Shelving Posts for Shelving…

I really thought that this weekend I would have time to post about a new page on Savidge Reads and also write some more about Beryl Bainbridge. This was not to be. I have actually been furniture hunting, shifting things from Manchester to Liverpool and seeing some am-dram. The furniture hunting and shifting has been the best bit of the weekend as after an hour so of bearded building (meaning The Beard did it), and then some serious sorting of books, I am now the proud owner of these gorgeous book shelves.

When I sent a picture to Gavin of said shelves the reply when we had a phone meeting about The Readers future (exciting not worrying) was ‘I am just amazed there are so little books.’ Well you see while my TBR might be out of control, though I am having a big cull this week as it is moving cities, I am very picky about the books that end up on any bookshelves I have in the lounge. You see these shelves are my ‘see what I have read shelves’. Not in an arrogant up-my-bum kind of way, though I admit I did use to keep classic and renowned books I had read but loathed on them so people could see I had read them if they popped round, but people do look at your bookshelves when they pop round. I love rooting through new-to-me friends bookshelves.

Anyway, I have been really strict and I am only keeping books which I know I will read again, are by a favour author/part of a series (though most of these are on another shelf in the bedroom), or have bowled me over even though I will never read them again (yes, I am thinking of you ‘American Psycho’) any books that don’t fit into that category are out. It seems the severity in which I last culled my TBR has taken hold full stop.

I did umm and ahh for ages about what should stay and what should go. Then I had the debate of which order I should shelve them. Ordering by colour was debated, then paperbacks in one area hard backs in the other, in the end I settled with alphabetical order by authors surname… easier to find books that way.

Shall we see them with mood lighting? A kindle couldn’t do this with all the books you have read on it could it?

I am smitten with them and thought I would share them with you all as I suspected you might all have a penchant for a picture of some brimming shelves. How do you organise yours? Do you shelve unread books and read books separately (I did once have a chat with Gavin about this and he thinks I am mad, he mixes his up)? Do you keep all the books you have read, or is there a culling process? Let me know, and apologies for the lack of posts I sort of promised, this shelving situation took over and just couldn’t wait.

P.S This was my 1,400th post aparrently, I got a little excited and also surprised by that.


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44 responses to “Shelving Posts for Shelving…

  1. This is lovely! My book shelving/piles are in a bit of a shambles right now, maybe this will inspire me!

  2. carolee888

    Those are goregous shelves. I culled mine twice as i will be moving next month. One place that I looked at had a wonderful buildt in bookshelf but now it is not avaiable. Now looking for new places to move. Our house is supposed to close on the 11th but we dare not sign up for a place until we know the sale will through.

    I keep very little of my read books and unread books are kept separately. I like to keep my read books by subject so all philosophy, history and so on are together.

    • I am definitely getting much tougher with the books that I keep. Mind you at the moment it seems I am getting much much tougher with the books that I actually finish at the moment, where has this new harshness come from?

  3. So ordered and organised! Mine are a shambles, though I was eyeing up an Expedit one from Ikea for the spare corner of my living room…I like that you can get little doors for the squares to hide the rubbish bheind (not rubbish books, just general stuff that gets lobbed on the bookshelves).

    • This is just that range, I wanted some doors and the like… but wasn’t allowed. Who knew someone else would have to deem my bookshelves as places where ‘you can see books… not hide them’? Ha.

  4. I do love looking at books on shelves. I’m very jealous of yours – they’re lovely! This weekend I bought 5 books for £2 at a village fete and have now finally run out of space on my shelves. So a cull has become a necessity I will have to face… I’m not looking forward to it as I hate getting rid of any book!

    I file mine alphabetically by surname. For a long while I agonised over how to file non-fiction (by title or author?), but I recently separated it out and now put any non-fiction by subject. I separate my unread books too – that way I can sit in front of them and think carefully about which one to read next!

    • Oooh that 5 for £2 deal. I used to have a bookshop down the end of the road when i lived in London that constantly sold them at that price, naturally it was lethal. Mind you my new local secondhand bookshop has a swap system set up with me now. Just as bad to be honest.

      You can’t beat a good nosey through someone elses shelves can you?

  5. I also shelve my read and unread books separately. I can’t stand having them together because the unread books get lost and I forget about them! And I keep my bookcase of unread books in my bedroom, out of public view, a trick I learned after guests started asking me all about the books on my unread shelves. I got tired of explaining that I hadn’t read those yet!

    • I now keep lots of seperated shelves of books. There are the read ones in the lounge above, yet there had to be a seperate crime shelf in the bedroom as the spines looked too much in rows, and then a set of unread shelves for hardbacks and seperate ones for paperbacks. Oddly this really works and isn’t confusing at all.

  6. Those are fabulous shelves! Having moved between New York and Paris multiple times and then to the West Coast, I have had to cull quite a bit. But I still have my complete Agatha Christie and other collections like Astérix and Tintin along with a few favorite authors. I also have a number of books from academia that I haven’t accepted I don’t need anymore (French history, culture, and film). Everything is meticulously organized, generally by subject and then chronologically since much is non-fiction. Fiction is divided into French/English, and then by author. I make no distinction between read and unread. I’m trying not to buy new books so most of my official tbr pile is from the library.

    • I think moving a lot, which is something I admit I have done a lot of though not quite so internationally (heehee), really helps you hone your culling skills of books you have read and want to keep. As does moving and loosing boxes of the books you haven’t read. The latter has now happened to me three times moving.

  7. Ooooh they look great! I moved house a few months ago and started with good intentions, all time favourites on the top shelf, followed by ‘read’, with unread at the bottom, but the system has all gone to pot now and they are just shoved in willy nilly any old way I can squeeze them! I hope you can keep this up!

    • I have to be very systematic, especially now I also have a seperate shelf, well two chairs actually, which are in danger of toppling over as they have all of the Green Carnation submissions on them. It never ends… but it is lovely.

  8. Really lovely! I have two similar shelves but not nearly as tidy. As a matter of fact, I have discovered that these deep shelves are perfect for double shelving. And I do not separate any of my books. They go where they may! 🙂

  9. JoV

    The shelf is Gorgeous! I would really like to know what gem of a book title that qualify to sit there in your pretty shelf. I organise my books by spine colours on my shelves, so that I could see a sea of blue, black, and warm amber colours. It’s read and unread mixed together. Interestingly most books (that I bought that is) seems to have warm colours.

    • The only rule is I have to have really loved them. I used to have certain titles I had read and loathed just so people could see I had read them hahaha. I have stopped that now.

  10. Niiice shelf porn. *slurp*. Mine are completely jumbled…I like to pick my next read in a ‘pin the tale on the donkey’ style way. Also loving the ethnicy lantern….stylish beard….!

  11. Oh, gorgeous. They wouldn’t happen to be from Ikea’s Expedit range of shelving, would they? I have the same, but mine are dark brown — and there’s a big section in the middle for our TV to sit. My books do need a good tidy up though and my camera doesn’t have a wide-enough angle lense to get a good shot, so you’ll probably never see a picture like that on my blog. Well, that’s my excuse anyway…

    • Hahahaha how did you know Kim? I am beginning to think that these are the booklovers shelves of choice from the comments on this post.

      Please do share a bookshelf porn post, everyone loves them.

  12. gaskella

    Nice. Very nice.

  13. They look very nice. I, like you and others, separate out my books. I have far more on the shelves in the bedroom than I do in the living room. Congratulations on the 1400th post.

    • Awww thank you, I can’t believe I have got to that many… well further in the time it has taken me to sort out commenting back, shame on me. Better late than never though.

  14. Of course we all love looking at books on shelves! You’ve done a wonderful job – makes me want to rearrange mine. I’ve organised mine by subject matter (so crime fiction in one section, poetry in another, academic in another etc.), but this sometimes is complicated by different sizes and languages. Still, that always gives one an excuse to reshuffle, right?
    I like the touch of plants too – very smart. But I suspect they might go when you acquire more books?

    • Ha ha, you know me so well. The plants wont go as they hide the lamps really nicely, but some of the nick naks have already had to move along.

      I do find it fascinating hearing how everyone organises their shelves.

  15. Love your shelves! I am a book stickybeak myself. Keep the TBR & ‘read, but must keep’ shelves separate but mine aren’t so pretty!

    • I wouldn’t have been allowed messy shelves. It was a rule, I am already looking at more for the ‘library’ we are building in the hall and mezzanine hidy hole above.

  16. Lovely shelves, they fit so well with the rest of the décor! I did consider shelving unread books on a different shelf, but then I’d have to go through the process of moving them once read and it just seemed easier to find a place for them amongst others. I keep most books I read unless I really saw no goodness in them. Though at the moment the number of books I have is surprisingly little.

    • You see my worry would be, if I jumbled them up, that I would start reading a book and think ‘oh hang on I have read this one’. After all I have been known on many an occasion to by a book I already have, its shameful.

  17. Glad I found this post, thank you. Enjoyed the read and the pictures. Mood lighting? I use white christmas lights (not tacked along the shelves, just draped over). I never dispose of a book unless I have for some reason two of the same title. I keep them (read and unread apart) in subject, author and space they can fit orders. Your choice of colour works well for the room. Thanks again.

  18. Rhian

    I love your shelves. I do like looking at other people’s books.

    As for organising my books, I am totally in awe of anyone who does this properly. Until recently I my recent purchases (which I am ashamed to say are not all my unread books) were in nice piles up the side of the staircase.
    I used to keep every book I bought , but things have got rather out of hand, so I am trying to be firm with myself and get rid of all those books I know I’ll never read again. I still find it hard to do – they have to go out the door immediately, or I start changing my mind.

    • I am a nightmare when I go to new friends houses, if course they have bookshelves or if they don’t we don’t stay friends, and looking through theor shelves and completely ignoring them for about twenty mins.

      i like the staircase idea, I am trying to think who I know who has done that… its someone… hmmmm.

  19. I like your shelves, and you are so neat, tidy and organised. In theory my books are divided into fiction and non-fiction, and the fiction is supposed to be divided into read and TBR. In practice everything gets jumbled up because we have a small house and a lot of books, so they get stuffed in wherever there is a gap, and are even stacked on the top of the rows. Then they kind of spill out so they are under furniture and on furniture… I do have a cull once in a while, to try and clear space, but then I buy more books….

  20. Handsome shelves – I always think a room without books look a little soulless – as if it’s missing something important. As for sorting and dividing books, our fiction and poetry is in alphabetical order, everything else is in rough sections – books about the sea, autobiography, history, music books etc. It’s probably a little uptight, but it’s a legacy of bookseller family and helps make it easy to find particular. However there are always some books that are slippery and not at all easy to categorize – which migrate from shelf to shelf every so often.

    • Interesting you mention that as now that I have properly moved every single book has shelves brimming with books somewhere in them. Oh apart from the hall but that is becoming a library, I am taking over… well the books are.

  21. I love these little coincidences!! I just visited a MOST lovely and gracious author-hero of mine (small snippet post here) and discussed, among other things, his bookshelves. His are alpha by author, in two categories hardback & paperback, with the TBRs mixed in. (We had a whole discussion about where the biographies-of-authors go. Some were alpha by subject’s name, some by author’s name. Inconsistency! The librarian in me demanded explanation!) I am firm about my TBRs being separated out; but aside from that, my shelving at home is not highly organized. There are great big sections – ancients, classics, thrillers, etc – but within the section, more or less mayhem. I guess that offsets my work life in the library. 🙂

    And, after admiring that same author’s lovely shelving, I requested that Husband (*my* Beard) build me some like; and he used that as an excuse to go out and buy new power tools, sigh. But, I shall soon be reshelving, and I’m already excited. 🙂

    Thanks for writing such a timely post!

    • But power tools lead to shelves don’t they, and really there has to be something in it for them too. The Beard gets a happy more silent Simon… and looks well read hahahaha.

      Am off to read that snippet post, very belatedly, sorry.

  22. 1400 posts? Wow! I’m on 290. I’m such a newbie!

    Good shelves.

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