Can You Recommend Any Good Bookshops (And Pubs) In… North Wales?

This will be the first of two ‘can you recommend any good bookshops in…’ posts today, this one is for me and I have another for a reader later on. I am not being selfish by putting my request first (honestly I am not) it is just that my trip is more imminent, well it is actually tomorrow and I really would love your recommendations on bookshops in North Wales as I am off there rather randomly in the morning.

Having said North Wales I should actually be a little bit more specific as we will be going to Denbighshire. I say we because it is down to The Beard’s work that we are going. Now that he is running his lovely foodie shop in the Wirral he has to see suppliers (and alas leave with lots of samplers, how awful) and tomorrow he is off to Denbighshire to meet some more and thought I might fancy a day trip. Initially I was a little sceptical but then there was a promise of a castle, haunted building, pub lunch and bookshops and how could I say no?

So I thought I would ask you all if you know of any bookshops in the Denbighshire area, or indeed any pubs? Or any on the surrounding outskirts, I certainly wouldn’t mind if we had to go to the seaside on a detour. Do please let me know.



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4 responses to “Can You Recommend Any Good Bookshops (And Pubs) In… North Wales?

  1. i’ve been visiting my mum in north wales for years now and there’s something of a dearth of good bookshops in the area. there’s a middling bookshop in llandudno, a very good one at llandudno junction station and there used to be one in rhos-on-sea which i’m not sure is still there. i’ve never been allowed to stop off at the colwyn bay ones by the wife so can’t tell you what they’re like sadly. no idea about denbighshire either, sadly. there’s some *fantastic* ones further towards mid wales in the harlech/ porthmadog/ machynlleth area but that’s not really of any help – sorry!

    • You should try where we went, Ruthin, not only did it have a wonderful, wonderful book shop it also had a delightfully spooky old Gaol that we went around. I wanted to find the book shops in Anglesey and Conway but we had too much else to do alas.

  2. Rosie

    Hmm, we are a bit thin on the ground for good bookshops to be honest! I’m over in the Bangor area and we have Snowdon books and a lovely one based in Plas Newydd (a National Trust property) but here it is pretty much, sometimes you hit lucky, sometimes you don’t. I was waiting for responses on here to get some tips! Maybe you’ll have to wander and search? I hope you’re successful, good luck!

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