I’d Like to Introduce Oscar…

Amongst all the unfortunate goings on with poor Granny Savidge Reads, again thank you for your well wishes she is doing ok no real improvement but she isn’t any worse, this week there has been some rather exciting news as here in the Liverpool/Wirral headquarters of The Beard and Savidge Reads we have had a new arrival… one that is a furry feline fun bag. I am kitten smitten at the moment.

Where is Oscar?

As I said I would like to introduce you to Oscar, officially Oscar Burton-Savidge (how posh) if you want to make a good impression with him or if you are cross/he is being naughty, but he is teasing you for now with just a glimpse. Actually he has been spending most of his time either hiding (as you can see), sleeping in secret corners (or on you so you can’t take a photo) or running around like an absolute nutter. He is very cute and I am sure, especially as he inspired some reading recently, there will be much more about him on the blog in the weeks to come. He is a bundle bit of joy in a week that has been rather up and down, don’t you think?

Why is it that most book lovers are also cat lovers? I have been having this conversation a lot recently, any thoughts? Do you agree?


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20 responses to “I’d Like to Introduce Oscar…

  1. I’m more of a dog person…cats can be very independent…there’s been 2 cases in my life where cats have decided they wanted to live with me…would be gutted to have it happen the other way round. Oscar is very cute though, I think he’s trying to read your books.

  2. Lisa

    Oh, Simon! I read you all the time but almost never comment. On Oscar’s arrival into the fold I felt I had to. We have an Oliver, a full grown black and white kitty with a black “beard.” He’s standoffish a lot but can be such a goofy cat we forgive him.

    It does seem many readers are cat lovers but we – and I’m the reader – have two Jack Russells as well. We just love animals in general.

    Maybe cats go with readers because they’ll curl up in our laps endlessly while we read? That’s my theory.

  3. Oscar is just adorable hiding behind those books! Cats are lovely but I have to say that I am more of a dog lover. I’d agree with Lisa and say that book lovers are generally animal lovers… no idea why that would be!

  4. Kristen M.

    I think books and cats go together because they’re solitary and quiet (for the most part).

  5. I’m a dog person, though not averse to cats. Other half and I would have got a dog ages ago but we both work full time. One day.

  6. gaskella

    I am under pressure from my daughter to get another cat. (Our two have been gone over two years now). Each pic of little tabby kittens does take me one step closer to saying yes, and Oscar is an absolute darling.

  7. Sarah Cubitt

    I am in love with Oscar! He’s so beautiful! I have two of the little monkeys, Maisie & Izzy, black & white sisters, age 4. Also naughty! Maisie went through a phase of pulling my Harry Potter books off the shelf, only those ones! Maybe she’s more of a literary cat. It is lovely having them on your lap whilst reading, although they get a bit jealous if you’re attention is away from them long enough! Keep up the photos/ blogs about him pls 🙂

    • rosario001

      Oh, yes, reading with a cat on your lap (and possibly, a nice glass of wine by your elbow!), is one of life’s great pleasures. 🙂

  8. hi oskar ,all the best stu

  9. sharkell

    Definitely cats for me. We have two, one we picked up from an animal shelter a few years back and another that has “adopted” us – he landed on our doorstep one day a few months ago and hasn’t left. I love your photo and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them. Cats and books – I’m sold!

  10. I have also noticed that books and cats seem to go hand in hand, and I agree that it must have something to do with the independence of a cat. Enjoy little Oscar, they grow up so fast!

  11. Oscar looks cuuuute! Hope your gran gets better soon!

  12. Oscar is totes adorbs! I have two little girl cats, Flora and Mabel and they are such a joy. I think book lovers are animal lovers because we are generous and kind 🙂
    So glad to hear that your gran’s condition is stable. Sending good wishes her way!

  13. Louise Trolle

    I’m more of a dog lover – our dachshund Mokka is perfect for cuddling up on the sofa and reading – I’m glad she doesn’t try to climb our bookcases though!
    Oscar looks like a very sweet cat 🙂
    Speaking of dogs, I just got back from Booktopia in Oxford (yay), and I’m a bit in the doghouse for bringing home 32 new books (husband had to go buy an extra suitcase before we left the U.S.) Oh well 🙂

    I’m becoming familiar with Kevin Brockmeier, who was one of the authors there – The Brief History of the Dead is quite a cool book!

  14. Cats – indeed yes (you can probably guess which animal I favour!) Note however that Colette was equally fond of both dogs and cats and no one wrote better and with less sentimentality about animals than she did.

  15. Our 2 cats love books but jigsaw puzzles more so. Our three dogs like books too especially the old Penguins I bring home from the charity shops. They read the books with their noses and I use my eyes. We all enjoy them.
    Glad you’re grandmother is doing a bit better. Pam

  16. I can only see the tiniest glimpse of him, and already I’m completely besotted!

  17. Dog lover here. But I will admit, Oscar is adorable peeking over the books!

  18. Thank you all for your comments. Oscar is now much bigger but still very kitteny and lovely, though he has started to chew books which, as you can imagine, I am rather unimpressed with… unless I didn’t like the book so much that is. I might even have fed him one. Ha.

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