Oscar The Kitten… Update #1

Well I have done as I promised and been very restrained in not giving you lots of Oscar pictures, even if I actually take a picture of almost any movement he makes still as he is so cute. However, a fair few of you said that you wouldn’t mind getting Oscar updates and so I thought late on a Thursday night was the time.

He has actually, only last night, had a rather influential visitor in the form of Polly of Novel Insights, who regular visitors will know I have been friends with since the tender age of four years old. She came to stay for the night as she was working not too far away for a few days and so naturally had to come and check out my new pad, new bookshelves and most importantly my new furry friend. As you can see from the picture here —–> considering he isn’t the biggest fan of ladies, as he lives with two men and the last ladies who visited either trod on him or brought a dog along with them, he was more than happy to perch on Polly. He does absolutely love being walked around on your arm, lazy so and so.

He’s finally had his first visit to the vets; we discovered he hadn’t been before we got him, which was his least favourite outing ever. Good news came though that nothing was wrong with him and he is a healthy little kitten. If a bit boisterous (the snip will sort that out in a few weeks). At 20 weeks he has suddenly found a new zest for life and when he isn’t pouncing on you, he hides round corners and jumps to much hilarity and then pain, he is also into and chewing on everything. Yes everything…

Even though he is insanely cute and very cuddly this is one habit that he is going to have to drop, pronto, I am a little bit anal when it comes to books staying rather pristine even if they have been read. Never mind!



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16 responses to “Oscar The Kitten… Update #1

  1. Notice the name of the book that Oscar is nibbling. I think you have a kitty who can read! 🙂

  2. That biting thing…it’ll continue. Ours is 17 months old and still ravishes stuff. We forgive everything because he’s so darned cute, just like Oscar.
    He’s not that into books though, funny that.

  3. Good luck training your cat not to eat books. Dakota still eats one now and then. BTW, I think Oscar is a great name for a cat.

    • I don’t even know where the name Oscar originated CB. I sent The Beard a text with his picture, as he was an online cat, and said ‘I think his name is Oscar and he wants to live with us’. Apparently I was right.

      He is so not keeping the book biting habit!

  4. Ugh! He is SO adorable!!!! I so wish I weren’t allergic to kitties 😦 I’d so love to have a little Oscar of my own.

  5. gaskella

    Our cats when kittens managed to chew a corner off my copy of the Beatles White Album sleeve which I’d neglected to put back on the shelf. Lesson learned (luckily not a valuable copy). They obviously thought it was milk too being white…

    • Hahaha, maybe that is what it was. We have noticed Oscar is not a fan of water… unless you leave the shower on cold and low and in he goes, bonkers. He only likes milk once a day too, very determined.

  6. David

    When my two were kittens, one of them (Button) destroyed the dust jacket spines of all three of Janet Davey’s novels. Impressive in its way since the books either side were left untouched. I’m not quite sure what he had against her, but there you go. Fortunately once they started going outside he discovered mice and lost interest in books.
    Poor mice.
    Oscar is very cute.

  7. Sarah Williams

    Books and cats are a natural pair. Love book updates, but also equally enjoy Oscar updates. One of my 2 kitties chewed through an entire pile of my students’ work right after I adopted her! I had to tell my kids that my cat ate their homework. Fortunately, she leaves my books alone.

    Diving Belles just became available here i the U.S. . It is on my kindle and tbr list.

    • Isn’t it weird how that seems to be so? I only know if two book lovers who don’t really love cats. Must be an unwritten law.

      I so hope you enjoy Diving Belles, I loved it so, so much.

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