Bookshops I Love; Oxton Village Books

Whenever I choose a new abode I am known to base it on the amount of book shops and charity shops containing books in the vicinity. However there have been occasions where, without sounding ungrateful, I wouldn’t have normally chosen to live. My aunties was one such place, when 2010 ended in the most hideous of ways and I went to live with them, however fortunately no longer had I moved there than a charity shop of just books opened. Moving in with The Beard earlier in the year was another such time. The area is full of converted Georgian mansion houses, like the one we live in, and trees as far as the eye could see, and I couldn’t imagine a bookshop would be nearby. Well as it happens I was wrong, there was a gem waiting. This of course had nothing to do with me wanting to move in *cough*.

When I move somewhere new I do many ‘getting to know the area’ walks. This involves turning left or right in a randomly strategic (?) way and seeing what I discovered. Well after an art museum at the end of one road away, then a castle folly on another, I turned the road to Oxton Village and was walking to what could be seen when the words ‘BOOK SHOP’ appeared hanging above the post office. I blinked, looked again, blinked, looked harder and was thrilled to see I saw right. This was no mirage. It was closed though, or so I thought, as the post office team were on lunch and it shares the same spot.

I went home, memorising the route (which I now tread almost every other day) and within the hour I was walking back. Well I have to say that Oxton Village Shop is a real treat indeed. As you walk in they have shelves lining the entrance with discount books for 50p or £1, until you turn the corner and find the till (always manned by lovely staff that I am slowly but surely getting to know) and an array of new books and books of local interest greet you on your left, to your right there is a children’s section, travel section and other nonfiction. I admit by this time I was thinking ‘erm, where is the fiction’ until I saw a staircase leading to the basement. Well guess what awaited me…

The downstairs section of the shop is just full to the brim with second hand books, generally £2 each, and it is a really wonderful mix. You have classic novels and penguins…

There is a crime and thriller section, a historical section, memoirs and autobiographies and of course a large literary fiction section, contemporary and chick lit I then discovered were also upstairs, which I spent most of my time in.

I was completely smitten and got completely lost in this underground warren for quite some time and left with a wonderful Muriel Spark.

I have of course been back and bought a fair few books since, they somehow seem to have books I suddenly need for various things as well as gems I discover I never knew I wanted until I saw it (books about The Archers for example), and what has been really nice is the discovery that they accept donations, perfect, they have had quite a few from me I can tell you.

So I thought I would tell you about it. Oxton Village Books can be found on the internet here (where you can check your Bookoscopes lol) and if you happen to be in the area then it is found at 44 Christchurch Road, Oxton, Merseyside, CH43 5SF let me know if you pop and visit, I may be free for coffee ha! So where is your local bookshop, is it an indie or a chain?

P.S I do feel I should apologise for the lack of book reviews on Savidge Reads of late. This is all the Green Carnation Prize’s fault as we have had so many submissions, though I am not complaining, this year it has completely taken over my reading. Naturally I can’t talk about these books (and some are utterly brilliant so I am bursting to) until at least the longlist has been announced, maybe longer. There will be a report from Italy, more bookshops I love, general reading musings and other bookish bits in the interim though. I hope that is ok?


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14 responses to “Bookshops I Love; Oxton Village Books

  1. great shop simon must look it out if I m ever in the area ,all the best stu

  2. Ruthiella

    That shop looks fantastic! There is one independent book seller near me I discovered a few months ago, but they don’t sell used books and their selection of new books is not very good, so I rely on the internet and charity books shops mostly.
    Please don’t worry about non-review posts. Bookish and non-bookish posts are just as entertaining and they have the added advantage of not adding anything to my TBR! 🙂

    • I love a good charity book shop, nothing wrong with those. In fact reading ‘Sweet Tooth’ by Ian McEwan kept reminding me of the joys of a good charity shop as the narrator, Serena, is addicted to them.

      Hahahaha I like how you don’t mind posts that don’t add to the TBR. I am aiming to do some reviews as and when though.

  3. This shop looks amazing! Lucky you to have it so close!

  4. My husband and I are visiting Cornwall in September- any suggestions of must-visit bookshops?

    • Dan

      Spencer Thorne in Bude and you get to Visit Bude which has a lovely Beach (when it’s not windy!), The Bookshops in Liskeard, Bodmin, Launceston and Saltash are all great. I also hear there’s a new indy in Newquay just opened but i haven’t been there. There’s plenty to choose from in Cornwall.

    • I shall do a shout out for you on this on the blog asap. Poss Monday, you are sure to get some people recommending then Susan.

  5. My local independent bookshop (50m away) has just closed. Now you know I don’t buy books for myself (I do for other people though) but I and my family did make good use of it over the two years it was open. I have two branches of Daunt Books within 2 km of my flat in London

  6. A bookshop basically in a Post Office! Can’t help but wonder if they would see more custom because of the PO aspect, one can hope at least. I *think* there’s still an indie near me, though the others closed so suddenly you can never be sure unless you are always going there.

    • It is pretty much just that, it seems to work though and they both benefit out of it. Though I have noticed I never leave the post office without somehow having bought a book!

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