Now We Are Five!

It is hard to believe the fact that today Savidge Reads is five years old. Where did all that time go? In a weird way it seems like it was yesterday and yet absolutely ages and ages ago. I never thought when I was writing those first tentative words that formed some kind of ‘review’ (though I prefer the term book thoughts) all those years later that it would lead to 1,466 posts (which is what this is, though I did cull some terrible posts a while back) nor did I ever think that anyone, let alone all you lovely lot, would read it. But you do and I am very grateful. The conversations and friendships, some which have led to co-founding prizes, literary nights, reading challenges, podcasts and more, have been the greatest gift a blog could ever bring. This is why I forgive you all for not having sent flowers, cards and presents in the post (the postman just came empty handed, well apart from a bill), although maybe they will be belatedly arriving? Ha!

Anyway, five years… I didn’t realise, embarking on that first Susan Hill review, the world of literature that would greet me through readers, publishers and fellow bloggers recommendations. What started as a diary of what I was reading, my thoughts on each one (which having gone back are a few paragraphs of nothingness truth be told) and maybe recommending them to the ether, as I honestly didn’t think anyone would read it, has become more than just thoughts and a blog but wonderful conversations with you all, though I can be shoddy at replying, and actually a real support through some great ups and pretty rubbish downs in the last five years.

My natural tendency on anniversaries is to look back nostalgically, maybe have a little chuckle and a weep… and then pick fault with myself; like the fact I could be more regular with commenting, how I still don’t think my reviews/book thoughts are up to the standard I wish they were (and invariably get so jealous about how much better other peoples are as I read around), should a thirty year old bookish man really be putting up selections of kitten photo’s even if it is his kitten or do people really care if I have wandered around a spooky wood all day taking pictures which have nothing to do with books? Ha, ha! Today is for celebrating though and that means all of you too. I would like to thank all you readers, publishers, authors and fellow bloggers who have visited, emailed, commented and lurked over the past half a decade. Who would have thought it?

Anyway I shan’t waffle on. I am off to celebrate by myself (as The Beard is at work) with a nice cup of tea, some buttery toast, the cat and a Daphne Du Maurier novel. Thanks again for popping by as you have and here’s to another five years or more.



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27 responses to “Now We Are Five!

  1. JoV

    Happy Blogoversary! May there be many happy years ahead. Reading Du Maurier? sounds good, I’m in the middle of “The Loving Spirit”.

  2. gaskella

    Happy Blog-Birthday Simon! Your blog remains one of the few I check every day. Long may it continue – kittens and all!

    And by very happy coincidence, it’s also my blog’s birthday today! Gaskella is four.

    I shall toast us both with my next cuppa. Cheers! 😀

  3. The very happiest of birthdays! You’re such a special and wonderful part of the blogosphere, Simon – and I’m coming round to forgiving you taking my crown as The Only Blogging Simon. I also know exactly what you mean about looking back at past reviews (my own, in my case, of course) and finding them “a few paragraphs of nothingness.” Now we’re all rather brilliant, I thinK! 😉

    Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm and recommendations – and, oh, the kitten pictures! (more of, please)

  4. Sharkell

    Happy blog birthday! Please keep on as you are. I love your book blogs, your bookish thoughts, your Oscar tales and all the others in between. The only thing I would like more of is book porn. I don’t know what it is about photos of books, it is just like stepping into a bookshop or library.

  5. Happy Blogobirthday! Wow! I’ve only known you for half a year or so (and myself have been blogging for less than a year), but I have always enjoyed your candid opinions and musings. Hope you will delight us for many years yet! And it’s nice to know that there is such a thing as longevity on the Internet.

  6. Jenny

    Happy Birthday! Don’t change anything about the blog. Love the reviews, kitten post and anecdotes. I regularly buy books you recommend.

  7. A very happy blogobirthday!

  8. Keep writing and posting what you want to say or show. You already know we will approve of it and if we don’t we will certainly tell you so and tell you why too.

    Best wishes, DP

  9. Congratulations! You’ve introduced me to lots of lovely new things to read. Here’s to more books and great reviews (and more cats…).

  10. Jo

    Congratulations from me. Finding your blog and reading it inspired me to think that actually blogging was not all that bad and I could give it a go.

    I have picked up recommendations and ideas from you and your vast amount of reading! I also love the non book posts – this shows that you are a human and not some robot churning out book reviews.

    Long may it continue, and I will continue to visit and also blog msyelf!

  11. Congrats, Simon, but is it only 5 years?? I feel like I’ve known you — and your blog — far longer than that.

  12. david73277

    Happy blogging anniversary. I agree with DP, carry on posting whatever you choose. I remember a time when you periodically used to post angst ridden updates about your TBR pile or the direction the blog was taking. You don’t seem to have done that so much of late, which I take to be a good sign that you have found what works for you and will just stick with that.

  13. Sarah Williams

    Congratulations! I just recently started reading your blog after listening to The Readers podcast (which I learned about via BOTNS). I enjoy both the podcast and this blog, and my tbr list has greatly grown because of both. Thanks so much for the entertaining way you (and Gavin) talk and write about books.

  14. Happy Blogoversary! 🙂 By the way I’m also in the middle of a Daphne Du Maurier novel! The House on the Strand is my book! 😀

  15. AJReads

    Huge congratulations Simon! And a very happy 5th anniversary to Savidgereads! Here’s to another fabulous five years! I certainly hope you are treating yourself this weekend. You certainly deserve it 🙂

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  17. Janet D

    Happy blogiversary! Keep on with the same format as usual as that is what makes your blog what it is: brill.

  18. cbjamess

    Congratulations. I think my blog is seven. I’m not sure. Once a blog reaches a certain age, it has trouble remembering how old it is.

  19. Happy 5th anniversary! I look forward to reading the next five years worth of posts.

  20. Congratulations, Simon! A Daphne Du Maurier sounds a very fitting way to celebrate.

  21. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! In the few short months of finding and following your blog, you’ve not only given me some great book recommendations but a great many laughs as well!

  22. Angela

    Happy Anniversary and thank you for everything you do.

  23. Congratulations Simon! 5 years is a wonderful achievement and I’m so glad you’ve continued to write such wonderful posts. Always brings a smile to my face:)

  24. Barbara in southern California

    Hi Simon – just wanted to say how I enjoy your blog every day and look forward to it, especially the ones with photos. You have inspired me to be a serious reader again and I thank you for that.

  25. Belated thank you to all of you for your lovely thoughts. I was getting slightly worried I might have turned six by the time I managed to get around to responding to comments. Thankfully not.

    Big thanks again for all your support, comments, book recommendations and visits over the last five years. Heres to the next five…

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