The Bookshop Band

Sometimes I hear about something bookish and I have to do a quick and immediate post as I want you all to hear about it. Today is such a case, as I have already scheduled a post for later on, as after I listened to a previous Guardian Books Podcast and heard a musical act, The Bookshop Band, who I thought if you hadn’t already heard of then you really might like to. Before I go on here is one of my favourite of their songs ‘A Shop With Books In’

Alas their website is down so I can’t find out too much about how the band started and all that jazz, however, I know they would perform at Mr B’s Bookshop, or Mr B’s Emporium of Delights as it is rather delightfully called and I would kill to visit, in Bath taking a book and writing a song based on it. You can have a look through their other videos on their Vimeo account.

Once I had had a good look through their videos I of course wanted to get my hands on the actual music and couldn’t initially find where you could by it. I then stumbled upon their twitter account (@thebookshopband) and found a landing page where you can buy the music and guess what… it comes in a package that looks like a selection of books. Can you guess what I have added, rather early on, to my Christmas list this year?



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6 responses to “The Bookshop Band

  1. oooo I love everything about this – the shop, the music, the the adorable band. I’m actually heading to Bath this weekend and will definitely stop in to shop. I also love the two gift packages on their website – a Reading Spa day and a Reading Year…looks like I know what the husband needs to get me for Christmas this year! Thanks for sharing this Simon.

    • I am glad you liked it Jennifer. I heard them and just thought ‘well I have to post about them NOW’ so I did. How nice to know we will be listening to the same music this Christmas too 😉

  2. love it simon ,all the best stu

  3. website live again by the end of the day! (I hope).
    But i’m also completely re-doing it, so in a week or so, there should be a much nicer one.

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