Ssshhhhh… Someone is Recovering…

No it’s not me being ill this time, in fact I seem unusually well and full of the joys of spring. I have been a little bit quieter of late as that crazy thing called real life has got in the way. The Beard, normally a reading/blogging distraction of sorts in a lovely way, has sadly been rather poorly and had to have an operation and so I have gone from being someone who frequents hospitals rather a lot for myself and needs nursing to some who has become a visitor and nurse. Here is a picture from today when someone should have been sent home but alas had to stay in…

I have just come back from ‘visiting time’ with his Mum and Dad (who are lovely and love books, good stuff) and can you believe they weren’t allowed to keep the flowers by their bedside on the ward? I have had to find somewhere to house them at Beard HQ until his return, which needs to come quickly frankly.

Role reversal seems to have not just happened with nursing and hospital visiting but also with reading. The Beard is engrossed in books at the moment, I don’t seem to have read anything for about a week, and with The Readers Summer Book Club titles and new year of Green Carnation Prize submissions due to start arriving after the relaunch next Monday (both these projects have also kept me crazily busy in terms of admin, some exciting announcements coming though)
I should be cracking on! I have managed to catch up on comments here and visit some other blogs, though briefly. I feel like I am talking/reading about books rather a lot, yet not actually picking any up and reading them. Does anyone else get like this?

Fortunately I do have a rather large backlog of reviews and shall be scheduling them over the next few days, this blog is meant to be about books after all. In the interim though… what to try and read? Maybe it is time to dust off an old favourite and have a Miss Marple adventure with Agatha Christie?

What would you suggest, something delightful but not necessarily taxing and with a hint of excitement? Also book recommendations for poorly people in recovery would be nice too if you can think of both.


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24 responses to “Ssshhhhh… Someone is Recovering…

  1. This is probably a bit of an odd choice, but I remember Roald Dahl’s “Matilda” being a great comfort when I was in hospital. Granted, I was only 6 at the time, but my recommendation still stands. Roald Dahl makes everything better.

    • Haha I thought that was going to be a recommendation for me then haha. Mind you that could be ideal for both of us at the moment. I haven’t read Matilda in years!

  2. I always re-read when I’m ill. Old friends don’t tax the brain in quite the same way and they’re cosy and comfortable to be around. In fact, if I pick up ’84 Charing Cross Road’ I know the next thing I ought to do is look for the thermometer! Hope all is well soon.

    • Hmmm I am not sure that would be The Beards taste, seeing as he is just getting back into reading… Well being forced back into reading might actually be more appropriate! Hahaha.

  3. If you would like a bit of a chuckle from something light and fun I highly recommend ‘A Surrey State of Affairs’ by Ceri Radford. I hope The Beard recovers quickly and gets to come home soon! I’m sure you are a wonderful nurse!

    • I am not sure I will be. I think I’ll keep getting confused haha. I’m hoping I’ve everything prepped pretty well lots of supplies in and stuff.

      Thanks for the recommendation. Not heard of it before, will go and look it up.

  4. Have you tried Jonathan Tropper’s? I’ve read one of his. And I thought his writing is edgy, witty and hilarious too!

    Hope The Beard gets well soon!

    • Do you know I never have. I didn’t think he’d be edgy either. That’s another one I’m off to look up and see what its all about.

      The Beard will love all this well wishing lol

  5. Amy

    I hope Beard is feeling much better soon and is up abd around and out of the hospital. Any place that kicks out lovely flowers isn’t somewhere you want to spend much time!

    Agatha Christie’s Miss Marples are always a good adventure.
    Someone recommended A Fairytale of New York by JP Donleavy to me today as hilarious, nutty and totally worth reading.

    Stay well!

  6. sharkell

    Best of luck for the next few days, hope The Beard recovers well. Something that is light and lovely to read is Watership Down by Richard Adams. It is beautiful and light and absorbing (but not too absorbing) – good for either or both of you.

    • Thank you very much for your thoughts.

      I would have to pass Watership Down on as I absolutely loathe that book, and it’s not the talking animals. It’s the moral story it’s trying to tell. I read it aged 10 and my step dad had died and the vicar almost forced me to read it. I think this might be the real reasoning behind why I hated it. Maybe.

  7. jenn aka the picky girl

    First of all, quick recovery to The Beard. That is miserable to have to stay. And no flowers to cheer him? Ugh.

    As for you, go with the Agatha. Quick and fun before you head into your busy reading period.

    • Fortunately he has his phone and Twitter so I think he’s ok! He seems to be tweeting like a devil, and rather erm ‘drugged’ ones. I’m trying to be patient and forgiving but words may be had.

      I think Agatha will be my book of choice indeed.

  8. JanaNav

    Get well soon wishes to The Beard!

    My first thought on hospital/recovery reads is one of my favorite mysteries ever: Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey.

    Here is a summary stolen from Amazon:
    Confined to a hospital bed, Scotland Yard’s Inspector Alan Grant is bored. To divert his attention from his pain, a friend brings him pictures of faces. He becomes engrossed with the portrait of Richard III. How is it possible that such a sensitive-appearing soul could have been portrayed as the odious villain, the Wicked Uncle of history, responsible for the murder of his young nephews, heirs to the British throne, in order to secure the line of succession for himself? Grant reconsiders 500-year-old evidence pertaining to one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time: Who really killed the two princes in the Tower of London?
    Tey’s answer to this question has provoked controversy and caused this title to be ranked as the 4th Best Mystery of all time by the Mystery Writers of America!

    • You know something terrible? I have read books with Josephine Tey in them, but I’ve not actually read one of her books. That should be rectified. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Hope he’s better soon! I suppose I see the sense in it, but it’s nevertheless such a pity flowers aren’t allowed any more.

    I tend to formally acknowledge to myself that I’m unable to read at that time – I find doing so helps me get back into it no matter the reason I stopped, don’t know why.

  10. Miserable to be without cheering flowers – let’s hope they never ban books in hospitals.
    Lots of lovely suggestions for ‘healing reading’ here: , and I hope the invalid will be up and about and feeling better soon.

    • I know I couldn’t believe that my flowers werent allowed on the ward! But what can you do?

      Thanks for that list. I am looking forward to your recommendations!

  11. Kate G

    I hope that the Besrd is better and home soon! As for your reading funk, I think Dame Agatha is perfect! I almost went with her this week as I kept picking up and putting down books after 15-20 pages. Too much going on and absolutely none of it the least bit serious, but occupying my brain nonetheless. Went to clear my head in the library and cruising through the mysteries and found Camilla Lackberg whose name I recalled from an episode of The Readers (heard it in my head in Gav’s voice- I didn’t know if she was published in the States). The Ice Princess has kept me distracted and entertained and gotten me through my silly week. Thanks (and sorry this is so long!)

    • Never apologise for a lengthly comment. They are always welcome. It was indeed Gavin who mentioned Lackberg, and I still haven’t read them yet. I should I think. I’m now in Agatha heaven.

  12. I’m probably not the best person to give advice as I’m struggling to read at the moment but I hope The Beard recovers quickly and that you get your reading mojo back.

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