Laptop Crashes & Brain Freezes… Sort of Sorted

Hello one and all, I hope this finds you all well? I have to make a small apology as for the last few weeks I haven’t been blogging or posting with quite the enthusiasm or punctuality of normal. This is because I have been having laptop issues, which I think I have bored you all with before, and they have been getting more and more severe meaning doing anything on my poor laptop was just becoming a chore with endless waiting around while it freezes, decides to turn itself off, fizzes at the plug (!!!!), crashes etc, etc. Well now that should all be over as guess what I went and got yesterday…


A new laptop, finally!!! I have to say it’s not been 24 hours yet, and I have yet to finish the trillion updates that you have to install when you get a new laptop, yet I am back enjoying spending time typing away again. I have to admit with Granny Savidge Reads being ill (she still hasn’t got any feeling really in the left leg, but can squeeze her left hand), The Beard getting a new job, me having an interview for a dream bookish job, my moving house again, the antics of Oscar the kitten, a trip to Italy and Green Carnation Prize submissions to read my brain has been crashing rather like my computer was. I am post job interview (which I don’t think I have got as I don’t think my interview was great, ugh, I don’t think I sold myself as a reader or my literary knowledge – am very cross with myself) and after an amazing holiday (which I will report back on) I am back, and with my rejuvenated love of typing so will the blog be… in full gear within the next day or so. Just give me time to get my laptop and brain updated and fully ready, ha.

It’s about time actually as I have so much to tell you about. There’s a backlog of books, some as far back as March which I haven’t posted about, possibly my thoughts on the Man Booker longlist 2012 (which I actually really like) and finally I can introduce some new pages and the like which I have been meaning to do for ages but been unable to. That also goes for visiting other book blogs and commenting back on my own; sorry I have been rubbish on all that.

So I have given you a sudden rush of all my latest news and happenings off the blog, what have you all been up to? Read anything good of late? Any non bookish excitement to share?



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6 responses to “Laptop Crashes & Brain Freezes… Sort of Sorted

  1. Shiny new computers are the best!
    Glad to see you back – I enjoyed your Italy pictures on Instagram and can’t wait to hear all about your holiday.
    And sorry to hear about the job 😦 Something better will surely come along.

  2. Just b/c you feel you futzed the interview does not mean you don’t have the job. Good luck. Glad you’re back. I enjoy your writings. They’re both informative and entertaining. I am getting ready to leave Tasmania next Friday for 5 weeks in South America. Will be posting on travellin penguin blog and hoping to even find Penguin books, visit art galleries, see amazing scenery and try to still keep a literary slant on my own writings and posts. Lots to think about. Hope you’ll follow and if you do, hope you enjoy yourself. All the very best, Pam

    • Pam, alas my suspicions were correct and all thanks to Charles Dickens, who I am now furious with, I messed up the interview and the people didn’t think I was literary enough for it. Miffed, but hey ho maybe it wasn’t the dream job I thought.

      South America will be amazing, can’t wait for all your reports on it!

  3. Alas, Lucy my laptop is still comatose so I am green with envy. Looking forward to your posts and keeping my fingers crossed for the job and Granny Savidge Reads.

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