My New Reading Chair…

Earlier in the week I asked you where you all did your reading and for any advice on where I could get the perfect reading chair. Well thank you for all your recommendations, and do keep them coming as you can never have too many, however I managed to find it today on a random shopping trip where I was looking for anything but. Here it is…

I am really chuffed with it, even though it wasn’t what I initially thought I wanted. I had in mind a big grand leather Victorian number but The Beard and I were having a meander around some of the Wirral’s rather wonderful antique (and house clearance shops, but the Beard said I should make it sound glamorous) for a) a tall old cabinet for the bathroom b) a chest of drawers c) a trunk d) a grandfather clock e) a free standing bath f) an old Victorian bed g) a chaise longue. We had spotted ‘a’ in the last shop we went in and I suddenly spotted the chair in the corner of the room looking rather unassuming, sat on it and fell in love. I was expecting it to be a fortune yet it was a mere £40 – bargain!!! Its from the 1920’s and i love to think about all it has witnessed (a World War for example) and all the people who have sat in it, possibly reading. It also matches the theme of cream and peacock blues and greens we, well more me, have decided the bedroom will be… as you can see it is a little bit ‘unfinished’ at the moment. I call it Pompeii chic.

If that wasn’t enough I was also bought a new bagless Vax which I love almost as much. Hoovering and reading are two of my favourite things, I think I am really getting old now aren’t I? Oh and not to be left out Oscar got his first collar, oddly he doesn’t love his present as much as I do mine!

What have you all been up to this weekend?


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20 responses to “My New Reading Chair…

  1. that looks like a perfect choice ,I hope get one when I move to our new house at some point ,all the best stu

  2. gaskella

    Hoovering! Hate it, and I wish I’d never bought the particular yellow-balled machine I now have – it picks up all my daughter’s long hair that I find everywhere but just winds it around its innards, so I have to spend ages declogging it.

  3. It looks perfect for curling up in.

  4. I’m with you on the reading, but not the Hoovering! Love the chair by the way.

  5. The antithesis of any chair I would like I am afraid, but glad it works for you. I’ve been working (at home), and this morning walked all around Hampstead Heath before it got too hot and sticky. Off to Brmingham for 4 days tomorrow; any bookshops you would recommend?

  6. Oh, a lovely reading chair, Simon! Enjoy.

  7. Peter Robin Hill

    Never had a reading chair; I read whenever I have the opportunity – Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table, trains, planes, cafe’s, restaurants when by myself. And… Before I put my light out last thing every night of my life since I was about eight.

    When I read for the sheer hell of it during the day, it’s in an easy chair in the conservatory of the house I’m currently renting.

    But enjoy your chair Simon – Pete (jazz-whistler)

    • I wish I could read EVERYWHERE and anywhere, I am so jealous of all the people I know who can, tut.

      Thanks for the comment though and looking forward to your shelf sharing!

  8. I am spending the weekend in a small town (Peurto Montt) in Chile, on holiday and have not seen a single bookshop of any kind. Withdrawal. Thank goodness we decided just before this trip to buy a Kindle each so we have something to read. Did I say there are bucketfuls of rain too?? Like the chair. Visit my orange Penguin chair sometime on my site. I miss it. It was bought in a City Mission shop for 40 dollars and then taken directly to the upholsterer w/ a Penguin orange book and I said, Match It. He did. He thought I was nuts. But visitors loved it.Pam

    • See just there Pam you have shown me why a Kindle could be a life saver hahaha. I would get withdrawal symptoms if I knew there wasn’t a book shop nearby. In Italy the first thing I did was locate some nearby options hahaha.

      I will have to see that chair it sounds amazing.

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