Books By The Bedside #5

This week’s posts have all been scheduled in advance, hence why I have been even worse than normal at replying, as with imminent Green Carnation longlisting this week, deadlines galore and visiting Granny Savidge Reads this weekend (who has had some bad health news but I want to talk to her before sharing it, if I do)  it is all a little bit bonkers. So I thought a post on what will be on my reading horizons after having had it somewhat guided in the last few months might make a nice post. Plus it means you get to tell me what you think of the books and authors on the list and then share what you are reading and want to read which I always love hearing about…

I had imagined that once the Green Carnation submissions were done I might be able to be a little freer in whim terms. Yet interestingly it’s not going to be immediately (in part as I will have to read the longlist again) because next weekend is the start of Manchester Literature Festival and I have two events in the first week which means rather a lot of re-reading but also some new gems.

First up is an event with Catherine Hall and Patrick Gale, so I have re-read ‘The Proof of Love’ and have now lined up her debut novel ‘Days of Grace’ which I have been wanting to read for ages. I am also re-reading Patrick Gales ‘A Perfectly Good Man’ (which I have read already once this summer) and pondering if I should get ‘Notes from an Exhibition’ as apparently this is a companion, not a sequel, to that one.

The second event is all about my favourite period of history, the Victorian period, and I will be joined by Jane Harris and Essie Fox. Jane, well a firm favourite book of all time ‘Gillespie and I’, is currently on my iPod getting a re-listen (well a first listen as I read the book last time) and if I have time I am planning on revisiting ‘The Observations’ next weekend. In fact I will make time. I have just re-read ‘The Somnambulist’ by Essie and am getting very excited about ‘Elijah’s Mermaid’ which looks to be a little bit magical and rather dark and twisty – perfect!!

Away from Manchester Literature Festival though, I am also re-reading the wonderful tales in Lucy Wood’s debut collection of short magical and delightful stories ‘Diving Belles’ as Gavin is returning from his podcast presenting holiday this week to record the second episode of the all new Readers Book Group and this is the book in question. None of all this re-reading is a chore at all, just a joy which is lovely.

Reading purely for me and less for events and the like is all quite seasonal and autumnal. Philip Pullman’s ‘Grimm Tales’ was a naughty purchase because I simply could not not, is that a double negative now? I think I might demand ask The Beard to read me one or two of these every night maybe? Susan Hill’s ‘The Shadows in the Streets’ I have had on my bedside table since last time and will definitely get round to (she is on The Readers in November, thrilled) as I will soon be three behind. Finally, yes your eyes are telling you the truth, I have the debut novel by Judy Finnigan (yes of THE Richard and Judy) called ‘Eloise’ which looks like it might be rather Du Maurier-esque. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, but I am excited to see which.

Phew, that’s my new few weeks/months of reading sorted. Have you read any of these and if so what were your thoughts on them? What are you reading and looking forward to reading next?



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13 responses to “Books By The Bedside #5

  1. Laura Caldwell

    I’m reading (and loving) “Men and the Fields” by Adrian Bell and looking forward to “The Age of Miracles” by Karen Thompson Walker.

  2. You should so read Notes from an exhibition – it is Patrick Gale’s best novel – I will be bringing a copy for him to sign at next week’s event – see you there!

    • I read it Mike so big thank you for the extra nudge. I was worried I wouldn’t get the chance before the event that I did with him at Manchester Lit Fest but am so pleased that I did as it adds to the magic of ‘A Perfectly Good Man’ even though they are very seperate books.

  3. You’re going to be busy. Enjoy all your reading and rereading.

    And AWESOME, you have a rotary telephone! I haven’t seen one of those in years.

    • Hahahaha I was thrilled when I got that phone. I had been looking for one for ages and ages and they were all about £90 with new wiring, or had buttons instead of the dial – yuck, then I saw this one for £3 in a charity shop, rewired! Best £3 I have ever spent!

  4. Bookshelf Butterfly

    Cannot actually wait to get a copy of Grimm Tales… I love fairytales!!! Also intrigued by Elijahs Mermaid too….

  5. Agree – really looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of Pullman’s Grimm Tales, it sounds fantastic. We’re currently reading ‘The Art of Fielding’ by Chad Harbach. Jonathan Franzen gave it a thumbs up, and thart’s enough for us!

  6. Superb selection, and I’m curious as to what you think of Judy Finnigan’s offering when you read it.

    On a separate note… I love your phone! I’ve been wanting one of the old rotary ones for ages 🙂

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