A Problem Of Parcels (And You Could Win One)…

I have been away from Manchester, doing my best impression of being a nurse, for just two weeks. I popped round to my aunties today and was somewhat aghast at the amount of bookish parcels that awaited me. Now, as I am sure you all know, I love a bookish parcel almost more than anything I know – my aunty however, not so much. You see this (below) is two week’s worth of books (ok I had to pick up six of these from the sorting office) that my aunty is having to answer the door to whilst looking after two under 4’s…

That’s 28 parcels!!! There is part of me that is thrilled, I mean its books for goodness sake, however when your family have done you a favour housing you for over a (rather up and down) year and you email all your contacts with a new address, then go to the new address and find no post at all – well ok three parcels – and they don’t update their databases (I know they are busy, but I have begged a few times) and your aunty looks at you like she might burn anymore that arrive you have to pop a plea out to the publishers on your blog and say ‘please check your emails and update my address, I will email again just in case you lost/deleted/missed it’.

Like I said, I am beyond thrilled and delighted (especially as I have absolutely NO IDEA what is in any of them) they are coming and I wouldn’t want that to stop, I’m not mad or ungrateful, I would also just like to keep my family talking to me. (The Beard has just chipped in with ‘thought about Royal Mail redirection’ – smugness gets you nowhere – so I am a little at fault, ahem, cough.)

Now, let’s have a game. Which of you can guess the actual number of books that might be hiding in the envelopes in that pile (and some could have more than one parcel in, quite likely at the size of them, but they could just be big bulky books)? I will post a picture in the next day or so of what was in there and if you are the closest I will send you your very own lovely bookish parcel (Madeline Miller winners yours are on the way) to you for taking part, though I can’t promise it will be 28+ titles, but a nice selection none the less! Get guessing…


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43 responses to “A Problem Of Parcels (And You Could Win One)…

  1. Col

    I reckon there are 69! I did it using a mathematical equation – which sounds better than it really is as it was a made-up equation!

  2. I think Colin is bit high on his guess….I say 42!

  3. That stack looks heavenly to me! Receiving parcels and packages is one of the greatest little pleasures in life. I am going to go even lower than the first two commenters and say 37 books.

  4. Ruthiella

    Much more fun than guessing jellybeans in a jar. I will go even lower and guess 31.

  5. No more than 28. I can see through the envelopes. 🙂 Pam

  6. Louise Trolle

    My guess is 30 🙂

  7. sharkell

    I’m not going to enter this one as I won the Madeline Miller prize. I just have to comment to say how excited I am that it is on its way…. I can’t wait, especially now that it has won the Orange prize! Thanks again, these competitions are so much fun.

  8. the newest Carlos Ruiz Zafon MUST be in there somewhere.

    must say i’m very jealous. wish the publishers knew my address like they apparently know yours 😉

    (this is winterlief.blogspot.com. can’t comment in any other way, it seems.)

  9. Annabel (gaskella)

    I shall go for 32. What fun opening them all will be!

  10. 34? I am soooo jealous btw and just want to reach into the photo and rip open those exciting looking parcels!

  11. I’m going to say 29. I have to say I like the physical proof of being a blogger that book parcels give, otherwise family and friends tend not to believe you.

  12. I go for 35 as I have experience of these parcels. When I was away recently I came back to find 25 books awaiting me….not complaining!

  13. David

    I’m mildly confused (it happens to me all the time) – am I guessing the number of books? I’ll go for 28 – they all look too thin to contain multiples. Or what the books are? In which case (bearing in mind you seem to get stuff a month or two in advance of the rest of us mere mortals):

    Fiona MacGregor – Indelible Ink
    Laurie Graham – A Humble Companion
    Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Prisoner of Heaven
    Amanda Smyth – A Kind of Eden
    Karen Thompson Walker – The Age of Miracles
    Kitty Aldridge – A Trick I Learned From the Dead
    Robert Williams – How the Trouble Started
    LR Fredericks – Fate
    Richard Ford – Canada
    Kate Summerscale – Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace
    Susan Fletcher – The Silver Dark Sea (and if you have this: jammy bugger)
    Sam Thompson – Communion Town
    Kirsty Gunn – The Big Music (ditto my comment on Susan Fletcher)
    Juliet Nicolson – Abdication
    Nell Leyshon – The Colour of Milk
    Kishwar Desai – The Origins of Love
    Francesca Brill – The Harbour
    Chris Cleave – Gold
    Kathleen MacMahon – This is How it Ends
    Frances Osborne – Park Lane
    Ben Fountain – Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk
    Morgan McCarthy – The Other Half of Me
    Carol Rifka Brunt – Tell the Wolves I’m Home
    Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl
    Clare Clark – Beautiful Lies
    Alex Grecian – The Yard
    Stella Duffy – The Purple Shroud
    Catherine Jones – Wonder Girls

    • Apologies, bad wording (which I have edited) can you guess the number of books inside the envelopes?

      Though David, you are going to get a special parcel regardless for going the extra mile and doing that list, which I think is excellent. I only opened the parcels this morning (it was like Christmas had come early) and I can tell you that you guessed 4 titles right.

      Email your details and a parcel will be coming to you in the next week or two.

      • David

        Wow! Fantastic, the second time in the space of one week that I’ve been rewarded for being a bit of a div. Are you sure?

      • Quite positive. You weren’t a div you went the extra mile! I thought it was brilliant. Like a book guide of some awesome titles I wish had been in these parcels too!

  14. Yes, I’m also unsure as to the “rules”. It doesn’t seem as if we are guessing the number of books there as it’s likely that each envelope would only contain one book = 28 books.

    I’ll definitely enter, when it’s all clarified 🙂

  15. KateG

    if it is a number, 33. if it is titles, I am out of luck, but like you I love to get a package in the mail! And it is almost always more fun if it is a book!

  16. I think there are 28 books, and perhaps Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton, I Am Forbidden by Anouk Markovits, Home by Toni Morrison, Perla by Carolina De Robertis, The Secrets of Mary Bowser by Lois Leveen, Written in the Ashes by K. Hollan Van Zandt, and Calico Joe by John Grisham are amongst them! 😉

  17. Melissa Nowinski

    I guess 39. I just received a parcel the other day with My Cousin Rachel and the new series of Sherlock DVDs. I love Rebecca, and many of Daphne’s short stories, but I haven’t read any of her other novels.

  18. Em

    36 because it’s my new age I am coming to terms with!

  19. Tofer

    Definitely 43. 🙂

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  21. 38?

    That is a ridiculous amount of parcels to come home to! Your poor aunties having to answer the door each time :).

  22. I’m guessing 33. If you have the new Carlos Ruis Zafon I am jealous, I love his books!

  23. Jamie

    I’m guessing 41…

  24. Shukriyya

    I’m guessing 34!

  25. I’m going with 56 – an average of 2 books per parcel. Seeing that at my doorstep would be absolute heaven – love parcels, love surprises and most of all love books!
    Have a great time opening them all!

  26. Pogue

    I am going to try 32. Just because that is how old I will not be on my birthday.

  27. Wow! Getting post is an exciting thing (well, apart from bills), your pile looks wondrous.

    I’m going to go with 33, for no other reason that I enjoy the number.

  28. Ceri Kay

    I was going for 32. Only a few of the parcels look as if they have more than one book in them although, on second thoughts they could be very thin novellas… okay 34. Thanks

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  30. Sarah

    Can i guess at 31?

  31. Janet D

    Just back from holiday and would like to join in if I am not too late and say 52.Sorry to hear you have been poorly.Hope you are feeling better now.

  32. Not sure if I’m too late. If not, I’d say 29!

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  34. Sarah

    I can’t wait to see who guessed the closest. Having tabulated the results i can see there are lots of people guessing the same number, most popular being 30 and 33 closely followed by 28 and 34.

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