Savidge Reads Library Loot #1

So I thought I would try something new and different today, well its new and different for me, by doing a Vlog post. I have often admired Eva of A Striped Armchair’s video posts of what she has recently gotten from the library and thought ‘well why don’t I give that a whirl myself’. So the other day I plumped myself down in front of my phone and have made a little (well its nine minutes, so maybe grab a cuppa) video for you all of my latest library loot. Get ready for the word ‘awkward’ a lot and some nervous rambling here and there…

Would you have liked a list of these books below? If so I will add one when I am back in the UK. Most importantly though does a post every now and again like this one work for you? Do you like a random video to watch now and again or is the whole thing not your bag? If you do like them would a ‘library loot’ post or a post of ‘books incoming’ be better? Let me know your thoughts


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33 responses to “Savidge Reads Library Loot #1

  1. Aurora

    Hi Simon I loved your vlog, great to put a face to the voice, can you get Gav to do the same??? And yes I would like a list of the books too. I always like to sneak a look at what fellow library users are borrowing so its good to hear why you picked them. A regular monthly posting will be much appreciated!

  2. Susan Shepherd

    Loved it Simon! Please do another one. You make me laugh and want to read more…and how great is that!

  3. Heather Oktabetz

    Loved this idea. Hope to see more of these segments

  4. Nice to see and hear you, a few more video broadcasts would certainly be welcome. No I don’t feel the need for a list of books and no I don’t feel the need to see your “incoming” books either (I suspect I’m in the minority here). Hope that helps! Have fun in Iceland; had you been going in early summer I’d have recommended a couple of Icelandic flora for you too.

  5. Laura Caldwell

    I always enjoy your audio podcasts but seeing your facial expressions along with your voice was very enjoyable. Seeing you in your environment (book shelves!) adds to the atmosphere. Keep them coming!

  6. Deborah

    I liked it a lot – make more! Don’t need a list as we can see the titles and covers. I don’t mind if it is library loot or incoming – or reviews? Loved the early morning view, am imagining it would have been v early as assuming the days are short up there right now?

  7. I agree with what Dark Puss has commented above. I’m a fan of the vlog format, in fact it has become a little habit of mine now to watch one or two over breakfast in the morning, and I enjoyed this one. However I’m not necessarily all that interested in seeing all your incoming books…maybe a round up of what you have been reading each month would be good, particularly anything you don’t have time to/don’t want to write a proper review of? Enjoy your trip to Iceland!

  8. AnnieB

    Great fun! You did a super job. I probably can’t find most of the books you mentioned because I live in a fairly small city in rural Nevada in the US, but I always like reviews and just talking about books. So–do it again, please. By the way, Gone Girl is insanely popular in the US and my library has a waiting list a mile long. Since you are interested in servants right now, I am reading a book somewhat in the general topic called At Home by Bill Bryson. It is a look at the house, how it started and how it evolved. As usual, Bryson has done a lot of research and it is amusing to boot. Check it out if you haven’t already.

  9. Jenni

    Please keep them coming! Library loots interest me the most because the mix of books old and new.

  10. Sarah Cubitt

    This was great! It’s nice to put a video to the voice we know so well! If you get through all of those books I’ll be seriously impressed. I would have to renew about 10 times before I’d finished – no wonder your TBR is so long hehe. Currently reading Speak by Laurie Halse Andersen which was recommended on BOTNS – I started it as it’s short & I just wanted something to tide me over until Persuasion arrives – but I’m not really enjoying it. Apparently there’s a twist, which is keeping me going, but I’m looking forward to Persuasion a lot more! Enjoy Iceland & love to Granny Savidge.

  11. Betty

    Dear Simon: I’ve been lurking at your blog for a while and thought that now would be a good opportunity to say how terrific you are. The vlog idea is a great one. The idea of being able to see and hear you talk about books is a brilliant one, so keep it up. If I lived in your part of the world, I’d like to think that maybe we could meet up over a coffee or tea and discuss books for hours. Interestingly enough, I’m just on my way out to the library to pick up a few books and am now going to be on the lookout for the Judith Flanders book. Thanks.

  12. Barbara in southern California

    Loved the video. Part of your charm is that you don’t take yourself seriously and it makes me chuckle. Since you’re always talking about a book you’re planning to read or currently reading, I always wonder how fast a reader you are. Not enough hours in the day for the rest of your life? By the way, I was in Iceland several years ago and it was beautiful, especially the hot springs.

  13. Love the vlog–I would never have the courage!

    As Annie says above, Gone Girl is on hold everywhere here, but I finally got it and stayed up until the wee hours once I started. It’s creepy, disturbing, and fascinating. I think you’ll like it. Of course, I also think you’ll like Shirley Jackson’s novellas too–but you keep resisting!

    Anyway, I’m with you on Ms. Woolf. I forced myself to try her again this year after avoiding her since high school and still couldn’t stand her.

  14. Sarah

    Loved the vlog Simon, and hope you do more 🙂

  15. Nice to hear your voice. Library Loot is the one weekly features that I really like and always read even when I don’t participate. I like to see a list myself as I can’t remember every book when the vlog is finished. Look forward to seeing you do it again.

  16. novelinsights

    Ooh ooh I loved it! Keep making them as I won’t be able to just pop in to see you because of work anymore and obviously I’m never going to visit you otherwise (awkward). Hope you are having a delightful time in Iceland. I also want to read ‘a Zola’ – perhaps we can do one for a Simon / Polly Christmas rogue challenge or even rope some others into it too? I’ve never been inspired to read Aristotle in bed. Perhaps it was a sign that you picked up the one that wasn’t translated?

  17. LOVE your vlogging and look forward to more. I had a good giggle whilst eating breakfast this morning. I never get bored of knowing what other people are reading!

  18. That was brilliant – more please! I’ve tried it a couple of times but I just really waffle and they’re about 20 minutes long. Grrrr!

  19. Sharkell

    I love your vlog too. It’s great to see you talk about books, and I just love those shelves in the background. I would love a list of the books and also a catch up vlog with what you got around to reading and what you thought of them and why you picked what you did read, etc. thanks.

  20. Enjoyed the vlog. Always like hearing a British accent! Glad you mentioned Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery. That has always been one of my favourite short stories, simply b/c the ending never fails to surprise me. So unusual. But O. Henry is another favourite short story author I have always loved. Hope you continue the vlog format. Good fun.

  21. loved it! please do continue with the video posts. and definitely you must get gav in one as well (perhaps the next time you two are together). have a great time in iceland and love to gran.

  22. henrietta

    I’m still smiling after watching your vlog and think you are a natural. Slightly conspiritorial, plenty humour. Great. I especially enjoyed the Aristotle, and the huge thick book, which I hope your not having to take to Iceland with you. I can recommend Icelandic knitwear. Have a great time.

  23. I liked it, nice to see you in person (sort of). I am also heartened to see that I am not the only one who goes to the library and comes home with loads of books!

  24. Lily Pond

    Soooo well done, looking forward to more Savidge trips to the library with following vlogs, and lists. We always need each other’s lists.

    I’m looking up several of your library pickups at Kirkus Reviews, especially The Victorian House, and Mrs Wolfe and the Servants.

    I finished Cloud Atlas today and The Lost Prince last week.

    You sound like you are having a grand time in Iceland! Did you notice any abandoned houses? Iceland has many and someone published a great pictorial book.

  25. I realise I’m in the minority, and it’s probably an age thing, but good though your vlog was (and it made the blog seem much more personal) I think I prefer the written word, A list of books and authors s well as the vlog would be just perfect.

  26. literary travels and explorationskatrina

    Loved the vlog, nice to put a voice and an image to someone whose words you read. I love vlogs as its nice to sit back and have a cup of tea watching one. The bookshelves are gorgeous, although I wanted you to move out of the way, and zoom in so I could see what was on there (book perv!).
    Enjoy Iceland, I’m off to put the Shirley Jackson on hold at my library.
    PS. You can get Poetics for free on the kindle if you have one of those, I downloaded it last week for university.

  27. Simon, this is briliiant, and the humour is great to hear on this dull autumn day. Yes, you should definitely continue. Hope you’re having a good time in Iceland!

  28. Simon, this was SO much fun! Please continue with giving us a taste of you front and center on occasion! In terms of “Gone Girl” be sure to put on blinders and earmuffs and stay far, far away from anyone talking about it. I went in just knowing it was suspenseful and was so happy I was able to enjoy it without any preconceived notions or info.

  29. Great video Simon – agree with the comments above; keep these up!

  30. Michael P

    Loved the vlog Simon…looking forward to the next one!

  31. great volg simon wish I had courage to do one ,all the best stu

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  33. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on this. I have refused to watch it back so have no idea what I said or how much of a wally I made of myself.

    There will be more, there may even be one tomorrow actually!

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