Oscar the Kitten… Update #2

I thought it was time for another update on Oscar the Kitten, mainly because he’s now getting so big and I am trying to record the moments of kittenish behaviour and the kitten years as much as possible before they vanish. As you will see he is getting much bigger now, we have discovered since he has been ‘snipped and chipped’ that he is not only half Bengal (how chic) but he is also older than we were lead to believe and today has hit the six month mark. But he is gorgeous.

The Beard in fear of ‘cat mountain’…

As he has gotten bigger The Beard says it is like living in a safari park (as the picture above shows) as he’s hiding behind doors and in corners ready to jump out at you at any given moment, generally when you are walking around at night. We have been told this is ‘very Bengal behaviour’ and at the moment he is amassing muscle meaning mad behaviour before deep sleeps. In fact any place is a possible hidey hole for pouncing on an unassuming owner (or guest)…

“You will not notice me until the last possible pouncing moment…”

He has also learnt how to find any cat treats no matter how well they are hidden…

“No, no, you’ve not seen me…”

Is still learning what an appropriate bed is…

“Do you mind? I am trying to sleep here.”

Has no respect for books still…

“Oh look a handy book based step ladder system… how kind to put that there.”

Has started to go outside, which leads to prolonged guttural mewing at a decibel I have not previously witnessed in a cat, though he has to be on a lead as he gets to know where his territory is, he oddly purrs as soon as the harness appears. Please don’t judge him; the other local cats already do…

“If I pretend I am not attached to this no one will judge me will they?”

And he really loves a box, even if it doesn’t really do its intended job of disguising mischief…

No really, he really does love a box…

“What do you mean I am too big for this? How rude!”

You can probably tell I am still kitten smitten, even if the amount of breakages in the house has gone bonkers, all plants must be out of reach for fear of being attacked or used as a toilet and the mewing when you are trying to do some work is slightly testing. So there we have it an Oscar update. Sorry to all of you out there who don’t like cats, but hopefully this has pleased all of you that do.



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11 responses to “Oscar the Kitten… Update #2

  1. Greg

    Oscar looks and sounds adorable. And don’t apologise for this post – the internet was invented for cat pictures, didn’t you know?

  2. Louise

    Our Bengal was just the same, a very typical Bengal, ours was a F2, which is 2 steps down from the Asian leopard, she was spotted not marbled like Oscar and she had the most amazing wildness about her. One of her favourite things to do was to sit on the top of doors. If you can get Oscar used to the outside it will do wonders for him, and should help to ‘calm’ him down…just a little 😉

    I LOVE all my cats, I have a Ragdoll, Maine Coon and a couple of cross breeds I’m thinking of having another, this time a Toyger 🙂

  3. Pam

    I can not believe this. I am still on my S American holiday reading about your cat and enjoying it immensely. We are missing our 3 dogs and 2 cats and have started talking about them way too much. One more week to go. Can’t help but love those furry family members. Continue to enjoy! Pam

  4. Cannot. compute. cuteness. Oh, you’re making me want to get a cat again… Please keep allowing us cat-less folks to live vicariously

  5. That’s it – I’m giving in to my children’s begging (and my own unspoken desires) and going to the cat shelter this week to get a kitten!

  6. Oscar is gorgeous. I think Sybil the kitty, who’s on my lap at the moment, is smitten.

  7. I know I am repeating myself, but I do love your cat 🙂

  8. Jo

    Lovely. My cats loved boxes and if you think you and The Beard can suffer the mess, get a paper bag for him. Get him to sniff some catnip and watch him go wild!! The paper bag will be in shreds, he will have exhausted himself and you both will be crying with laughter!

    My cats loved it, even when they were not young sprightly kittens.

  9. Loving the Oscar, what a star he is for all that kitten mischief. Magnus has a new game for which we are thankful, when the late evening madness starts we switch on the outside lights and send him out to play ‘Moth’. This might be a little unfair on the moths but he will sit for hours watching and stalking and jumping at them, all very funny to watch.

  10. elizabeth

    i love these images of oscar. it reminds me of our cat that is always into whatever she shouldn’t be into! and don’t you love how cats have this huge sense of ownership? they never understand why you are upset about them sitting on the newly laundered clothes.

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