App-ropriate Book Behaviour

A quick question to you all… Do you know of any good bookish iPhone apps which help with TBR management? I am sorting all my books out, and whilst am making a spreadsheet on my laptop to find them in the house, I am also looking for something that I can have to hand all the time so I don’t get double copies should I happen to fall into a bookshop of any sort.

Any recommendations? Book Crawler has been mentioned but the ‘lite’ one crashes before opening so do I go for the costly version? I have GoodReads app but I find the TBR section and search function a bit of a pain and its being able to search through my TBR in mere minutes, well seconds, I am after. Do let me know!



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16 responses to “App-ropriate Book Behaviour

  1. I just use the normal Goodreads website on my iPhone when I’m out an about. The app used to be better when it had Amazon data but now I never use it as the barcode scanning never returns anything! Will be interested to see if you find anything although I can’t see myself re-entering my TBR onto a new system unless they have an import option.

  2. Good Reads is brilliant – you catalogue to your hearts content and add ratings and reviews

  3. gaskella

    I’m still a fan of Librarything – Goodreads is more clunky for me, whereas LIbrarything is a great cataloguer. It links to Amazon UK, so you can have all the right ISBNs. I’ve not tried scanning with my phone, but I use a barcode scanner to enter books normally which is brilliant

    • Hmmm I have never joined library thing. I will have to look into that one. The goodreads scan system is good.

      Maybe I should just have it back as a page on my blog, I can just google that then lol.

  4. Patty

    I love Goodreads!

  5. I just pull up LibraryThing on my iPhone browser so that I can search my current library. I then keep my wishlist on Amazon and pull up that app when I’m out shopping so I can remember which books I’m looking for (yes, I’m the rare person who uses Amazon’s technology but buys in real bookstores — go me!). There’s actually been talk in our house of building a bookish app though so if we decide to, I’ll know who to ask for feature requests! 🙂

  6. I highly recommend Goodreads. It easily scans the ISBN barcode and pulls the book info up, which you can then add to your To Be Read shelf. You can also create other shelves for handy reference and reminder; for example, I created a separate shelf that is for books that need to be reviewed so I can ensure I post my review quickly. My other favorite thing with Goodreads is that I can update my progress and it saves it to that book, which is a great help when I go back to look at my notes of the book.

  7. good reads but terrible at updating it my self ,all the best stu

  8. Kristine

    I use Book Collector to catalogue my books and my collection can be downloaded to my i-phone using the related Book Collector App. Great for when I’m in a second hand bookstore and wondering whether or not I already have a particular book.

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