If You Don’t Like Kittens… Look Away Now

If of course you like cats and kittens then you will quite probably like this post, I just thought I better give any feline-phobes some warning. Last week you may remember I introduced the new furry four legged friend that has arrived in the Burton Savidge household in the form of Oscar the kitten. Well today I thought I would let you meet him a little bit more seeing as he has been spending much more time with us rather than hiding behind books which he rather enjoyed initially.

I’m not coming out…

I am probably somewhat biased, however he is an absolute bundle of joy. After the initial nervous first twenty four hours, when he was getting used to the house and then us after we had been away for a while with a double whammy of visiting Gran, despite the fact he is the runt of the litter (and a little bit weedy) boy is he playful, inquisitive and rather naughty. His favourite playful pastime at present is to run around like a maniac for an hourly stint playing with all his toys before climbing up a nearby leg and sitting on your shoulder.

En route to Simons shoulder

Everything holds interest to Oscar and he could beat Sherlock Holmes in terms of wanting to investigate everything for clues of a possible adventure. He is also, interestingly, a little bit of a scardey cat and likes to investigate with you, so I feel I am like his Watson, being mewed orders to be with him at all times. This has proved slightly distracting when trying to work from home, but Oscar has been trying to help with that too.

How can I help… or hinder…

His favourite habit is without doubt sleeping. He tends to do an hour or full on kitten psychotic running around and then need three hours sleep. He has his own cushion which he uses begrudgingly…

The kitty cushion

Though really he is partial to sleeping on a lap…

Note the literary Mr Men pyjamas

Or sleeping in his favourite spot, the crook of your arm, which can prove constricting but ridiculously cute.

Don’t you dare move Savidge…

But woe betide anyone who dares to read a book or do anything that might involve not giving Oscar their full attention even when he is fast asleep, you will be punished…

How dare you read a book…

Current favourite habit of his entertainment wise, for us, at the moment is when he falls asleep standing up and simply keels over, this has had us in absolute hysterics on several occasions. Anyway he has already, with his very cute playful personality, become a very welcome addition to the beardy Burton Savidge household/family.

The Beardy Burton-Savidge’s

There, that is your kitten fix for a while. I promise I won’t be putting too many kitten posts up… if I can help it. Back to books again tomorrow.


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26 responses to “If You Don’t Like Kittens… Look Away Now

  1. Aaaww! So cute! I want a cat right now! Sadly, since we have a bit of a nomadic lifestyle, it’s not been possible so far…

  2. We absolutely loved this post! Our office was housing two kittens but last week, a third one wandered in. One cuter than the other and all from different mothers, they could be advertising for the cat’s United Colors of Benetton.
    All the best to both of you and Oscar!

  3. I love kitten post. Oscar is super cute.

  4. drharrietd

    He is totally adorable. I have just yesterday discovered that my cat has given birth to four kittens in my loft — actually she did this 6 weeks ago but we couldn’t find them till yesterday. Hoping she will bring them downstairs soon, and then I will choose one to keep and send the others to the rescue centre. Lots of fun in store (at least I hope it will be fun…).

  5. Loved the kitten fix, keep them coming!
    And I got this sudden stronge urge to go home and cuddle our cat…


  7. snowfeathers

    I think I am falling in love with you cat :)) Soooo lovable!

  8. Shukriyya

    Kitten posts are always welcome! Oscar is very, very cute.

  9. Who doesn’t like kittens? Do they also not like rainbows and Christmas?

    That certainly is one gorgeous kitty!

  10. Kitty, you don’t need to be so furtive about your love of Sarah Waters!

    I think mine’s destined to be a copyeditor.

  11. Louise

    Oh, Oscar is all sorts of awesome isn’t he?! How did he get his name? Oscar as in Wilde? Burton as in Tim? One of my cats has Burton as a middle name 🙂
    I love cats I have 5, a ragdoll, a bengal, a maine coon and two mogs, one is the spit of Garfield, and acts like it too…he’s Alfie and he’s fat and falls over everywhere! My ragdoll is Persephone (middle name Merricat) my bengal is Hades, the gorgeous and loyal maine coon is Merlin and my other moggy is Midnight AKA The Killer..

    Make sure you show Oscar who’s the boss, he looks like he could be a loveable rogue 😉

    • Louise

      Oh… I’ll keep taking the tablets ;-)….. Burton isn’t his middle name at all *face palm*

      And I’ve just confessed that my cats have middle names….. 😉

  12. Aaaah. Kitties are wonderful. We have an old girl cat and I remember when she was in her “psycho kitty” stage.

  13. Noooooo! You should keep posting Oscar pics! He is CUUUUUUUUTE! 🙂

  14. Sarah

    Adorable! And curiosity gets the best of me; what book are you reading in that pic?

  15. He is the cutest! So adorable! My housemate and I have awwwwwed our way through these. My parents’ cat has always been very independent – a clingy kitty must be lovely (I do still love Sherpa, though!)

  16. Adorable! And you captured the kitten craziness perfectly. Lovely markings too – a tiny tiger.

  17. Oh gosh….what a ridiculously perfect and gorgeous cat! I am very very jealous. There is nothing better than the company of a cat 🙂

  18. Love him! Too cute! He actually looks just like my girl-cat, Alice but he has the personality of my boy-cat, Dobby. Alice avoids human contact at all cost (unless you’re asleep and only then will she choose to lie next to you or on your feet – I wake up in the night and my feet are pinned by cat) but Dobby is just a fluffy ball of fun who miaows if you’re in a room and the door is closed and he can’t get in. He miaows all the time actually and we believe that he thinks he’s talking and is one of our human offspring!!

    Keep the cat posts coming…

  19. Annabel (gaskella)

    Too cute – you all look very happy!!! 🙂

  20. Love “psycho kitty”! BTW as I’m sure you know it’s a San Francisco grunge band too.

  21. Oscar is utterly lovely! I especially like the photographs of him asleep! Please do post more photos of him.

    Louise – our cat has a middle name too, she’s a little girl (Kiki) but has Thurston as her middle name! Kiki Thurston Jones! Now if that’s not embarrasing to admit, I’m not sure what is. I just didn’t want you to feel that you were the only one to do that…

  22. Oscar says thank you to all of you for the kidn words, he is getting quite an ego, he is also currently having a real ‘attack cat’ phase, any tips?

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