Granny Savidge Update #2

As I mentioned on Saturday I have been visiting Granny Savidge this weekend and I had a chat with her and said you were all asking after her and sending her your well wishes. She has been ever so grateful for all the lovely comments you have left since her stroke, I believe one of my Great Aunts visited with her iPad and dongle and so she has had a read. As I also mentioned on Saturday, Gran had some bad news over a week ago and until I had spoken to her I didn’t know if she would want me to share it, however as she has okayed it (and as all her grandchildren who might see this have been told) I can now share it all with you.

Unfortunately a recent set of scans have shown that Gran has a brain tumour (the most common one which as Gran has said ‘is most unusual for me, I try to be different but I think this is a good thing this time’) which is inoperable. This has come as quite a shock as having lost all her left side after the stroke she is now walking with a quad stick and the occasional assistance of a nurse or Savidge, as I saw with my own eyes yesterday, which is incredible – I am so proud of her. Gran being Gran she is very positive; she actually said ‘spunky’ but me and The Beard advised against that which caused much loud laughter in the hospital restaurant I can tell you. She also said ‘I bet you put that in you horror’ and she is right, ha. She will be having treatment and hopefully going home in a few days.

I won’t say much more because obviously this is a rather personal matter, but she thought an update would be good to all of you who have left comments in the past on any of her posts as she has become rather infamous (she preferred ‘well regarded’, ha) on the blog, and all the in depth details etc is private for her and our family understandably.

I have disabled the comments, as we do have younger Savidge Readers, but if you would like to email her or pass on well wishes then you can via me ( as I will, of course, be seeing her very soon and as she is hopefully being allowed home within the next ten days may even be moving in for a while on and off when I can. Think of all the reading and bookish chatter we might do!


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