Granny Savidge Reads Update #3

Hello all! I thought, while she is having a doze and The Beard is deeply engrossed in ‘Bette & Joan; The Divine Feud’, I would drop you a quick update on Gran as you’ve all been so lovely in sending your support and best wishes.

Well, she is home which is just wonderful. Especially since yesterday was her 71st Birthday, you have never seen so many cards, flowers or cake. Plus she has the most amazing view from her bed…


How could you not relax with it? Beats a hospital ward any day! So its nice to know that shes here and happy for the time we have ahead. I will admit she’s given us a few frights with her rogue left leg and some wobbling about but I am so proud of how she is walking around now considering that she had no movement in her left side 15 weeks ago, and take into account that she has this tumour, I think it’s amazing. Really proud of her.

Anyway, thought I would give you a brief update before I go and light some more candles (the ones you can’t blow out, snigger) on yet another recent chocolate cake based arrival!



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11 responses to “Granny Savidge Reads Update #3

  1. Happy birthday to Granny Savidge!! I’m so glad to hear that she is home and in good spirits.

  2. Belated birthday wishes to Granny S., and I’m glad to hear she’s home – that view alone should do a power of good.

  3. Happy Birthday to Granny S. I am glad she is home again – she will be so much happier here.

  4. Ruthiella

    So pleased to hear that Granny Savidge is doing better. And yes, that view is amazing.

  5. Anna Maria Boland

    Happy birthday to Granny Savidge. I’m glad to hear she’s doing better. Being at home is always better than hospital.

  6. Happy 71st to Granny Savidge! I hope she enjoyed the chocolate cake — and gave you a smack for those candles. 😉

  7. Janet D

    Belated happy birthday wishes Granny Savidge.The view from your window looks stunning.

  8. great view and hope she had a great day ,amanda just home after nine days in hospital ,all the best stu

  9. Sarah Williams

    I enjoy both your blog and podcast (w/Gav), but I would never think I really know you. But what is evident is how close you are to your grandmother. She sounds like a delightful and strong woman, but she is also lucky to have such a caring grandson as you. As always,thanks for the book recommendations! So many are now on my tbr list.

  10. Thank you all for your lovely thoughts, I passed them all on!

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