that, if the Savidges could dish them out, should have a blue plaque above the door for services to readers and reading…


The reason for this is that ‘Broadhursts of Southport’ was were Granny Savidge Reads would go in as a child “I couldn’t afford the books, but I would sit in the corner and read, hopefully hidden”. So the love of reading that’s been passed down to me, via Mum of course, could have started here.

Alas it was closed today, though fortunately two other bookshops in Southport weren’t, so I couldn’t have a good wander around. However I will have to go back, maybe with Gran, as I am thinking of writing a ‘Good Bookshop Guide’ of the UK, I don’t think such a thing exists shockingly!?!


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14 responses to “This Could Be Where It All Started…

  1. drharrietd

    I know this bookshop well – and the owner, too. Simon you must go back and have a proper visit. In the winter there’s a coal fire burning downstairs, where the new books live, and several floors above with an amazing array of used books too. There’s a whole room for children, and when I used to take my own son there, there was always someone on hand to talk to him seriously about what sort of books he liked. And then when you’ve made your choice[s], they wrap them up in brown paper and tie them with string. Bookstore heaven indeed, and well worth a trundle on the train from Manchester. Do write that book! Sounds like a brilliant idea.

    • Oh what a small world Harriet. I would love to go back at some point when it is open and have a good old rummage around. My Gran has given me a list of areas to hunt out that she used to sit and read in when she was a young girl, even though she couldnt afford the books and the owner always let her apparently, which is rather lovely.

  2. I think your book idea is a good one, especially since so many shops are having to close, maybe talking about them all in a book would help gain some interest. How lovely that the shop has had an impact on your family in that way! Harriet’s description of it sounds wonderful.

    • I couldn’t believe that the bookshop was still there, there is a history in our family of the places that we have special resonance with tend to vanish or be demolished. It’s like a curse 😉

  3. Emily

    You have to go back when it’s open; it’s one of the best things about Southport. That and Kernaghan’s (I hope that’s one of the ones you visited – if not I implore you to do so!) and the funny little shell / book shop down an alley. Wonderful, magical places. The good bookshop guide sounds like an ace idea for a book.

    • I would definitely like to give the book idea a whirl. We will see, a website might actually be a much better idea. Which one is Kernaghans? That might have been where the awful woman was.

      • Emily

        It’s in the Cambridge Arcade, the Victorian one with all the tiles and trees. I always found them to be lovely in there but it’s been a few years. Try it if you haven’t been… the old-school slot machines at the end of the pier are also good too. Definitely look into that book! – Emily.

      • Yes that was where the cream cake scoffing rude lady was! Shame as I could’ve bought lots in there!

  4. You definitely need to come back with a bit of notice so we can come over to visit. I was looking forward to seeing what you said about your trip, hopefully see you next time (I think you were a teen last time I met you)

    • Oh I should indeed, I have to admit this was a random ‘let’s get in the car and go’ moment, though I did go and see Aunty Jan and Uncle Gord for a nice cup of tea too!

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  6. I would love a good bookshop guide : )

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