My House Currently Looks A Bit Like This…

I have to say I knew that there were a few piles of books lying around at Savidge Reads HQ, and indeed I knew deep down that it was time to sort them out. Yet it was watching Hugo (which I didn’t actually rate that much, I know it was popular so maybe it was just me) whilst, funnily enough, procrastinating doing this big book sort, when I upon the screen I was greeted by the above image which seemed a bit too familiar.

I did look around the flat and think ‘well actually aren’t I lucky?’ and mull over the possibility of just leaving it and saying it was a creative art installation. In fact basically that is what I have done. However today is the day that I will actually sort it out as a) the cat has started chewing some b) the cat knocked some off a place they shouldn’t have been and woke us up at stupid o’clock c) The Beard has tripped over them d) I may be evicted and the books turfed out/burnt.

I’ll just post this blog, take pictures of all the piles, send a few emails to some publishers and have a coffee first…



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12 responses to “My House Currently Looks A Bit Like This…

  1. There are worse ways to live 🙂 I choose this way too!!

  2. Ruthiella

    Oh Simon, you are incorrigible! 🙂 Didn’t you just do a big purge a few months back! Mind you, my home looks very much the same! I was trying to do the 1 book out /1 book in thing for a while…but wasn’t very successful at it ultimately.

  3. I’ll admit to thinking just the other day about creating an “art installation” with my books. Now you’ve got me rethinking that as well …

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