(Some of My) Summer Reading…

As it is just two weeks away, I thought I would give you a reminder that The Readers Summer Book Club is just around the corner. I am not suggesting that you read every single one of the eight books on the list, though if you wanted to that would be lovely (and they are available in libraries here there and everywhere from what we gather, so we aren’t trying to flog books) as we would love to get as many of you, wherever in the world you are, taking part in what we hope is going to be a worldwide book club.

Here is a picture of all the books in the order we are reading them (I have read three now and liked every single one and I am not just saying that) with the dates below…

28th May – The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan
4th June – Half Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan
11th June – Packing for Mars by Mary Roach
18th June – Bleakley Hall by Elaine di Rollo
25th June – Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
2nd July – Now You See Me by S.J Bolton
9th July – Redemption in Indigo by Karen Lord
16th July – Pure by Andrew Miller

We are still looking for victims volunteers to join us on ‘the discussion panel’ part of the show, so if you have read any of these already, or you want to (and there is a free copy of the book if you do) and would like to speak to us on Skype with some other readers about them, love them or loathe them, then we would love to hear from you via bookbasedbanter@gmail.com you can find more out about the summer shows here too.

What has been lovely to learn is that people are meeting up to discuss the books in the flesh too, and there is proof if you look at one of our goodreads forum threads. I will be talking about how books bring people together tomorrow. Interestingly, and on a similar theme, Gavin and I (with our OH’s) will be meeting in Cardiff next week and actually spending time with him face to face rather than on Skype. I am so excited about it I could burst, and meeting Gavin too. Ha! And seriously, please do let us know if you would like to join in and your thoughts on the books.

P.S if you are a Readers listener the podcast will be up later today, there was a technical fault, oops (just as there was with a post saying The Green Carnation Prize would be relaunching today when it is in fact next Monday the 21st, dear oh dear).


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9 responses to “(Some of My) Summer Reading…

  1. JanaNav

    You could never take that lovely picture if your books were on one of those “icky” e-readers, could you?
    (PS: I own one, and love it for travel, but…)

  2. Lauren

    Ready player one was my favorite book of 2011. I loved it!!!! So happy to see you are reading it!!!

  3. Bleakly Hall is almost impossible to get in the US. I don’t know why that is, but it’s too bad because I really loved A Proper Education for Girls and I’d love to read this one too. Ready Player One was one of my favorites of 2011 as well!

    • We have learnt this in the last few weeks I have to admit. That said people are getting it from certain sites, one of which I believe doesnt charge you postage. Just saying.

    • JanaNav

      Powell’s has Bleakly Hall, as does Amazon.

      • They only have used copies, and I was hoping to buy it in a professional capacity for the library where I work so I wouldn’t have to pay for it with my own money. But I think it will be worth ordering for myself!

  4. JoV

    Happy reading. I read Half Blood Blues, love it. Pure, not so but still worth a read.

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