A Small Book Bloggers Plea…

This will learn me. After having just moved my work from my old laptop onto my hard drive alas old Larry the Laptop made a horrid buzzing sound, went completely blue in the fact and apparently died. It seems I was just in time getting Louis the Laptop this week doesn’t it?

While my work was saved, thank heavens, I have lost a fair bit of music, most of my pending reviews (though I have a sneaky suspicion they are on one of many memory sticks) plus all my favourite websites in my internet browser favourites, yes I know I should have Google reader, lesson learned. So could you please do me a favour…?

…If you have a book based blog and I have visited in the past, remember I have been dreadful of this of late because of the slow laptop of no more, can you please leave the link to it in the comments below. Also if you have a book blog and I haven’t visited, or you are newish, please can you leave a link in the comments below too?  This includes any lurkers who don’t comment, ha! This way I can catch up with you all (plus any updated/moved blogs) and meet new faces and maybe even create some kind of book blogging directory, is there one already?

Note: I won’t say thank you individually, though thanks in advance, but I will pop and comment on a post so you know I have been and visited.



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48 responses to “A Small Book Bloggers Plea…

  1. Hi Simon,
    I’m so sorry to hear about this! Are you using iTunes? When my computer died, I was able to recover almost all of my music I purchased from them. I hope you can, too!

    So for some selfish self-promotion, I don’t have a book-based blog, but since you’re into cooking as of late, I thought I’d plug my food blog, myvermontkitchen.wordpress.com. I have done some food-related book reviews there, and of course on Good Reads, too, where we’re friends, so you can check them out! 🙂

  2. Simon, if you are willing to shell out a few quid, take Larry to a qualified repair shop. They should be able to help you recover the files you need. All of the data is still on your hard drive and has probably not been damaged in the least. Good luck!

    That said, I discovered your blog via The Readers podcast and am eternally grateful to you for two brilliant book recommendations: Song of Achilles (book of the year so far), and Gillespie and I (why oh why wasn’t it shortlisted?!). If you want to visit my blog, just click on my name.

  3. That’s sad new about your old laptop! I had a scare a couple of months ago and so now try to back everything up. I have one of those external hard-drives. A lot of my stuff is saved online, but I have so many photos that I don’t want to lose!

    Well I have been a follower (and sometimes lurker) of your blog ever since your Discovering Daphne posts. I have a wordpress blog too, so if you ever feel like dropping by, you can click on my name and it should take you there! 🙂

  4. That blue screen is not necessarily the end. If you get the accompanying error code you can often search for a solution, or perhaps reset your computer to an earlier date. Good luck.

    My blog is the one with a vintage Penguin focus and the url is: http://apenguinaweek.blogspot.com

  5. JoV

    I always backup everything on a portable hard drive or web-based storage.
    I blog at: http://bibliojunkie.wordpress.com/
    but there is a list of wordpress book blogger that can be found here:

    I have been following your blog since early 2009. and I think google reader feed is really really convenient! Hope everything is up and running soon.

  6. Hope you recover everything. A horrid feeling! This is me (Bibliolathas): http://bookforgetter.blogspot.com/

  7. Kim

    my blog is dutch but I think you commented a few times. probably thanks to google translate? anyway, good luck with your current battle (I know it can be) and I do hope you will find your lost reviews. must be a pain to write new ones when you know you wrote one already..

  8. Oh that’s horrible. I hope you get everything back.

  9. Oh, that sort of thing makes me hate technology! It requires so much care and feeding. My blog is linked above – it’s mostly book reviews, but with a little knitting content as well (just on Sundays!) I hope you’re able to retrieve all your files!

  10. Hi Simon, mine is http://davidhblog.wordpress.com/.
    I can highly recommend Google Reader!

  11. Felicitations on your new laptop relationship. I found your blog through The Readers podcast (love it!) which, in turn, I found through Books on the Nightstand. You are invited to visit my book blog: http://lindypratch.blogspot.ca/

  12. Hi Simon, sounds like if your old computer had legs they’d be stiff up in the air….no doubt you’ll enjoy the new one…External hard tdrive, great use.
    Happy file retrieval. Pam


  13. gaskella

    I learned my lesson on this one after a meltdown last year and invested in a 500GB hard drive which is enough to back up all my photos too. The other tip I was given was don’t keep the ext hard drive in the same room as your laptop… Hope you get sorted soon. http://gaskella.wordpress.com

  14. I agree with Travelin Penguin – external hard drive. I try to back up every month or so. Also, I love Bloglovin to keep track of blogs. Not so technical as Google Reader,a nd you actually get to “see” the blog.

    And I’m http://www.thepickygirl.com

  15. How frustrating! Hope you get everything back. I talk books (and other culture) here: http://slywit.wordpress.com/

  16. Tim

    Last year I bought a big external hard drive to back up my aging desktop, which has more financial/tax info than my laptop. Guess which hard drive failed?

    Anyway, I’m at htttp://prairieprogressive.com

  17. Eek! Computer troubles are awful, aren’t they?
    http://stuck-in-a-book.blogspot.com 🙂

  18. Jo

    Where would be without computers?

    Anyway please pop along and see me.

  19. book blogs are great aren’t they – I’m finding more and more that I like to read. Computer’s are great when everything goes right – but when you have problems -oh my what a nightmare. I am currently having nightmares with my mobile and may have to buy out my contract : ( so I sympathise.
    Please pop by and visit me Simon : )

  20. Sorry to hear about your laptop problems – I can sympathise. Mine also threw a wobbly recently and lost quite a lot of my music and audiobooks, which I’ve been working on replacing.

    I’m not sure if you ever visited my blog, but I was on the discussion panel for the podcast on The Last Werewolf. If you are interested in having a look, my blog is at http://cornishamy.blogspot.co.uk/

  21. Here’s mine http://anzlitlovers.com (Australian Literary Fiction, Shadow IFFP team member via my mate Stu from Winston’s Dad, and host of Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize).
    May I suggest that you write your reviews direct to WordPress which will save them as a draft until you’re ready to publish them? Then they are safe in the cloud, it keeps all your revisions for you as well – and you can access them wherever you are.
    All the best

  22. Bad luck Simon. Google Reader is the way forwards.
    Cheers, Graham

  23. Best of luck with the woes, oh my!

    Have no idea how much I was on your radar before! But feel free to stop by pagesofjulia, with many thanks. 🙂

  24. Uh oh!! We use a “Time Machine” external hard drive that automatically backs up every 24 hours – would be gutted to lose all my music, but photos would be a serious heartache – hence the “Time Machine”
    Anyway, hope you sort your computer headache, in the meantime, you do normally follow my blog – also WordPress so should still be on your WordPress Reader?

  25. Unlike some of the people commenting above, I have never really got on with Google reader – I prefer to use Bloglovin.
    I am a fairly recent follower of your blog (having found it through a Google search for ‘Manchester Book Club’), and an even more recent blogger myself. If you fancy taking a peek you can find me at the link above.

  26. it’s always annoying when you lose that kind of information. Best of luck building your favourites again.

    I’m a fairly newish bookb blogger; http://literary-exploration.com/

  27. Oh no! I hope you can manage to recover your things. I learnt the hard way last year – an external hard drive is now a must for me!
    I am a bit of a lurker / newish blogger – my book blog is Sam Still Reading, http://samstillreading.wordpress.com .
    I’m not a Google Reader – I do RSS mainly. Some times you just need a little less Google 😉

  28. I’m not exactly new, having been blogging for over 1 1/2 years now, but I would love a few pointers, should you get the time. And I hope Louis works for you better 😉

    My blog -> http://paperplanereviews.blogspot.co.uk/

  29. After you removed all its wonderful creative intelligence, it had a seizure, empty nest syndrome for a laptop perhaps, hope you manage to retrieve everything and perhaps even more.

    I’m at ‘Word by Word’ if you’d like to visit.


    Would be interested to know if you have read the Jackie Kay book, I just finished Red Dust Road, what a great read, can’t wait to read her short stories next in Reality Reality.

  30. vikzwrites

    Just dropped by to say hi. Hope your compiters working well now,

  31. Hello! Not sure if you’ve ever dropped by before but you’re always welcome to: http://www.noseinabook.co.uk

    Hope you sort out laptop etc soon.

  32. If you still don’t want to jump on the RSS bandwagon, I’d recommend using Chrome as your browser. It stores all of my bookmarks, and I can sign into my Google account to access it from any computer. It syncs everything. I still use RSS for many things, but having my bookmarks at any computer is so helpful. Good luck!

    And my blog is http://nomadreader.blogspot.com

  33. I feel sympathy as “Lucy” is still in shreds on my desk (my husband has not had time to fix or or is unwilling to admit she is unfixable.) It did force me to Google Reader for which I am grateful but I miss my multitudes of recipes I had bookmarked.


  34. Sorry to hear about your laptop! What an almighty pain.

    Getting book bloggers to comment to “collect” everyone in one place is a great idea – I shall be having a browse through here myself… Here’s my blog: http://thebrontesister.wordpress.com

  35. Technology can be so cruel! Thank god you didn’t lose any work though. Starting to use a feed reader is a good idea, I use bloglovin but I’ve only heard good things about Google Reader.

    Thank you for doing this post, now I have a whole list of book blogs I can visit and enjoy too.


  36. sorry to hear that. I follow you and I believe you were following me: http://wordsandpeace.com

  37. Hi Simon, I enjoy your reviews. I’ve been blogging about a year and a half, I’m not sure how new that is considered. Would love you to visit sometime if/when you have the chance.

  38. Hi Simon, hope you are sorted now. My blog is http://thelittlereaderlibrary.blogspot.co.uk/
    Would love you to visit if and when you get a moment.
    I enjoy your book reviews.

  39. Oh, dear, seems like everyone is having computer trouble – yours is the third such tale of woe I hear as I come back from my (Internetless) holiday! I am beginning to think this is a sign that I should get a lot more paranoid about things…
    Hope all is well now – and that you haven’t wasted too much time trying to recover lost reviews.

  40. Well, I suppose I fall into the category of new blogger though I think I’d feel kind of intimidated if you did stop by! But I wanted to comment and second the Google Reader method. It’s extremely convenient in terms of keeping up with and reading feeds. I’ve also found that its mobile app interface is user-friendly (this may depend on your mobile phone OS, though I’m not sure).

    Hope your computer is recovering!

  41. Hi there! I am new to the book blogging community and recently stumbled upon your site…saw this post (hope it all worked out for you!) and figured I would say hello. I love your reviews! Feel free to stop by my little blog (still in its infancy) anytime: http://thewellreadredhead.blogspot.com

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