Mid Book Sort Crisis…

I am currently mid book sort and thought I would pop a post up urging for your support as I am at the mid-way stage where it all seems a bit too much.


It’s that point where, though I’m sure different people do it different ways, I’ve taken all the books out and created mini book-cairns (thanks for that phrase Ellie) here there and everywhere and now my enthusiasm has vanished and I am overwhelmed.

The cairns are in piles of series and authors that I want to read sporadically, and so spread out equally (yet slightly liberally) in the six designated boxes I have. There is also a spreadsheet being made so I know where everything is. Yet the energy I started with has withered, I have culled a fair few books and yet not been as harsh as I should have. Oh dear. I do feel better for sharing though now…


Oh and in a book meets cat twist on Where’s Wally, can you see Oscar in the image above? He’s been helping, which means hiding in the boxes and pouncing at my hand and/or books as I try and sort. The tinker.

Right back to it!


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8 responses to “Mid Book Sort Crisis…

  1. Patty

    OMG…he is cute and cats and books just simply go together!

  2. Maybe a break for a cup of tea, and to think about how nice it will be when your hard work is done, then you will be able to return to your task refreshed? Looks like you are doing very well so far.

  3. carolee888

    I can’t find him. I would schedule in a break. Too much of a job all at once.

  4. You are doing ever so well, I could never be as organised as you. Spreadsheet as well! Don’t worry, take a break and come back to it later. You haven’t given yourself a deadline have you?

    Or better. Leave Oscar to do the legwork!

  5. Hmm (found your lovely cat). I worry about the speadsheeting! Honestly just get the stuff out of the door OR accept your book fetish and become relaxed about it. One OR the other, but don’t emote about it, clearly it is very ennervating and that’s no good to man nor beast.

    Your friendly psychologist.

  6. Wouldnt it be fun to know what Oscar thinks about all this LOL I would stress less about all of your books. I have around 1,500 on my tbr alone and as well as two large bookcases and numerous piles around my house I find it quite comforting to have so many available. It gives me a warm glow to gaze upon them and know I have a wide choice of reading at my fingertips.

  7. Amy C

    You’re doing great! Just give yourself plenty of breaks – you don’t want to end up in another health crisis. 🙂 If it weren’t for the mailing costs, I would say you could just pop a few of those in the mail and send them to me! I haven’t bought any books in forever (not in the budget at the moment) so I am getting all mine at the library for now. Keep up the good work!

  8. Rhian

    I know just how you feel (enthusiasm and energy disappearing halfway through a task). That’s my excuse for not sorting out the Scary Room – when I try I only end up making things worse. Not sure that my Dearly Beloved thinks that is a good argument though!
    You need someone to chum you – and stop worrying. If my camera wasn’t at DB’s I would share a picture of my book-cairns (nothing mini about them) which would make you realise that really you are a model of restraint and tidiness.

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